Three days in a row is making me tired and grumpy. Needed to make the last day count.

warmup: nothing. it occurred to me during squats… why don’t I warmup any more??? I need to start warming up again, I used to warm up my hams and VMO before squats. Next time!!

Low Bar Squats (long rests, knee sleeves, Romaleos, no belt)

135 x 2
225 x 2
300 x 2
325 x 2
355 x 2
375 x 2 no-wraps Rep PR!!
315 x 2

notes: a modest PR, but I will keep building my squats slow and steady so I don’t wear out my knee again. Plus my previous nowraps PR was with a belt, and I beat it beltless, so that is extra good for me. I might have dropped off too much weight for my backoff set, but meh.

SSB Squats (medium rest, ass to grass, pause at bottom, Romaleos, sleeves, no belt)

70 x 3
160 x 2
255 x 3
255 x 3

notes: these were feeling good today, so I buried my ass to the ground and took a nice pause, each rep.

Box Deadlifts (medium rests, constant tension)

275 x 6
275 x 3
275 x 6

notes: grip was off-center on set 2, so I did a third set.

Yoke Hold (sneakers)

420 lb Yoke held up for 60 seconds

notes: thought it would be nice to just feel the weight and practice keeping a solid core. It does start to sway after 30 seconds haha! I am real happy with my Yoke Walks, whenever I see other people go heavy they wear a belt, but I have been able to go heavy without. I am hoping this will help.

Prone Leg Curls (short rests)

140 x 12
140 x 10
140 x 12
140 x 9

notes: less reps, more sets than last week

Alternate between Hyperextensions and Face Pulls

12 hyperextensions, 30 lbs x 15, 12 xt, 30 x 15, 12 xt, 30 x 15

notes: no rest, just back and forth from one exercise to another