Took Canada Day off.

Back at it today. Today was damn rough. One thing I can’t handle during a 2 a day routine is a nonstop go-go-go workday. Meaning you run around without stopping all day, and your only reward is your coworkers looking at you like you’re stupid for not getting more done. The kind of days that drain your soul.

And now add in a morning workout and an evening workout. Dead. Even after coming back from a day off, I am rekt.

AM Workout

warmup: foam rolled pecs, biceps, armpits, ribs, lats, triceps; lay lengthwise on the roller and did snow angels

Widegrip Lat Pulldowns (30 sec rests)

4 plates x 15
5 plates x 15
6 plates x 15
7 plates x 15
8 plates x 15
9 plates x 15
10 plates x 15

Straight Arm Pulldowns (30 sec rests)

3 p x 15
4 p x 15
5 p x 15

Prone Leg Curls (30 sec rests)

4 plates x 20
5 p x 20
6 p x 20

post: 15 min LISS

After work had to run some errands, which wasted too much time. Came home, ate food, napped, woke up, pooped. Off to the gym. I hate late-night workouts. Janitor looked so bummed to see me; he hates cleaning up in a 24 hr gym, LOL

PM Workout

warmup: I was too tired, fukk the warmup

Trap Bar Deadlifts (sock feet, 2 min rests)

160 x 5
200 x 5
240 x 5
*belt on*
320 x 3
350 x 3
380 x 3

notes: My back was damn sore at the start so I took long rests. Then I felt like hitting heavy triples.

Deficit Stiff Legged Deadlifts (rest varied, belt on at the start)

140 x 8
200 x 8
210 x 8
*belt off*
160 x 8

notes: I took short rests at the start and end, and long rests in the middle. Its what I felt like doing.

Pallof Press (30 sec rests)

4 plates x 20/20
4 p x 20/20
4 p x 20/20

Ukrainian Deadlifts (60 sec rests)

45 lb Kettle bell x 20
45 lb KB x 20
45 lb KB x 20

notes: Really focused on the MMC and tried to snap them glutes. Ready to impregnate the kettlebell. In between sets, I sang sweet love songs to the kettlebell.

Seated Closegrip Cable Rows (60 sec rests)

160 x 12
160 x 12
160 x 12