I can’t really explain the past day. I couldn’t sleep all night. Constipated. No sleep. woke up feeling HORRIBLY exhausted.

I decided to dial down my calories for the day and just reset my system, took some fibre pills. went to work. eating a little, but much less. finally midway through the morning, I desecrated the office restroom with my unholiness. I smote the mountainside with ruin. I felt a bit better once the GI levee had broke. Still kept food low, kept trying to reset. Was so tired though that I was falling asleep at my desk all afternoon.

I got this weird fascination in my head to come back and do squats a second time this week, and to go for that PR I wanted on Monday.

I walked into the gym, eyes aching in the light, with gas like a horror movie. Gym all to myself. Stomach empty. Popped a can of Monster. Decided to work up to one moderately heavy set. If the bar stopped moving fast, I would stop.

warmup: stretched out my low back

Low Bar Squats (long rests, Romaleos, knee sleeves)

180 x 5
215 x 3
255 x 2
270 x 1
290 x 1
310 x 1
325 x 7 No Wraps Rep PR!!

notes: success!! finally. To be totally honest, I was completely light-headed on that 7th rep. I was growling and grunting through the set as my energy was tanking, and after the 6th rep I felt light-headed. I probably should have stopped, but the PR was so enticing and the bar was moving fast, so F it.

I stayed wobbly after, so I decided to cut the assistance work in half, and went straight to leg curls.

Prone Leg Curls (short rests)

160 x 8
160 x 8
160 x 8

Then I came home to eat some food and drink lots of water