Was focusing on work and rest and stuff for a few days but couldn’t take it any more… after a 2 day break I needed to be back in the gym!

It was tentative, I am trying to let my thumb heal. It hasn’t been responding like I would have liked – colour has returned but grip is still way off. Some exercises I have to abstain from completely (cleans, things that need more stability like dumbbells). But I will keep pushing, and do what I can.

AM Workout I threw a couple of scoops of Glycergrow 2 into my pre to see how it affected the workout

warmup: foam rolled pecs

pec deck (30 sec rests)

1 plate x 15
2p x 15
3p x 15
4p x 15
5p x 15
6p x 15
7p x 15
8p x 12

notes: pre-exhaust complete

bench press machine (widegrip, 30 sec rests)

4 plates x 15
5p x 15
6p x 15
7p x 15
8p x 15
9p x 15
10p x 15
11p x 15
12p x 15
13p x 12

notes: pump was in effect! could not physically push out more reps.

I considered doing legs, but there was a girl and her boyfriend making quality bonding time on the leg machines (and I don’t get much out of leg pump workouts anyway), so I moved on. Why interfere with young love

post: 15 min LISS cardio

PM Workout

warmup: rumble rolled IT bands, adductors, piriformis; dorsiflexions; TKEs; straight leg heel raises

High Box Front Squats (box set above parallel, 2 min rests, SBDs, Romaleos)

bar x 5
135 x 4
185 x 3
*belt on*
245 x 3
245 x 3
245 x 3
245 x 3
275 x 3
315 x 3
365 x 1

notes: the plan was to tap and go on these, but I ended up “relaxing” for a second and exploding up. I know its not full ROM (aka no-one-cares-how-much-you-front-squat-above-parallel), but this was an exercise I could do without worrying about my thumb, and frankly it felt good to load all that weight onto my body, so I am glad I pushed past the prescribed working sets at 245.

DB Incline

50s x 3

notes: tried these. cleaning up the dumbbells hurt and supporting the DBs was awkward, so I had to do something else for upper chest.

I wanted to do a “suicide grip”, so I chose to do it on the Smith Machine. Boo, smith machine! Whatever, my thumb isn’t working right these days, and the work still needs to happen.

Incline Smith Machine Press (30 degree incline, 60 sec rests)

bar x 3
bar + 90 x 3
+110 x 3
+120 x 3
+140 x 3
+150 x 3
+160 x 1

notes: I struggled on the last set, and as I squirmed, my shoulder tweaked in pain, so I stopped there.


95 x FAIL

notes: tried to do a light power clean. no Bueno.

Decided F this, going home.