I recognize my static strength is not good, and my DL is quite possibly my weakest event, so tonight I needed to put in work.

warmup: major trip to the bathroom

Deadlifts (SABOs)

135 x 5
185 x 4
225 x 3
275 x 2
315 x 1
*belt on, shortened rests to 30 seconds*
405 x 1
405 x 1
405 x 1
405 x 1
405 x 1
405 x 1

notes: just some short rest singles @ 80%

6″ Block Pulls (no belt)

405 x 2
405 x 3

notes: I felt weak at the top of the ROM for the singles, so I did some high block pulls. I had a tough time on the first set, and then I realize I am starting high… so I shouldn’t start to lift it like its on the ground. Does that make sense?? Once I started going through the motor pattern like I am already lifting it before I get to the point where I take the slack out of the bar, then my back is in the right position to do the block pull. small mental tweak, but it made all the difference to me.

Also, I wanted to feel the weight without the belt. Heavy!

Bent Over Rows (wide grip, thumbless)

225 x 4
225 x 4
225 x 4
225 x 6

notes: moved my hands out farther than normal. not quite snatch grip, but felt different. Also thumbless, so it worked the grip a lot.

Kettlebell Swings
100 swings with the 24 kg KB, as many sets as it takes

notes: the KB swings were tough, I was pouring sweat by the end. Called it a night after that.