I did rehab type stuff all weekend.  glute work every day, on Saturday some leg extensions and leg curls, cardio every day.


The goal tonight however was to superset everything with hyperextensions, and focus on the glute squeeze during the hyperextensions. Get my glute work in all sneaky like.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs, and of course hyperextensions

Circus Dumbbell (superset with hyperextensions)

40 x 5 per side *clean once per side*
60 x 2 per side *clean once per side*
*wrist wraps on*
80 x 1 left & 3 right *clean once per side*
80 x 1 left & 4 right *clean once per side*
80 x 2 left & 2 right *clean each rep*

notes: really focusing on clean reps here, reps that wont get called by the judges. they are really sensitive about what you do with your offhand. Left side remains my gimp side.

Closegrip Incline Bench (superset with hyperextensions)

95 x 3
135 x 3
*wraps and sleeves*
185 x 3
195 x 3
200 x 2
210 x 1

Widegrip Pulldowns (superset with hyperextensions)

210 x 5
210 x 7
210 x 8

Did I mention hyperextensions. My adductors and glutes are so sore these days, its insane.