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Day 7 – chest, back, yin

I was going to write all this great stuff about what I was doing at 11:11/11/11/11… and then I realized it’s 2012.  Oh well.

So the plan for today was to do some spin, see how my shoulder felt, make a choice on back or chest work, go home, rest, then do some yin.

But today is Rememberance Day, so I thought there might be complications.  I checked the gym schedule, and it wasn’t on the list for reduced hours.  So I headed down to see if they were running Spin.  I showed up… place is locked up.  Nearby mall guy tells me he doesn’t think they will be open until 12:30, even though the mall opened its doors at 8.  Pretty lazy if you ask me.  Too lazy to post up their reduced hours on the website like every other Goodlife.  It’s like we are just SUPPOSED to expect less customer service on a stat holiday.  So they just lock the doors and wander away.  Weak.

I had to find another Goodlife, and phoned around.  I decided to avoid the downtown core, what with the ceremonies, and went southeast to backup gym #1, which I knew relatively well.  Plus I could go shop at GNC after!  Oh, perfect.

Showed up, asked if they were running any spin, they said only at 9 am, and that was well over by this point.  My shoulder felt good, so I launched into my back workout.  That took half an hour.  My shoulder felt good and I still had energy, so I decided to do chest also.


5 min warmup cardio

100 rep rows:  hammer strength row machine – 90 lbs.  x40, (60s rest) x20, (40s rest) x20, (20s rest) x14, (6s rest) x6

superset reverse grip cable row&neutral grip pulldown – 120/105: x 20/20, 20/20, 10/15

superset reverse pec dec&straight arm pulldowns – 50/50:  x 20/20, 20/20, 20/20


DB flat press:  100×20, 130×12, 150×9, 170×5, 150×4, 130×12, 100×15

machine press:  180×4, 160×8, 160×6

pec dec:  110 x15, x15, x15

notes:  I don’t know if this seems like much, but I hadn’t had much to eat this morning, and by the end, I was DONE.  Trust me, the gas tank was empty.  I was hungry, shivering, ready to go sleep.  This was kind of an asshole workout, supersetting machines means you have to rush around and shoo people away.  Doing the presses meant I had a minefield of dumbbells around my bench, it meant looking around hard just to FIND all the dumbbells I wanted in the first place.

I did the rows, no problem.  Unfortunately with this gym there is just ONE cable row and pulldown station that everyone loves to go on, most popular thing in the whole place.  So I knew I couldn’t waste any time, and just went at it.  By the third superset, there was a guy fiddling with the pulldowns while I was doing rows, so I apologized and said I would come do my last set right away.  This is why the reverse grip cable rows stop at 10 on the last set, I had to jump off and free up the pulldowns for the other guy.

Then when I was taking the straight bar off so I could move it to a tricep station for straight pulldowns, I caught my thumb on a sharp piece of the alligator clip, sliced it clean open… blood dribbling down my hand, blood dribbling onto the cable row machine, it was awkward.  So I kept pressure on my thumb, rubbed it a few times with disinfectant (cutting yourself on rusty iron is no fun), wiped down the alligator clip and the machine.  I had some spare time while I waited for the bleeding to stop, so I watched the Rememberance day ceremonies on a nearby tv.

So that was what I was doing at 11:11 11/11/12, I was watching a tv in the gym, drenched in sweat, chest heaving from some rugged back supersets, hands bleeding.

Gym was crowded but the machines were free, so I used the pec rec in revserse before going back to the straight pulldowns.  Again I had to apologize to a guy for hogging 2 machines, he had started doing tricep stuff on my pulldown station.  But that’s what I had to do.  supersets are awesome, but you feel like a dick.  At least it wasn’t “circuit training”, where you tie up like 6 machines, haha.

After the straight pulldowns, my triceps felt tired, not sure if I should be feeling it there.  I made a mental note to talk to Leslie about it.

When I was doing the dumbbell presses, my shoulder gave out when I was using the 85s.  I had thought I would get at least 6 reps, then try out the 95s.  But my left arm went almost up, then dropped back down on the 6th rep, so I counted it as 5, then worked my way back down the weights.  Again, the reason I jumped from 100 to 130 is that I couldn’t find the 55 lb dumbbells, they were God knows where.  So I used 50s, then 65s, 75s, 85s.  When I went back down the ladder for the second set of 75s, my left shoulder failed out after the 4th rep.  So I knew I was done.  Things got a lot easier by the 65s, and with the 50s, I was just tired.  I wouldn’t say I had an awesome chest workout, the shoulder weakness holds me back from PR, but it is what it is.  Sometimes the strong parts gotta wait for the weak parts to catch up.

I was TRYING to do machine press, when I became HEAVILY distracted by this fool doing tricep pushdowns.  He was in street clothes, bopping along to his walkman, movin and groovin during his reps, rhythmically pressing down while gyrating.  This of course means he was swinging, and it means he wasn’t isolating his tris.  So he was cheating.  But he looked SO HAPPY.  I thought the guy was awesome.  But don’t take just my word for it, I caught a bit of it on camera!

Please bear in mind he was swinging with that same rhythm for about 2 min straight.  Pure comedy.  I was only about 10 ft away, so I couldn’t film for too long without it getting awkward.  The downside of it was, this guy was SO ridiculous, I kept cracking up, and couldn’t really get anything down on the machine press, as my pathetic reps point out.

Watching him jerk around, I was all like

I was feeling anemic, so I finished off with the pec dec, and showered, went for food, went home, slept, warmed up.

Then I headed out for some early evening yin!

It was a cold,grey Nov 11, as they always are.  This was the view out the window of the yoga studio.

Yin was a 90 min class, led by Gigi, focusing on the stomach?  I dunno, seemed like back and hips to me.  But I wouldn’t know a meridian from meningitis, so I will take the teacher’s word for it 🙂  I found myself in the corner next to a coupld of old fat guys, which is cool.  I like to see guys try out yoga for the first time 🙂

We did firefly and pigeon and childs pose and some twists and half saddle and all kinds of other stuff, it was fun!  It was also over before I knew it.  Day 7 is over and done!  I came home to watch some Walking Dead and Dexter.

And how was your day today?


Feeling some nice soreness in the chest today.


Went to the gym after work.  Yay for some Friday night exercise!

Back work:

Wanted to do deadlifts, but the squat racks were busy – a girl and her trainer, and 2 guys on the other one.  The 2 guys were wasting a lot of time, chatting away, squatting very little, then chatting for 5 more minutes.  I hate that.  But why bother trying to sub out with them?  Fixing the amounts on free weights is time-consuming, and these guys were idiots.  So I just moved on, can get more done if I avoid these time-thieves.

One arm DB row:  60×12, no rest, 60×12 (so back and forth, 12 on one arm, 12 on the other, 12 on the first, 12 on the other)

Pull-ups:  7 1/2 wide grip, 7 close grip, 6 1/2 hammer grip

T-bar row machine:  105×40, 105×40


I am happy with the pullups, getting more and more comfortable with them.

Then time for some cardio:  arc trainer for 30 min, 65% resistance, incline 9


Quick and fun back workout!