Time to turn the RPE up to 9 this week, and add more volume.

warmup: foam rolled upper back, mid back, pecs; static pec stretch

Bench Press (2-3 min rests)

bar x 5, superset my warmup sets with slow neg side raises and Cuban presses
95 x 5
135 x 4
170 x 8 @RPE9, superset my first 4 sets with Blackburns
170 x 9 @RPE9
170 x 6 @RPE9
170 x 10 @RPE9
165 x 9 @RPE9
165 x 9 @RPE9
165 x 10 @RPE9
165 x 9 @RPE9

notes: I wanted to warmup my shoulder, but also wanted to get right into it, so I supersetted the mobility stuff with the bench work until my shoulder felt fully warmed up. By set 8 it felt good.

Incline DB Press (30 degree incline, 2 min rests)

60s x 11 @RPE9
60s x 12 @RPE9
60s x 13 @RPE9
60s x 10 @RPE9
60s x 9 @RPE9

notes: again, my shoulder groaned at the start, then warmed up during the sets.

DB Flat Fly (60 sec rests)

30s x 7 @RPE9
30s x 8 @RPE9
30s x 10 @RPE9
30s x 7 @RPE9
30s x 8 @RPE9

post: 10 min LISS cardio