I had to really struggle to drag my sluggish ass into the strongman gym today. I had spent a few days feeling sorry for myself, and was pretty rusty. Plus I was going to be dropping out of stuff, and was dreading the conversation, I am just not ready to admit it all yet.

But I still wanted to put in some work. And I wanted to challenge some PRs and lift heavy, despite the rust. Something about heavy weight clears your head of the cobwebs and sharpens your focus.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Circus Dumbbell (push press)

40 x 5/5 *clean once*
60 x 2/2 *clean every rep*
*wraps om*
85 x 1/1
85 x 1/1
85 x 1/1

notes: was happy with my leg drive in these. getting more comfortable with it.

Incline Press *stopped doing closegrip*

warmup: 30 lb DBs x 20

back to barbell after that

135 x 5
*wraps, sleeves*
185 x 1
185 x 3

notes: this felt ok, but I needed to move on to strongman events. we were burning daylight, and I needed to do all of this by myself today (most people were in Toronto or going to Toronto for the Supershow and the comp there)

Farmers Walk

130 per hand for 50 ft
130/hand, 50 ft
175 @ 50′
218 @ 50′
282 x FAIL
282 x FAIL
*belt on*
282 x FAIL

notes: 282 was a PR, and I wanted it really bad, but it just wasn’t happening, I couldn’t even lift the chit off the ground. felt weak as hell today. 270 flew up about a month and a half in the past, but today 280 wasn’t happening. So I moved on to the yoke.

Yoke Walk (belt on)

340 lbs for 50 ft
340 @ 50′
515 @ 50′
605 @ 50′
705 @ 15′   PR
705 x FAIL

notes: I wanted to challenge 700 pounds today, which would be a 100 pound PR on the Yoke. This was ambitious! I picked it up, made it 15 feet, then I couldn’t stand up anymore, and it dropped. I don’t think I have ever felt that kind of sheer crushing force dragging me down like that. When I did 600 pounds, it takes all of your concentration but if you curse and swear and get mad, you can do it. THIS, no matter how mad I got, it squished me. But I am glad I tried. And I have never walked with 700, so it is still a PR. I was just shooting for 50 feet

I tried to pick it up a second time, but I was done. so I slowly put all the crap away (I was out in the parking lot), that took a while, then I went home.