Late night workout at the gym. Go heavy or go home tonight.

Deadlifts (long rests, SABO shoes)

135 x 5
185 x 4
225 x 3
275 x 2
315 x 1
*straps & belt on*
365 x 1
405 x 1
445 x 1
470 x FAIL

don’t know what it was, my mind wasn’t right, who knows. So I took the straps off and went again

*wrist straps off*
470 X FAIL

notes: fffuuuuuuuuuu!!! Ok, moved to the trap bar. Not sure what it is, my deadlifts have been utter shite lately.

Trap Bar Deadlifts (long rests, belt, straps)

470 x 1
495 x 1
520 x 1 PR!!

OK, it was trap bar, and with straps. And it was ugly as hell. But whatever, new heavy weight, lol. Victory or death.