I will admit, I felt wrecked today. Scheduling a volume bench session the day after my first heavy Cube DL day might have been ill-advised. But here I found myself, so I tightened the belt on my big boy pants, made it through a day at the office, and showed up at the gym after work, to do more work.

There were 2 other people there benching, so we had to rotate through our sets.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, shrugs

Bench Press (rest depended on the rotation of 3 people all doing different weights)

bar x lots
135 x 5
160 x 3
190 x 10
*wrist wraps on*
190 x 12
190 x 9

Closegrip Bench (wrist wraps, in a rotation of 3 people)

205 x 7
205 x 8

Spoto Press (all by myself now, medium rests, wraps and sleeves)

175 x 10
175 x 11
175 x 10

notes: Chest now dying.

One Arm DB Row (long rests)

80 x 15/15
80 x 15/15
80 x 15/15
80 x 15/15

notes: when I planned this workout out, I had considered going heavier, but as I was actually doing the workout, my back was still exhausted, so I kept it at the 80 lb DB.

I had originally planned to do Atlas Stones for my strongman assistance, but my back was still worn out, so I called an audible and did more pressing.

Viking Press (medium rests)

100 x 6
190 x 1
240 x 1
290 x 1

notes: I wanted to baseline my one rep max. Is 290 the absolute limit for me? Don’t know, but I really had to fight for it, I failed the first time, and had to totally commit to finally get it up. Plus my experience with overhead press is that when you hit your struggle point, the potential to go higher drops off quite fast. So 290 is a fair weight to base percentages on for assistance AKA not fresh, IMO.

Also, by this point, I was totally wrecked. The past few workouts were accumulating on me.

Superset: DB Strict Side Raise & DB Front Raise (short rests)

12s x 10 / 12s x 10
12s x 10 / 12s x 10
12s x 10 / 12s x 10

notes: baby dumbbells, but I focused on the squeeze and finished my shoulders off.

Inverted Rows

8, 10, 10

notes: now totally dead.

Left the gym, for post workout meal had lambchops and chicken breast, 2 cups longgrain rice, fresh bread, salad. Water.