I felt just a little beat up today, but dragged my sorry ass down to the gym. I took too long though, didn’t get the timing right on my pwo meal. I like to go to the gym 60-120 min after eating, instead I went over 3 hours after eating. Plus it felt like the preworkout cocktail hit me MUCH harder than usual.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Bench Press (medium grip, 2 min rests)

95 x 5
135 x 4
165 x 11 @RPE8
165 x 10 @RPE8
165 x 9 @RPE8
160 x 10 @RPE8
160 x 12 @RPE8
160 x 8 @RPE8

notes: right away a MASSIVE headache kicked in. it was almost blinding. this workout was not going to be fun. the headache lasted almost the entire workout, during the sets I was too psyched up to notice, but the rest breaks between sets were miserable.

Incline DB Press (90 sec rests, 30 degree incline)

45s x 22 @RPE8
45s x 18 @RPE8
45s x 16 @RPE8
45s x 12@RPE8

notes: like last week, I made sure the ROM did not sacrifice tension on the chest. I will go full ROM on BB press, but on DBs as assistance, I would rather get the hypertrophy in optimally. slowly but surely, my chest was running out of gas, lol. down and down the rep counts went. so I knew it was time for some isolation as a finisher.

flat DB flys (90 sec rests)

25s x 12@RPE8
25s x 13@RPE8
25s x 11@RPE8
25s x 12@RPE8

notes: big weight jump from last week, so I upped the rests a bit. still went with an angled grip, still tried to hold the stretch at the bottom for a second. same limited ROM on the top of the movement as with the DB presses. why go all the way up to the point you are just holding the weights directly on top of your straight arms? you sacrifice the tension on your chest when you bring it directly over you, so I stop short.

post: 10 min LISS cardio