Trainer still on vacation, so I get to do another arms day. Another Meadows routine, with some mods. Did it at the office gym in the AM.

warmup: rope pushdowns with 1 second flex at the bottom/spread: 3.5 plates for 20 reps and 7.5 plates for 10 reps

Giant Set: Rope Pushdowns + Pronated DB Kickbacks + Dips (2 min rest b/w giant sets, spread rope pushdowns at the bottom and flex for 1 second)

9.5 plates x 15 / 25 lb DB x 6 per side / 13 dips
9.5 plates x 15 / 25 lb DB x 6 per side / 15 dips
9.5 plates x 15 / 25 lb DB x 6 per side / 15 dips

notes: After running through the giant set even once, my triceps felt really warm! By the end they felt pumped like crazy. In between sets it felt really good to stretch them out and flex them. Dips were mostly held back by how my shoulder was feeling – I wish I had a dip/pressdown type machine.

Incline DB Skullcrushers (60 sec rest, keep sleeves on continously)

20s x 10
25s x 10
30s x 10
30s x 10
30s x 10

notes: The sleeves helped me keep my elbows in, and because the rest was so short anyways, I kept them on, which kept the blood trapped in there – after a few sets my forearms and hands were nice and flushed! Made it a bit harder, but it wasn’t painful, I didn’t wrap them too tight.

EZ Bar Curls (60s rest)

25 lb bar x 20
45 x 15
70 x 10
70 x 10
70 x 8, REST 20, 4 slow reps, REST 10, 2 slow reps

notes: These felt a lot easier without the fat gripz, and my arms were already pumped. Last set was an “842 set”, and on the 4 and 2 sets I kept them slow and controlled.

Smith Machine Drag Curls (60s rest)

50 + bar x 10
70 + bar x 10
70 + bar x 8, REST 20, 4 slow reps with iso holds, REST 10, 2 slow reps with iso holds

notes: I was supposed to do preacher curls, but A. this gym doesn’t have a preacher bench. I would have just used dumbbells off of an incline bench, but B. 2 old ladies walked in to my completely silent gym and cranked up the TV and started yakking with each other right about then. I figured DB preachers would take more time and all this noise made me want to get the Hell out of there, so I did drag curls. I haven’t really done drag curls much, so I kept the weight light and tried to feel the MMC. Hard not to overpower it with your traps, so I tried to slow down the negatives and even do some iso holds for 5+ seconds on the negatives to connect with the bicep a bit more. Last set was another 842.

Biceps looked pumped in the mirror! Old ladies caught me mirin in between sets.

DB Hammer Curls (90s rest)

40s x 10, 6 partials
40s x 10, 6 partials
40s x 10, 6 partials

Was going to do cardio, but the noise was annoying, so I packed up and went back to work.

Got in my cardio later anyways… I had to go down to the post office and pick up 3 cases of Bang and walked for 30 minutes carrying that 45 pound box home, lol. I personally think the mailman only pretended to deliver it (I was home and never heard him knock), I think he just slipped a note in the door and ran. Never even offloaded it from his truck. Arsehole. Oh well, got my cardio in