Trying our compression pants for the first time today. Uhhh… not terribly comfortable, lol. I hope they help my knees hold up.

no belt, no sleeves, just the squat shoes and those pants

Low Bar Squats (2-4 min rests, shoes)

135 x 7
185 x 7
225 x 7
255 x 9
255 x 10
255 x 11
255 x 7

notes: by the 4th set at 255, the knee was rather sore. So I tinkered with the workout a bit, turned squats into leg presses, and threw some strongman style cardio in at the end.

Leg Press (short rests, feet low and wide)

6 plates x 8
8p x 8
10p x 8
12p x 8

Paused Leg Press (short rests, feet high and wide, one second pause at the bottom)

10p x 15
10p x 10

notes: After the second set, I needed to go poop. Dammit. The struggle of taking the pants off and putting them back on meant I just wanted to go do my cardio and leave lol. so I took off the squat shoes and put on some street shoes.

Frame Carry (2 min rests)

190 x 65 ft
190 x 65 ft
280 x 65 ft
280 x 65 ft
370 x 65 ft
370 x 65 ft
420 x 30 ft

notes: grip was giving on my halfway through the 420 run