Knee feeling better, but to make sure it stayed tight as it healed up, I wore wraps tonight once it got heavy. I was having such a fun time with wraps, that I decided to go heavy, haha.

Low Bar Squats (long rests, shoes)

135 x 2
*threw in some warmup: dorsiflexions and TKEs*
185 x 2
225 x 2
*belt on*
275 x 2
*knee wraps on*
315 x 2
355 x 2
385 x 2 Rep PR!!
405 x 2 PR!!
415 x 1 PR!!

notes: yeah, yeah I know, it was with wraps. I will keep track of what my no-wraps PR is as well. Even still, PR! 4 plates, hooray!

Front Squats (belt, shoes, no sleeves or wraps, short rests)

240 x 2
240 x 1

notes: I just wanted to throw in a few of these, then move on.

Front Carry

There is a big blue metal train wheel in the corner that I have never f’ed with before. I decided to practice picking it up tonight. It is about 220 pounds, round, and smooth (metal). I practiced a few times just picking it up and holding it. Holding it for a while to my chest, squeezing my upper back, balancing it on my stomach, gripping it with my hands. Holding it at the bottom of the pick off the ground, feeling the weight as it dangles. Practicing my technique. Eventually my plan is to walk with it. Big plans on the horizon!