OK, all this hypertrophy stuff has been fun, but let’s get back to some strongman stuff Gonna be folding events back in, on the daily now!

AM Workout

warmup: foam rolled upper back, individual lats, armpits; shoulder capsule stetch; static lat stretch

Widegrip Lat Pulldowns (30 sec rests)

4 plates x 15
5p x 15
6p x 15
7p x 15
8p x 15
9p x 15
10p x 15
11p x 12

Prone Leg Curls (30 sec rests)

4 plates x 20
5p x 20
6p x 20

Smith Machine Glute Bridges (30 sec rest)

bar + 140 x 15
+ 140 x 12

notes: my butt hurt! so tired, much lactic butt acid.

post: 15 min LISS cardio

then a full day of work.

PM Workout

forgot to take my pwo! sheeeee-ittttt

High Bar CAT Squats (2 min rests, Romaleos, SBDs)

bar x 5
140 x 5
190 x 5
*belt on*
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5

Sled Sprint/Drag Medley (2 min rests between sets; each set is sprint forward 10m, drag it back 10m, forward 10m, drag back 10m)

sled 10m/10m/10m/10m (practice)
sled + 1 plate 10m/10m/10m/10m
sled + 2 plates 10m/10m/10m/10m
sled + 3 plates 10m/10m/10m/10m
sled + 3 plates 10m/10m/10m/10m
sled + 3 plates 10m/10m/10m/10m

notes: I was going to do a bunch more sets, and go heavier… when the strongman gym needed to show prospective clients around, and they were standing on my track. After 5 min of waiting, I got impatient, and moved on to the next exercise.

Still…. felt like FKIN cardio to me! lol better than regular cardio though, HIIT chit.

Kroc Rows (60 sec rests)

50 x 8/8
80 x 8/8
105 x 10/10
95 x 14/14
95 x 8/8

notes: just wasn’t strong enough today! maybe the earlier workout tired me out, plus dragging the sled tired me out… but on a good day I can bust out 20 reps with a 100 pounder… so who knows. Next week Kroc Rows! *shakes fist*

Pallof Press (heavy resistance band, 30 sec rest)