Shoulders, back, traps and forearms and biceps still rekt from the massage, but I still needed to put in work today.

warmup: superset DB swings and resistance band over & backs. 3 rounds, 30 sec rests.

Push Press (2 min rests)

bar x 5 strict reps
95 x 3 strict reps
*elbow sleeves, wrist wraps on*
135 x 1
155 x 3
155 x 3
155 x 3
155 x 3
155 x 3
155 x 5

notes: prob set my weight too low on this one, felt EZ, so I repped out the last set a little bit.

Seated DB Press (2 min rests)

20s x 8
40s x 5
*sleeves and wraps on*
55s x 12
60s x 8
65s x 6
65s x FAIL

notes: I almost never do these, because I suck at cleaning them up to my shoulders from seated. I tried to do a second set with the 65s, and I was just burning so much energy bringing them up that I said fukk it and moved on. I have seen the videos, I am aware of they technique they suggest, but it just hurts when I do it, and I avoid trying to tax my shoulders and end up pulling something in my back in the process. Like I said, I suck at it.

Z Press (folded up yoga mat under my butt, minimal rest)

bar x 5
55 x 5
65 x 5
75 x 5
85 x 5
95 x 5
105 x 5
115 x 5
125 x 3

notes: I wanted to make up for the DB Press, so on the Z Press I started light and kept the rests low and climbed up. So I would do the reps, change the plates, sit back down and do the next set.

Hammer Curls (60 sec rests)

30s x 12
30s x 12
30s x 12

Cable Side Raises (leaning raises, 60 sec rests)

1 plate x 10/10
2 plates x 10/10
3 plates x 10/10

notes: Leaning means I held the machine and leaned away from it, increase my ROM at the top a bit. This is my first time using this particular cable machine at this specific gym, and the plates SAY 20 pounds each, but there is no fukkin way I am straight arm side raising 60 pounds with my bum shoulders. So the plates lie. So I will just count the number of plates I stacked.

postworkout: 15 min stairmaster