Has anyone ever beaten Oran “Juice” Jones at best intra-song monologue? I still laugh at this 30 years later. Cold busted.

I am back! Deload week is over, Halloween weekend is over. Let’s get back to work. Back on that RPE 7.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Incline Press (2 min rests, medium grip, shallow incline)

bar x 5
95 x 3
135 x 11 @RPE7
135 x 10 @RPE7
135 x 10 @RPE7
125 x 14 @RPE7
125 x 12 @RPE7
125 x 12 @RPE7

notesw: why don’t you settle into this incline press baby? I got some hotchoklit on the stove f’yuh. Been a while since I did incline with the bar, shoulder was cranky at first, but I found the right groove.

Flat DB Press (90 sec rests)

65s x 10 @RPE7
65s x 9 @RPE7
65s x 9 @RPE7
65s x 7 @RPE7

notes: My first impulse was to run up on the bench and pull a Rambo… jam the 65s and flat blast all them reps…but I didn’t want to mess up this $3700 lynxxxxx coattt. yeah.

Swiss Bar OHP (90 sec rests, not strict)

62 x 5
82 x 3
104 x 11 @RPE7
104 x 10 @RPE7
104 x 10 @RPE7
104 x 8 @RPE7

notes: Silly rabbit, trix are for kids! Me without OHP is like cornflakes without the milk! I will go back to OHP twice a week, one day strict, one day not strict.

post: 10 min LISS