I am a 38 male, 6’4ish, 300ish (currently).  I lost 85 pounds in 2011, put about 30 back on in 2012, and in 2013-15 worked my butt off and dropped back down another 70 pounds, leaving me at my high school weight!  Once I hit my weight loss goal, I have started exploring the world of powerlifting and strongman, and am learning how to put on weight in a controlled way and to build strength.  I am up about 30 pounds again, but this time around I am stronger, happier, faster, and did I mention much stronger?!  I hope you will join me for the ride. Please feel free to browse through 5+ years of workouts, diets, thoughts!

I will post just my workouts for now:  the big 3 lifts for part of the year and strongman in the summer.

What does the title mean?  It is a family motto actually:  Peace or War.  You have to be ready for both, so as I train my body, I hope to become more confident, happier, a better person.  Realizing your potential and living the best life you can means being ready for anything, and so I want to develop both the physical and the mental.