Snowstorm today. I ended up doing my workout at the office instead of at the strongman gym, just to cut down on my time on the road. Saved my sanity a bit.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, shrugs

OH WAIT!! NVM saving my sanity, the nice quiet peaceful empty office gym was filled with fools this afternoon! Someone plugged in their ipod and cranked up the Top 40. Its like listening to the radio… except you paid for all this garbage music YYYEEAAAHHHHHH!!! Then people hopped on the cardio machines and did it at 40%, never once being out of breath so that they could carry on a full conversation with their neighbour cardiofool the entire time! As I sat there looking at this, one guy ran over to the pullup bar, tried to do a kipping pullup (he wasn’t exhausted and forced to kip, he just wanted to look pro)… instantly kicked a bunch of equipment off a nearby rack YYEEEAAHHHHH!!!

Just screaming ninnys. Remember the scene in Stripes when they ran through the obstacle course??

So… I focused on my own stuff.

Bench Press (medium rests)

bar x a few
135 x 2
185 x 2
225 x 1
*elbow sleeves on*
245 x 2
250 x 1
255 x 1
215 x 11

notes: forgot my wrist wraps! bah. oh well, it went ok even with my limp wrists.

Dual Cable Wide Pulldowns (90 sec rests)

10 plates x 15
11p x 15
12p x 15
12p x 15

Seated Smith OHP (medium rests)

bar+90 x 12
bar+90 x 12
bar+90 x 12
bar+90 x 10

notes: I know you all love my Smith Machine 😛

Superset: Strict DB Side Raises and Full DB Front Raises and Band Pullaparts (medium rests)

15s x 10 / 15s x 10 / 15 pullaparts
15s x 10 / 15s x 10 / 10 pullaparts
15s x 10 / 15s x 8 / 15 pullaparts

notes: shoulders were dying after this