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18 Nov 2016

Finally have enough spare time to hit the gym! Did the office gym right before lunch. Decided to celebrate my freedom with a “fun” workout.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, shrugs

Superset: Flat DB Presses & Band Pullaparts (2-3 min rests, hammergrip presses, heavy resistance band)

60s x 16 / 20 pullaparts
70s x 12 / 20 pullaparts
80s x 9 / 20 pullaparts
90s x 7 / 20 pullaparts
100s x 5 / 20 pullaparts
90s x 5 / 20 pullaparts
80s x 7 / 20 pullaparts
70s x 10 / 20 pullaparts
60s x 15 / 20 pullaparts

notes: I wondered if my chest would be burning, but NOPE! My rear delts were so pumped and on fire!!! I was in pain between sets. The pump hurt so bad, I needed to stretch out my rear delts between sets. If I just sat there normally, my rear delts burned… I had to extend my arms forward and stretch them out to feel better.

Superset: 6-way DB Raise and Band Over and Backs (60 sec rests, heavy band)

10s x 10 / 10 over and backs
10s x 10 / 10 over and backs

notes: I went for a third set… but my shoulders just rebelled, I couldn’t even pick up the 10 lb DBs any more LOL. By this point, the rear delts burned so bad that the only time they STOPPED burning was when I was doing the 6 way raise… but the over and backs burned like hell.

Superset: DB Hammer Curls & Cable V-Bar Pushdowns & Leg Raises (30 sec rests)

40s x 15 / 7 plates x 40 / 15 raises
40s x 13 / 7 plates x 40 / 15 raises
40s x 13 / 7 plates x 40 / 15 raises

notes: this was a random mix just to speed things up, I supersetted arm work with abs. I went light on triceps and just pumped out the reps until my arms wanted to pop.

Aug 12, 2015

I am realizing that a thumbless grip isn’t a perfect solution… my forefinger, the next finger down on my hurt hand, is starting to get stiff and sore. I will have to be careful on the volume and the high reps while I tax my grip with weird stuff.

AM Workout

warmup: foam roll upper back, armpits; prone banded dislocations; Y Handcuffs; kneeling thoracic extensions; shoulder capsule stretches; 6-way DB Raises

Seated Smith Machine Shoulder Press (90 sec rests)

bar x 8
bar + 50 x 8
+70 x 8
+80 x 8
+90 x 8
+100 x 8

notes: figured if I couldn’t get in the DB cleans in the evening, would try to get some extra shoulder work in.

post: 15 min cardio

Just ran out of time, had to go back to work. Workout ended up being half rehab and half shoulder reppin it out stuff, not a lot of volume overall.

I was supposed to do heavy shoulder work in the evening, but plans got cancelled and no one was there to open up the strongman gym, so I wouldn’t have a log to use, and I wouldn’t be able to do the shoulder work I WANT, so I called an audible and went to a commercial gym for some deadlifts.

PM Workout

warmup: none

Deadlifts (thumbless, generous rests, SABOs)

160 x 5
200 x 5
240 x 5
*belt on*
315 x 2
370 x 2
370 x 2

notes: took long rests at the start because my low back hadn’t warmed up yet and it was stiff and sore. By the end if felt good though.

It was at this point I realized how my forefinger was doing, so I decided no block pulls, and moved on.

Closegrip Cable Rows (90 sec rests)

130 x 12
140 x 12
150 x 12
160 x 12

Bicep Curl Machine (90 sec rests)

4 plates x 20
5p x 20
6p x 20
7p x 18

notes: the machine is awkward, it keeps my arms moving in a set track of movement, but its hard to get direct bicep work in right now so I take what I can get.

Both workouts felt lame, like I had a lot left in the tank, but I have to be conservative right now I guess. Grip is healing and I had to make due with less than ideal schedule circumstances.