Strongman gym all to myself. Just there, doin ma squats… and who do you think walks in? Magnus Ver Magnusson!! One of the alltime strongman greats. He was there to talk with the owner of the gym, and I have met him a few times now, but it is always a thrill for me

So… I needed to mark the occasion with a PR. I just HAD TO

Low Bar Squats (3ish minute rests, knee sleeves, Romaleos)

135 x 3
185 x 3
225 x 3
275 x 3
300 x 3
300 x 3
300 x 3
300 x 3
300 x 6 @RPE7.5

notes: ok, no PR there, but I had another trick up my sleeve.

SSB Squats (3ish min rests, sleeves, shoes)

160 x 4
230 x 4
240 x 4
250 x 4
260 x 4 Rep PR!!
270 x 4 Rep PR!!

notes: I didn’t want to be greedy, so I moved on.

Prone Leg Curls (short rests)

150 x 10
150 x 10
150 x 10

And that was it! Knee feeling good, so I am happy.