Busy gym! I had to go with the flow and mostly work in with and around other people.

Atlas Stones: work up to a heavy single (3-5 min rests)

170 stone to 48″ platform
210 to 48″
240 to 48″
270 to 48″

a little hitch on the 270, but otherwise good. 300 feels close.

Farmers Walks: go as far as possible before dropping it

130 per hand for 120 ft, then did a 180, made it 10 feet and had to set it down. the turn took too much out of me
180 per hand for 120 ft
220 per hand for 60 ft
220 per hand for 90 ft

notes: much happier with the 4th set. The pick was awkward on the 3rd set, and it cost me some grip strength, and ultimately distance.

Yoke Carry

340 for 60ish ft, put it down, pick it back up, take it back 60 ft
520 for 60 ft, put down, pick back up, back for 60 ft

notes: I had the 2nd lap of the 520 timed, and it was 17 seconds. I just wasn’t able to bring it with the speed, so I called it there.