Ran to the gym tonight to do some tugs. Deadlift platforms were busy, so I had to jump right in without a full warmup, or lose my spot.

Deadlift (shoes, short rests until belt on, then long rests)

135 x 5
185 x 4
225 x 3
275 x 2
315 x 1
*belt on*
365 x 1
420 x 2
420 x 2
445 x 1
455 x 1

notes: for my top set, I think I was anxious, and pulled the bar early (I was rolling it towards me). Plus my feet were uneven. So overall my setup was off. It was an ugly pull, but it went up.

3″ block pulls (long rests, shoes, belt)

420 x 2
445 x 2
470 x 2

notes: after this, my hands were throbbing, so did some light squats to cooldown

Low Bar Squat (short rests, no shoes, no belt, no sleeves)

195 x 1
195 x 1
195 x 1

notes: since these weren’t serious, I took the gear off and went au natural.

Overall, the heavy tugs fried me a bit. But I will adapt, and keep up that trend for the next 3 weeks before I test my 1RM.