Felt like shit when I woke up, walked into the strongman gym with my ass dragging. Happy to say though that Deadlifts were just what the doctor ordered. they perked me right up

warmup: the warmup machine took a shit and died today

Deadlifts (no belt, just shoes)

135 x 5
185 x 4
225 x 5
270 x 2
310 x 2
335 x 11

notes: AMRAP’ed the last set. I stopped when I started to grind. First deadlifting session in weeks, so I figured instead of grind, I would hit the muscles more with assistance.

3″ block pulls (long rests, shoes, chalk)

295 x 8
295 x 8
295 x 8

notes: All Deads today were fast and confident. Low back felt great!

SSB good Mornings (short rests)

135 x 4
135 x 6
135 x 4

notes: first time adding weight. harder than I anticipated. I didn’t want to muscle it up, I wanted slow controlled and with a good stretch and a good squeeze. the plates definitely rest ahead of you, so its much harder than a straight barbell. I will have to lower the weight if I want to go with medium range reps.

I was going to do leg press, but the gym filled up with newbies looking to learn. That is all well and good, but I am a little extra antisocial these days, so I broke out and came home.

A good session though! Feeling really good about it.