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31 May 2016

Still recovering from my broken bum… light upper body tonight

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Log Press (clean once)

80 x 5
110 x 5
150 x 5

Incline Closegrip Press

95 x 5
135 x 3
*wraps, sleeves*
185 x 1
195 x 1
200 x 1
210 x 1

Superset: DB Front Raises & DB Skullcrushers

22.5s x 8 / 30s x 8
22.5s x 8 / 30s x 8

notes: that was it! light and sad. but I was able to walk and sit without pain today, and that was a very good thing.

28 May 2016

It was a scorcher this morning! They have a number of races this weekend, and they had to reschedule start dates. Runners be keeling over. But we strongmen are not so SMRT, we just show up and do our training as per usual.

I woke up this morning and my hip was all fkked up. I think I slept on it wrong, but it hurt like hell. I hoped the gym would loosen it up a bit.

the goal today was a 700 pound yoke carry.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs, hip stretches

Circus Dumbbell (push press)

40 x 5/5 *clean once per side*
60 x 2/2 *clean once per side*
*wrist wraps on*
80 x 2/3 *clean each rep*
80 x 1/1
80 x 1/1

notes: I pooped the bed on this one. I couldn’t press it much at all today. Not sure why. Maybe it was related to my stiff hip? Probably not. I couldn’t stay tight and keep the CDB up on my shoulders. After one rep I was worn out and failed the second rep from the second working set onwards.

Incline Closegrip Bench (wraps, sleeves)

bar x 5
95 x 5
135 x 3
185 x 2
195 x 2
200 x 2
210 x 1

Then we headed outside to carry stuff.

Farmers Walks

130 per hand – walk 80 feet, do a 180 and walk back 80 ft
175 per hand – walk 80 ft, 180 degrees, walk 80 ft
220 per hand – walk 80 ft, drop, turn around and pick back up, walk 80 ft

notes: For the next comp, they will want you to do a 180 while holding it, so I was practicing. my comp weight will be 170 per hand, so once I went up to 220, I just dropped and re-picked.

Yoke Walk

240 for 80 ft, drop, repick, walk 80 ft

notes: the heavy yoke wasn’t ready for use, so I grabbed the light yoke the ladies were using. They had the crossbar set real low, so it was awkward for me to pick it up, and it was sliding down the middle of my back the whole time.

There were lots of people doing stuff, and the sun was beating down on us. As we got close to noon, I realized my hip wasn’t feeling better at all, so I abandoned my yoke plans, and went home instead.

Not a great session, went heavy on farmers and that was good, but the hip issues really got in the way.

26 May 2016

I recognize my static strength is not good, and my DL is quite possibly my weakest event, so tonight I needed to put in work.

warmup: major trip to the bathroom

Deadlifts (SABOs)

135 x 5
185 x 4
225 x 3
275 x 2
315 x 1
*belt on, shortened rests to 30 seconds*
405 x 1
405 x 1
405 x 1
405 x 1
405 x 1
405 x 1

notes: just some short rest singles @ 80%

6″ Block Pulls (no belt)

405 x 2
405 x 3

notes: I felt weak at the top of the ROM for the singles, so I did some high block pulls. I had a tough time on the first set, and then I realize I am starting high… so I shouldn’t start to lift it like its on the ground. Does that make sense?? Once I started going through the motor pattern like I am already lifting it before I get to the point where I take the slack out of the bar, then my back is in the right position to do the block pull. small mental tweak, but it made all the difference to me.

Also, I wanted to feel the weight without the belt. Heavy!

Bent Over Rows (wide grip, thumbless)

225 x 4
225 x 4
225 x 4
225 x 6

notes: moved my hands out farther than normal. not quite snatch grip, but felt different. Also thumbless, so it worked the grip a lot.

Kettlebell Swings
100 swings with the 24 kg KB, as many sets as it takes

notes: the KB swings were tough, I was pouring sweat by the end. Called it a night after that.

25 May 2016

Back in the strongman gym! I had it to myself for most of the night.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Log Press (push press)

80 x 5 *clean once*
110 x 3 *clean once*
150 x 1
*wrist wraps on*
185 x 2 *clean each rep*
195 x 1 Weight PR!!

notes: after my weekend performance, I knew I am ready to go up in weight. The 195 went up easy enough, but I lost my footing and danced a little bit. I decided to play it conservative and not go any higher tonight. A pr is a pr, and I have a comp in a few weeks.

Closegrip Incline Press (sleeves and wraps)

95 x 5
135 x 3
185 x 1
205 x 1.5 (lifted my butt)
225 x FAIL (lifted butt)

notes: this continues to be frustrating for me that I cant break into higher weights, but it isn’t my main focus, just assistance.

I was going to do Spoto, but the bench was taken (someone had showed up), so I just did Flat DB Presses instead. I miss you Spoto

Flat DB Press (sleeves and wraps)

65s x 15
75s x 10
85s x 10
95s x 6

I was supposed to do fluff and buff stuff, but I felt my energy tanking hard, so I decided to wrap it up.

BW Glute Bridges x 100

I could barely get through these, I was crashing.

I don’t think my energy levels are back where they were pre comp, but I still hit a PR, so F it.

16 May 2016

tonight, a few heavy pieces. low volume, I just want to feel the weight in my hands.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Log Press (clean once)

110 x 5
150 x 2
*wrist wraps*
180 x 1

Front Carry

220 lb Wheel for 55 feet
220 lb Wheel, pick-up only
220 lb Wheel, pick-up only

post: some glute bridges

I will be slowly going insane all week now.

15 May 2016

Woke up feeling good today, so I planned a very special session for myself… the car deadlift.

Went to the strongman gym, and while there was no car, there was the car DL frame, and there was a 400 lb tire. So, close enough.

I have to admit, I haven’t done the car DL since last summer, when I tweaked my back doing it.

warmup: I pinned two barbells down with sandbags to improvise a landmine setup, put a plate on the far end of each, then lifted those up a bunch of times.

Car Deadlift

*set the adjustable handles close to the frame* (it makes it harder)
*rolled the 400 lb tire over the frame*

tire x 4
tire x 5
tire x 5

notes: ok, those light sets were to get used to the weight transference and the foot placement. Car DL is very heavy off the ground, then light at the top. You also have to lean back and push with your legs without collapsing backwards (which is what I did last summer). Avoid collapsing backwards by squeezing your glutes, I might try flexing my upper back as well.

*straps on*

tire + 215 lb man sitting at the back of the tire – 4 reps

notes: where you stack the weight makes a difference. further away from the handles is easier, closer to the handles is harder.

2 guys (445 lbs) on the tire, one at the back and one at the front – FAIL

230 lb guy at the front of the tire – FAIL

230 lb guy at the back of the tire – FAIL

notes: I needed time to mentally regroup. I was pulling and pulling and pulling, and cursing and yelling and screaming (we were standing outside in a cold and windy parking lot). Nothing was happening.

We realized my feet were too far back. I needed to really inch my feet forward, to the point where I had to crouch down to avoid twisting my wrists through the straps against the handles (hard to explain, but now 50% of my feet were ahead of the handles, and it meant my wrists weren’t directly underneath me anymore, so I had to pretend to sit in a chair).

230 lb guy sitting at the back of the tire – 1 rep

230 lb guy sitting at the front of the tire – 1 rep

notes: the problem with my feet far forward like that is I am leaning back at a slant to press it up, and it becomes REALLY awkward to lower the weight back down again. I kept instinctively shuffling my feet back at the top of the ROM when I was holding it, just to feel secure enough to lower the weight.

This would lose me a lot of time in a comp if I keep dancing with my feet. For this session, the handles were really close, I wonder what the pull on my back would be like with really long handles and a car on the frame. The tire was pulling me down almost 45 degrees, maybe the car and long handles would be less steep a pull downwards than that.

Plus with a heavy car and long handles, I am assuming there will be more flex on the frame, and I will end up a few inches higher before it even breaks the ground. I think it will make it harder… or at the very least you have to be ready to grind out the pull/leg press on that first bit of the movement for even longer.

I don’t know, I need a LOT more practice time with the car DL, and this event remains a very uncertain one for me. I am glad though I juryrigged a way to practice it, it is much different than the trap bar DL. If you can stick with it until it breaks the ground, it really pops up at the top. Its not like a regular DL or trap DL, when the heaviness of it is more uniform. I can see a lot of people trying it for the first time, trying to break it off the ground and giving up because they don’t know it will get a lot lighter at lockout.

I was a bit gassed after all those sets, and when I sat down, the other dudes in the gym looked at me with concern. I had done so many sets and clenched my jaw so hard, that the muscles on each of my temples were red and swollen and puffy! It looked like my temples were about to pop!

I was worried if I did any more pulling that I was going to pop a blood vessel in my head, so I calmed down. After about 30 min, my temples shrunk back to normal size, but I was left with a really weird feeling headache all day.

12 May 2016

Relatively easy night planned.

warmup: prone spinal twists

Trap Bar Deadlifts

265 x 4
315 x 3
355 x 3
405 x 3
455 x 3
*belt on*
455 x 3

notes: I tried one heavy set without belt, which went ok.

then some knee rehab shit

leg extensions

90 x 15
90 x 15
120 x 15

KB Swings

24 kg KB for 100 total swings

Superset BW Glute Bridges and Leg Raises

100 total bridges and 50 total raises

Intensity not super high tonight, just couldn’t get too worked up. Did some trap DLs and that was most of my GAF factor right there, haha

11 May 2016

I got bored and decided to do a “fun” session today. It won’t translate to any of the strongman events, but keeps me active and keeps the blood flowing and makes me happy. So… bench! lol

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs, static pec stretches

Flat DB Press (elbow sleeves, 2 min rests)

40s x 25
50s x 21
60s x 21
70s x 15
80s x 12
90s x 8
100s x 5
90s x 7
80s x 8
70s x 11
60s x 17
50s x 23

notes: run the rack until your chest pops. crossing my fingers for some chest DOMS tomorrow. Those are my favorite!

Also, I never used to think of 2 min rests as too short, but since doing strongman, 2 min now feels too short, lol. I am getting so lazy.

Seated Smith Machine OHP (2 min rests)

bar + 50 x 8
+70 x 8
+90 x 7

notes: oh man… my shoulders were more tired than I thought! Running the rack wore me out, I could not do ohp for chit today, so I scrapped it and moved on.

Superset: Cable Side Raises & Hammer Curls & DB Shrugs

15 x 12 / 40s x 12 / 100s x 12
15 x 12 / 40s x 12 / 100s x 12

coodlown: glute bridges, static hip stretches, band pullaparts

9 May 2016

for this week, hit it hard a bit, and bring down the assistance a bit.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Log Press

80 x 5 *clean once*
110 x 3 *clean once*
*wrist wraps*
150 x 1
180 x FAIL
*went and regathered myself, psyched myself up*
180 x 2 *clean each rep*
180 x 3 *clean each rep*
180 x 3 *clean each rep*

notes: I need to remember this, I can’t go in there half-cocked. I need to be fully cocked and locked and psyched up when I go for the log.

Closegrip Incline Bench Press

95 x 3
135 x 2
*wraps, sleeves*
185 x 1
195 x FAIL (butt lifted)

notes: no clue why I failed this, should have been easy. maybe the log wore me out, maybe I am still beat up from the weekend, maybe I was just totally lacking in motivation. I decided to just move on to a different assistance.

Rolling Thunder

100 x 3 per side
140 x 1 per side PR!!

notes: was just goofing around, but hey a new record in something I don’t really work on, lol

Superset: DB Front Raises & DB Skullcrushers & Hammer Curls

22.5s x 10 / 30s x 10 / 30s x 10
22.5s x 10 / 30s x 10 / 50s x 10

notes: a very easy, low-volume night, but with some progress in the log. I will take it.

7 May 2016

Saturday morning Strongman fun.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Circus Dumbbell

40 x 5 per side *clean once*
60 x 2/2 *clean once*
*wrist wraps on*
85 x 1/1
85 x 1/1
85 x 1/1
100 x FAIL

notes: went for a PR, unsuccessful

Closegrip Incline Bench Press

95 x 3
135 x 3
*wraps, sleeves*
195 x 1
205 x 1

notes: ran out of time, had to do other strongman stuff

Front Carry

220 lb wheel x 25 feet, do a 180, back 25 feet
220 lb wheel x 55 feet

notes: I had not tried walking with the big blue metal Train wheel yet. Felt good!

Frame Carry

225 x 80 feet
225 x 80′
405 x 80′
405 x 80′

notes: big jump in weight, but we had to get ready for yoke

Yoke Carry

340 x 80′
340 x 80′
428 x 80′
516 x 80′
604 x 80′ Beltless PR!!
516 x 80′

notes: 600 pounds felt good! It gets so heavy by that point that I start swearing to myself just to focus. Cursing and swearing. The backoff set at 516 was super hard! I didn’t know how much the top set took out of me until I tried to lift it. I needed 10 seconds just to steady the weight, as soon as I picked it up it was swaying all over the place.

cooldown: prone spinal twists, hip stretches, 100 reps of glute bridges