Was coming down with a bug on Monday, so I took the night off and rested up.  Today felt a lot better, but I didn’t want to risk feeling bad in the evening (I tend to peak in the morning, and feel my worst in the evening), so I did my workout during the day at the office.

warmup: foam roll upper back, lats

Bent Over Row (2 min rests)

135 x 5
175 x 9 @RPE9
175 x 9 @RPE9
175 x 7 @RPE9
175 x 8 @RPE9
170 x 10 @RPE9
170 x 9 @RPE9
170 x 10 @RPE9
170 x 8 @RPE9

notes: I mark my RPE on this exercise not by not being able to do the ROM of the row, but at what point my form breaks down (being bent over) and I can’t fix it. Not trying to do half-standing row/shrug combos… unless I was doing a Karwoski Row:

Widegrip Pulldowns (2 min rests)

8 plates x 10
11 p x 5
13p x 17 @RPE9
13p x 19 @RPE9
13p x 14 @RPE9
13p x 15 @RPE9
12p x 15 @RPE9
12p x 17 @RPE9
12p x 11 @RPE9
12p x 15 @RPE9

notes: freehandle dual cable machine. no idea what 13 plates weigh on this cable setup, but its heavier than 130 pounds, prettttty sure. Or I am a massive wuss. Even odds.