squat night tonight, at least… that was the plan

warmup: foam roll, squat w empty bar… FAIL!!

while warming up, I tweaked my knee somehow. My good knee, not my bad knee. I was limping around and while the plan was to go for a rep PR, I decided to call an audible and do an upper body workout instead. Goddamn I hate being old, just tweak my knee randomly.

warmup Take 2: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Log Press from Rack (11 inch diameter log, long rests, push presses, no sleeves or wraps)

80 x 5
110 x 4
120 x 3
140 x 2
150 x 1
160 x 8

notes: just missed a rep PR on overhead. There were lots of factors against me, my stance was soft because of the knee issue, I set the rack too high, so I banged the rack hard a few times at the bottom on the AMRAP set and it deflected the log a bit. The TOP of the rack is actually too low for me, so I couldn’t fully extend without banging the top of the rack. I didn’t bring wraps or sleeves because I wasn’t planning on shoulder work. So with all those things working against me, being one rep short of a Pr isn’t too bad. I will take it. But it was an ugly set. I lost glute tightness and started to lean back towards the end.

Widegrip Pulldowns (long rests)

180 x 8
180 x 8
180 x 8
180 x 8

Superset: DB Front Raises & V Bar Pushdowns & Hammer Curls

22.5s x 10 / 90 x 10 / 40s x 10
22.5s x 10 / 90 x 10 / 40s x 10
22.5s x 10 / 90 x 10 / 40s x 10

notes: this was awkward, the strongman gym doesn’t have all the DB weights, so I had to improvise. the pushdowns were heavy as hell, so I had to find a weight that felt right for that rep range.

Bit of a clusterfucc tonight