Sore butt today! I blame volume squats and SLDLs.

Back to work again today. Just going to keep my head down, and play the 8 Mile song over and over during my office workouts lol. That seems to help. Back to the lab again, yo.

early afternoon office workout

warmup: none

Bench Press (2-3 min rests)

bar x 5
95 x 4
135 x 3
185 x 1
*wrist wraps on*
200 x 8 @RPE9
200 x 7 @RPE9
200 x 6 @RPE9
200 x 7 @RPE9
200 x 8 @RPE9
195 x 8 @RPE9
195 x 8 @RPE9
195 x 9 @RPE9
195 x 6 @RPE9
195 x 6 @RPE10

notes: on the last set, my spotter kept egging me on, so my attempt at rep 7 was a fail, lol. RPE10

Overhead Press (clean from the floor once, strict, 2 min rests)

bar x 5
90 x 3
*elbow sleeves on*
140 x 8 @RPE9
140 x 6 @RPE9
140 x 5 @RPE9
140 x 8 @RPE9
140 x 7 @RPE9

notes: on these sets I really tried to focus on squeezing my glutes to keep from leaning back.

Flat DB Press (2 min rests)

50s x 14
60s x 12
70s x 9
80s x 6
80s x 4
80s x 4

notes: I was going to work my way up the rack, but then my chest finally died on the 80s. Normally I can do more, but this was a finisher. So I just stayed on the 80s, and my chest just died more and more each set lol.

post: 10 min LISS