warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Extra Widegrip Bench Press (2 min rests)

bar x 5
95 x 4
135 x 3
155 x 2
*wrist wraps on*
170 x 6
175 x 6
180 x 6
185 x 6

notes: this was as widegrip as I could safely go, meaning still capable of reracking it at lockout. Any wider and I would have needed a spot.

Spoto Press (2 min rests, wrist wraps)

185 x 6
185 x 6
185 x 6

notes: I haven’t done widegrip in a while, nor had I done spoto in a while, so I was not ready for it lol. I was taking extra long juicy pauses at the bottom during my first set, and by the last rep I could baaaaarely lock it out! During sets 2 and 3 I only paused it for a fraction of a second.

Widegrip Pulldowns (2 min rests)

150 x 10
160 x 10
170 x 10
180 x 10

DB Flys (2 min rest)

25s x 10
25s x 10

notes: the weight was not as important as getting a long stretch at the bottom, so I did these for that. I also kept my wrists pronated, as it makes the movement easier on my shoulder.

Trap Bar Shrugs (2 min rests)

190 x 10
280 x 10
280 x 10

post: 11 min LISS