Afternoon office gym work. This particular office gym doesn’t have a leg press or a leg extension station, so my quads were going to have to eat shit today. If you don’t like it quads, write an angry letter to my knees.

warmup: foam rolled IT bands, adductors (ouch!), piriformis

KB Swings

50 lb’er for 100 swings, as many sets as it took (it ended up being 4 sets of around 25 each)

I worked a good glute squeeze into the snap at the top… my butt was dying in between sets…

Good Mornings

75 x 15
75 x 15
75 x 15

notes: work that stretch reflex

Prone Leg Curls

90 x 12
90 x 12
90 x 12

Smith Machine Weighted Glute Bridges

1PPS for 50 reps total (about 4 sets)

Superset BW Glute Bridges & Leg Raises

3 sets of that, high reps

notes: may as well do some core

post: cardio… got about 10 min of LISS done before my knee started to hurt… don’t think it liked that machine