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24/27 Everything

I was feeling salty today, so I did 2 workouts: one in the AM, one in the PM

Was in the office gym by 7:30, ready to go.

Week 24/27 OHP – AM Workout

OHP (no rest b/w sets, cleaned cambered bar from floor to start each set)

60 x 5 Superset with Over & Backs w light band
75 x 5 / Over&Backs
85 x 5 / Over&Backs

110 x 5 / Superset with Free Cable Pulldowns 115 x 5
125 x 3 / 115 x 5

140 x 10 (stopped supersets, increased rest to 2 min, elbow sleeves came on)

150 x 1
165 x 1
180 x 1 Weight PR!!

notes: Another small breakthrough on the strict press, yay!!!

Bench Press (no rest b/w sets)

bar x 10
95 x 5
115 x 3
135 x 1
160 x 1
185 x 1 (increased rest to 30 seconds, elbow sleeves came on)

200 x 1
200 x 1
200 x 1
200 x 1
200 x 1

notes: After that, headed back to my desk to do some work.

24/27 Squats – PM Workout

High Bar Squats(SBDs and Romaleos on, 30s rest b/w sets at the start)

135 x 5 (narrowstance, aim for ATG)
165 x 5 (narrow, ATG)
205 x 5 (switched to medium stance and aimed for parallel, increased rest to 60-90 s)
250 x 5 (belt came on)
280 x 3
315 x 5

notes: We had gotten started late and I was pretty squeezed for time, so no Joker sets.

Deadlifts (barefoot, 30s rest at start)

160 x 5 (conventional grip)
200 x 3
235 x 3
275 x 1
315 x 1 (belt on, switched to crossgrip)
355 x 1 (rest increased to 60s)
395 x 1
395 x 1
395 x 1
395 x 1
395 x 1

notes: And that was that! Headed home. 2 solid workouts today, and an OHP PR! Not a bad day

24/27 Chest

Today was rough. I had to write a French test this morning (if I want to keep my cushy govt job), so I was cramming ALL weekend. Tons of crap, all those verb tenses. Couldn’t sleep all night last night, got maybe 2 hours tops. Just anxious to get it over with. Did the exam today, now I wait for the results…

But even sleep-deprived, I did not want to miss my workout. So I put on my big boy pants and showed up for an evening workout w the trainer.

warm-up: nada

Bench Press (superset w other exercises until AMRAP set)

80 x 5 / 8 Over & Backs w the heavy band (Spoto Presses, no rest between sets)
100 x 5 / over&backs
120 x 5 / over&backs
150 x 5 / widegrip pulldowns 12 plates x 5
170 x 3 / 14 plates x 5
190 x 7 (put on elbow sleeves, touch n go reps, increased rest to 2 min)
210 x 1 (paused rep)
230 x 1 (paused)
250 x FAIL

notes: I went for the 3rd Joker Set and controlled the descent but couldn’t fully clear the bottom of the ROM. I knew it was coming; I usually crap out around the 3rd Joker Set of Bench, the AMRAP 190 set felt stiff, and the 230 rep slowed down at the top. I wish bench would blow up already, I feel like a breakthrough is on the horizon, I just can’t quite get it.

I will say that taking the Spoto Presses past the warmup sets and into the main sets has paid off. Spoto’ing 85% of my Training Max feels really good.


60 x 5 (no rest b/w sets)
75 x 3
85 x 3
100 x 1
115 x 1
135 x 1
145 x 1 (increased rest to 60 sec)
145 x 1 (put on elbow sleeves)
145 x 1
145 x 1
145 x 1

notes: The first 145 set moved slow, so I put on the sleeves and it seemed to do the trick, if nothing else as a cue to remind me to stay tense as I unrack the bar. If I try to do 145 from a dead stop and do it strict, it ain’t happening. I need to unrack it and get fired up as I unrack it and keep the shoulders engaged from the start.

Not a horrible workout for less than optimal conditions, bombed out and depleted as I was. Told cardio to F off and came home to go stream the Walking Dead ep I missed last night

24/27 Back

Starting to the see the light at the end of the tunnel! The end is still far off though.

Went to the gym at 9 AM with a lady friend for some liftin. Full credit to her for really enjoying deadlifts and squats, especially together – its a very draining workout. We traded sets, so when I was done my weight, we loaded her weight, she went, loaded my weight, I went, etc. Essentially, it was too much rest at the start, but rests were almost too short when it got busy. Oh well.

warm-up: none, lol lazy

Deadlift (barefoot, traded sets with my friend)

160 x 5 (double overhand)
205 x 5
235 x 5
295 x 5 (switched to crossgrip, added belt)
335 x 3
375 x 5

notes: I would have gladly done more sets, but we were squeezed for time (she only had an hour, then had to meet her husband for brunch). Her top set was 245 for 4, she weighs about 180. Pretty strong chick.

Squats (Romaleos, SBDs, traded sets until top sets)

135 x 5
165 x 3
205 x 3
245 x 1 (put on belt)
280 x 1

notes: At this point, she left to go do cardio. I kept squatting. She didn’t want to go heavy on squats after heavy deadlifts, so her top set was 170 for 4, then did a backoff set of 135 for 10.

(alone now, rests kept at 90 sec)

330 x 1
330 x 1
330 x 1
330 x 1
330 x 1

notes: I had to get back to studying for my French test, so I packed up my stuff and came back home. Short and sweet.

23/27 Shoulders

Have been studying French all day, but had to take a break from studying to get some physical activity in, just to stay sane.


65 x 5 /SS w over&backs (minimum rest between supersets)

80 x 5 / over&backs

95 x 5 / over&backs

110 x 3 / SS w Widegrip Pulldowns 150 x 5 (upped rest between supersets to 30-45 sec)

130 x 3 / 150 x 5

144 x 8 (elbow sleeves on, upped rest to 2 min)

159 x 3

179 x Push Press for 1

notes: Bar was moving quickly in the AMRAP set so went for Joker sets. I was working with a mix of kilo plates and pound plates, hence the weird numbers. 179 would have been a PR, but I couldn’t do a strict one, so I settled for a push press, and then called it there.

I needed to get back to studying so I did away with the supersets starting with the AMRAP set, and just did straight sets from then on.

Bench Press (Spoto Press style until indicated)

bar x 10 (minimal rest)

95 x 3

115 x 1 REST x 3 (did one rep, reracked it to fix grip, then did 3 more)

135 x 1

185 x 1 (switched from Spoto to paused rep, elbow sleeves came on, rest went up to 60-90 seconds)

200 x 1

200 x 1

200 x 1

200 x 1

200 x 1

And that was it! No need to go too crazy, I have another workout tomorrow morning, and lots of chitty French to cram into my brain.

23/27 Legs

Week 23/27 Squats

warm-up: none – running late, got right to it

Squats (Romaleos, SBDs)

135 x 5 (narrow stance, go ATG, no rest)
165 x 3 (narrow stance, ATG, took a brief bio break)
200 x 5 (changed to med stance, upped rest to 60 sec)
230 x 3 (added belt)
265 x 3
295 x 5

notes: The 295 AMRAP set, the bar was moving fine, but I was starting to lose core tightness and lean forward a bit, so stopped at rep 5.

330 x 1 (rest increased to 90 sec)
365 x 1 (trainer touched bar)

notes: Bar Speed slowed down a lot on the 365 set. I could have grinded it out, but my trainer touched the bar to help me, so I called it there and moved on to Deadlifts. She didn’t take it away from me or anything, but it was slowing down anyways, so F it.

Deadlift (barefoot)

160 x 5 (double overhand, no rest)
200 x 3
235 x 3
275 x 1 (rest kept low, under 30 sec)
315 x 1 (changed to crossgrip)
355 x 1 (beltless PR)
395 x 1 (belt went on, increased rest to 60 sec)
395 x 1
395 x 1
395 x 1
395 x 1

notes: since I had reset the weight, knew there would be no weight PRs or anything, so I decided to go for a beltless PR just to make myself feel better

post-workout: 20 min LISS on the elliptical

23/27 Chest

WTH is wrong with me? sleep was all messed up AND I pooped a demonchild right before this session too. ruined my trainer’s studio Good thing she has a sense of humour… she just stood there stuffing her face with a Quest bar, mumbling “it smells like lavender and fukkinchit” (I sprayed, it did nothing)

Bench Press (superset w other exercises until AMRAP set)

60 x 5 / 8 Over & Backs w the heavy band (no rest between sets)
80 x 5 / over&backs
100 x 5 / over&backs
120 x 5 / over&backs
140 x 3 / Widegrip Cable Rows – 14 plates x 5
160 x 3 / Rows (increased to 30 sec rest)
180 x 8 (put on elbow sleeves)
200 x 3
220 x 1

notes: shoulder felt ok, form looked good, wasn’t doing weird crap w my shoulder or letting the bar drift right. Did 2 Joker sets then decided I was running out of time to do OHP. So I cut the supersets and tried to get it all done ASAP.


65 x 5 (no rest b/w sets)
80 x 3
95 x 3
110 x 1
130 x 1
145 x 1
160 x 1 (put on elbow sleeves, increased to 45 sec rest)
160 x FAIL
160 x FAIL
155 x 2 (push press)
135 x 5 (back to strict press)

notes: FUARKKKKK I know the short rest cost me again, but I also knew an OHP reset was in the cards sooner or later. Going to keep my Training Max for this week, then reset it for next week. After failing out of my top sets, did some backoff sets. Got it all done in an hour. Was a grumpy chithead and skipped cardio and came home.

23/27 Back

First workout since resetting the weight.

warm-up: rumble rolled IT Bands, adductors, piriformis; back roll to V sit; static hip flexor stretch; prone spinal twists

Went to the Deadlift platform… and then had to run to the bathroom and take a dump. I think the warmup knocked something loose. Thanks hi carb weekend mixed with pwo. Chemical warfare. That burnt through a good 20 min It was evil.

Deadlift (barefoot)

160 x 5 (double overhand, no rest)
200 x 5
235 x 5
275 x 3 (increased rest to 2 min, added belt)
315 x 3 (switched to crossgrip)
355 x 10 Rep PR!!

For Set 6, the AMRAP set, I just wanted to rep it out. my low back was sore and I had been using my rests to do low back releases (lying on back, legs against wall). So… must admit, I was letting it bounce. I was controlling the descent, but it was still bouncing at the bottom a bit. So, not the strictest reps I have ever done. But F it in the B, I will take it.

10 speed reps like that had me gassed, I lay on my back on the platform and sucked wind for a bit.

Squats (Romaleos, SBDs)

135 x 5 (narrow stance, go ATG, no rest)
165 x 3
200 x 3 (switch to medium stance, go to parallel)
245 x 1 (add belt)
280 x 1
330 x 1 (increase rest to 2 min)
330 x 1
330 x 1
330 x 1
330 x 1

I was going to do some cardio, but I hadn’t eaten in 4 hours and was starving, so I broke the F out and got some food.

22/27 Shoulders

High-carb day! It hit me like a truck, I farted when setting up for my bench press. Back arch to breaking wind manoeuvre.

Overhead Press (straight bar off the rack this time)

warm-up – Superset with Over & Backs w the heavy resistance band (change weights and go again)

65 x 5 / OB8

80 x 5 / 8

95 x 5 / 8

main – Superset with Widegrip Free Cable Pulldowns (change weights and go again, pulldowns were strict with no lean back)

105 x 5 / … my trainer set the weight on the pulldowns, forgot to give a fukk and check what the weight was… let’s say heavy weight x 5

120 x 5 / heavy x 5

135 x 8 / heavy x 5 (elbow sleeves were on for the OHP)

Assistance – Bench Press (barefoot)

warm-up – Superset with Pulldowns (change weight and go again)

bar x 10 / heavy x 5

95 x 3 / heavy x 5

115 x 3 / heavy x 5

135 x 1 / heavy x 5

185 x 1 / heavy x 5

main assist (30 s rest, straight sets, elbow sleeves on)

200 x 1

200 x 1

200 x 1

200 x 1

200 x 1

notes: As it got heavy, my form decayed. Not in the traditonal way – normally when my form goes bad, my left shoulder lifts or shrugs upward. That was fine. Instead this time, I kept drifting the bar almost right away to the right. I had to really clamp down on my core to keep the bar centered. The lift itself felt fine, but when I went to rack, it was all fukked up. Them chitty shoulder problems…


4 sets of 12 crunches (reach to the ceiling, trainer hovered over me and I pushed against the trainer’s palms, 30 s rest between sets)

22/27 Legs

Where once the future appeared to be a straight road, now was winding and dark… my certainty had turned to ashes, and the numbers had turned on me.

*cue Terminator 2 music* *has photo taken by Mexican gas station attendant then rides off in jeep*

Squats (Romaleos, SBDs)

warm-up (change weights and go again)

130 x 5 (narrow stance, ATG)

165 x 5 (narrow, ATG)

200 x 5 (narrow, ATG)

main (change weights and go again, belt came on)

215 x 5 (narrow, pretty damn deep)

245 x 4….. (narrow, ATG)

245 x 5 (medium stance)

280 x 5 (m)

notes: Was goofing around with narrowstance and dropping it so deep I could wipe my ass with the floor, but as the weight got heavier I was starting to rely on the bounce, started divebombing it. On the 245 set I lost core tightness and lost my balance and fell forward and had to dump it.

So embarrassing! Lost all my cool points in the gym (it was crowded) Redid my set with my regular main set stance, focused on controlling the negative, lol. Kinda felt like a ruhtard after that and decided no Joker sets, get done the min amount of work and move on.

Assistance – Deadlifts (barefoot)

warm-up (change weight and go again, double overhand until indicated)

175 x 5

220 x 5

265 x 3

310 x 1 (switched to crossgrip)

350 x 1 (belt came on)

395 x 1

main assist (4 min rest, crossgrip, belt)

100% 440 x 1 Weight PR!!

100% 440 x FAIL!!

notes: This is where the program was pretty much likely to hit the wall. Numbers had built up to the point where I had to hit 440 5 times, and I had never pulled that once before. First time I did it, and it was a bit of a grinder, but not horrible. I took a nice generous rest, and tried to do it again. Got it up a few inches, then it slowed… By that point, it was lost.

I couldn’t hit the Assistance numbers so…


I will need to reset my weights on the Deadlift and keep going. Still, 22 weeks of progressive 5/3/1 without a reset… mostly because of big improvements in my form and better lifting. Still, I laid on the floor of the gym for a few minutes, kind of deflated. It sucks washing out of a workout, I have become a number chaser, and this one got away.

Gonna go listen to sad music for a while

22/27 Chest

Got in the office gym at 7 am, ready to get it in.

Bench Press

warm-up – Superset with Over & Backs w Resistance Band (change weights and go again, Spoto press)

80 x 5 / 8 over & backs

100 x 5 / 8

120 x 5 / 8

main – Superset with Free Cable Widegrip Pulldowns (change weights and go again)

130 x 5 ( Spoto) / 115 x 5

150 x 5 (Spoto) / 115 x 5

170 x 10 (TnG, elbow sleeves came on) / 115 x 5

notes: Decided no Joker sets while I saw how my shoulders handled the volume of the assistance work.

Assistance – OHP (using cambered bar, had to clean it off the floor to start each set)

warm-up (change weight and go again)

65 x 5

80 x 3

95 x 3

105 x 1

120 x 1

135 x 1

notes: Wanted a lot of warmup sets to see show my shoulder was feeling, also as a dry run for the form needed for the main sets. Noticed quite quickly that my shoulder was sore at the bottom of the movement, but more so if my elbows flared even the slightest. so I kept my hands on the angled part of the cambered bar (making it almost at shoulders or slightly inside) and kept my elbows pointing straight forward and there was no pain. I would press it from this position (prob always should).

main assist (90 sec rest, elbow sleeves)

160 x 1
160 x 1
160 x 1
160 x 1
160 x 1

notes: Considering I had to clean it each time, I was happy with how well all this went. Cleaning it actually built up the torque in my shoulders, so it got me ready to press.

I don’t really recommend the hybrid clean/press, in an optimal world you would be using a different grip for both exercises. But with a cambered bar I can pull off an acceptable grip, and the gym has no rack, so I had to do it old school, before racks were invented. All those old circus clown leapord unitard sledgehammer swinging muh-fukkers had to pick it up if they wanted to press it over their head, so I could do it that way too if I had to.

post-workout: 10 min HIIT on Elliptical – alternating 20 seconds high, 100 seconds low