AM Workout I was quite the sight in the office gym, I was wearing a dirty, stained white shirt with a giant rip down one armpit. I looked like the Brooklyn Brawler, LOL

superset: (run through it twice)
a. DB side raises, 3 sec iso hold at the top, 3 sec negs
b. Cuban presses
c. one arm shrugs, high reps

Closegrip Bench Press (superset with Blackburns, approx. 60 sec rests between the blackburns and the next BP set)

bar x 5
95 x 5
135 x 1
*elbow sleeves, wrist wraps on*
180 x 6
180 x 6
180 x 6
180 x 6
180 x 6
180 x 6

Incline DB Press (60 sec rests)

50s x 3
55s x 3
60s x 3
65s x 3
70s x 3
75s x 3

notes: low reps, work my way up until the reps stopped being smooth. building that shoulder girdle back up

Flat DB Press (60 sec rests)

50s x 12
60s x 10
70s x 8
75s x 6
80s x 4
85s x 4

notes: shoulder was feeling good, was able to up the weight a bit!

had to rush back to work after that.

PM Workout

warmup: foam rolled pecs, foam rolled armpits…

then work called. I had to fix a problem. I could either fix it Friday night or fix it Saturday morning. So… I put down the foam roller, left home, and went back to the office.

Workout fail, haha.