I just can’t get in the clear on this bronchitis, it keeps dragging me down, and after a few weeks, has completely derailed my training.

Went to the gym tonight, with numbers to hit.

Bench Press (long rests)

bar x lots
95 x 5
135 x 4
185 x 3
225 x 1
*wraps, sleeves on*
250 x FAIL *this was a miscue with my spotter*
250 x 1 *I was supposed to hit two, and got close but failed*
260 x FAIL *I clipped the rack on the way up. after this, I gave up on regular bench*

notes: this sucked so bad. this is the first time I couldn’t hit my numbers in 5 months of this total program. Obviously, the bronchitis has messed me up, I haven’t trained or ate or slept consistently for weeks. I need to figure out whether I can get things back on track, or just end it and go back to square one. I was supposed to mock meet on the 13th, and instead I did the same taper week twice in a row, and have failed it. I need to think on this for a bit.

And I still feel sick, and am running out of my original scrip of meds.

Slingshot Bench (wraps, long rest)

260 x 1
280 x 1

notes: 280 was a grind, but it happened

Chest Supported T Bar Row (2 min rests, elbows stay high)

1 plate x 6
2p x 6
3p x 5
3p x 5
3p x 5

then I came home. this sucks.