It has hit 40 degrees for 2 days in a row! Scorcher. Need some rain, for the grass. Not a good day for me to be cooped up inside, wearing long pants, but so it is.

Got out of the training room after 5, headed to their gym.

warmup: stretched out my low back, and my hips, and my neck

Deadlifts (SABOs, long rests)

135 x 5
185 x 4
225 x 3
275 x 1
320 x 5
320 x 5
320 x 5
320 x 5
320 x 5
320 x 6 @RPE7

notes: The bar sucked!!! No knurling, very slippery. No chalk either, of course. First time deadlifting in a while where I could feel some of the weight resting where my thumb wraps around my forefinger. On that last set, I tried to rep it out, and I wanted to go to RPE8, but I was very unsure of my grip on that slippery bar, so I kept it at RPE7

5 inch Block Pulls


I got a huge kick out of typing that, LOL. It was a little after 6, I stacked the blocks up to 5 inches, using other plates. My hope was to simulate a 14 inch Deadlift. Unracked it, placed it on the stacked plates… but the plates were too new and smooth, so one end rolled right off, and while I tried to grab that end, the OTHER end rolled off and hit me square in the shin, LOL. So… while I was hopping around and walking it off, the security guard comes up to me, and tells me the gym is closed. WTF??? I told him I didn’t see any signs that said they close at 6 pm (when I was leaving, I finally saw the sign that says 6 to 6 are the hours. Whoops!!) So yeah, put all the plates back, and left.

Kind of a messed up session, but I got my main work in I guess. Jackshit for assistance, but that was Act of God, so w/e