Did nada Sunday, took Monday off work and did nada. Was dying of boredom, so I went back to work on Tuesday, and did an office workout since I am already right there. I can kind of limp along without pain. I cant bend my toe down right now, but I can extend it up. Still healing. But dammit, I can bench.

warmup: forgot lol

Bench Press (medium rests)

bar x lots
135 x 8
160 x 6
190 x 5
*wraps, sleeves*
215 x 3
245 x 1
245 x 1
245 x 1
215 x 11
215 x 8

notes: whew! tiring

Flat DB Press (hammergrip, medium rests, sleeves on, no wraps)

80s x 10
90s x 8
100s x 6
100s x 5

notes: this gym doesn’t go higher than 100 DBs. boo

Smith Machine Incline Bench (short rests, shallow incline, no wraps, no sleeves)

bar x bunch
bar+90 x 5
bar+160 x 3
bar+160 x 3
bar+160 x 3

JM Press (smith machine, 30 sec rests)

bar+50 x 15
bar+50 x 15
bar+50 x 15
bar+50 x 15

notes: triceps burning

Seated Smith Machine OHP (30 sec rests)

bar+50 x 12
bar+50 x 14
bar+50 x 12
bar+50 x 13

notes: not a lot of high weight, but a nice high rep finisher. I went til it burned.

Inverted Row (30 sec rests)

6, 8, 6

notes: I was sucking wind on this one. not sure why. I skipped the intra carbs this session, maybe that’s why? I ran out of gas? meh