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Cut Day 30

Trainer still on vacation, so I get to do another arms day. Another Meadows routine, with some mods. Did it at the office gym in the AM.

warmup: rope pushdowns with 1 second flex at the bottom/spread: 3.5 plates for 20 reps and 7.5 plates for 10 reps

Giant Set: Rope Pushdowns + Pronated DB Kickbacks + Dips (2 min rest b/w giant sets, spread rope pushdowns at the bottom and flex for 1 second)

9.5 plates x 15 / 25 lb DB x 6 per side / 13 dips
9.5 plates x 15 / 25 lb DB x 6 per side / 15 dips
9.5 plates x 15 / 25 lb DB x 6 per side / 15 dips

notes: After running through the giant set even once, my triceps felt really warm! By the end they felt pumped like crazy. In between sets it felt really good to stretch them out and flex them. Dips were mostly held back by how my shoulder was feeling – I wish I had a dip/pressdown type machine.

Incline DB Skullcrushers (60 sec rest, keep sleeves on continously)

20s x 10
25s x 10
30s x 10
30s x 10
30s x 10

notes: The sleeves helped me keep my elbows in, and because the rest was so short anyways, I kept them on, which kept the blood trapped in there – after a few sets my forearms and hands were nice and flushed! Made it a bit harder, but it wasn’t painful, I didn’t wrap them too tight.

EZ Bar Curls (60s rest)

25 lb bar x 20
45 x 15
70 x 10
70 x 10
70 x 8, REST 20, 4 slow reps, REST 10, 2 slow reps

notes: These felt a lot easier without the fat gripz, and my arms were already pumped. Last set was an “842 set”, and on the 4 and 2 sets I kept them slow and controlled.

Smith Machine Drag Curls (60s rest)

50 + bar x 10
70 + bar x 10
70 + bar x 8, REST 20, 4 slow reps with iso holds, REST 10, 2 slow reps with iso holds

notes: I was supposed to do preacher curls, but A. this gym doesn’t have a preacher bench. I would have just used dumbbells off of an incline bench, but B. 2 old ladies walked in to my completely silent gym and cranked up the TV and started yakking with each other right about then. I figured DB preachers would take more time and all this noise made me want to get the Hell out of there, so I did drag curls. I haven’t really done drag curls much, so I kept the weight light and tried to feel the MMC. Hard not to overpower it with your traps, so I tried to slow down the negatives and even do some iso holds for 5+ seconds on the negatives to connect with the bicep a bit more. Last set was another 842.

Biceps looked pumped in the mirror! Old ladies caught me mirin in between sets.

DB Hammer Curls (90s rest)

40s x 10, 6 partials
40s x 10, 6 partials
40s x 10, 6 partials

Was going to do cardio, but the noise was annoying, so I packed up and went back to work.

Got in my cardio later anyways… I had to go down to the post office and pick up 3 cases of Bang and walked for 30 minutes carrying that 45 pound box home, lol. I personally think the mailman only pretended to deliver it (I was home and never heard him knock), I think he just slipped a note in the door and ran. Never even offloaded it from his truck. Arsehole. Oh well, got my cardio in

Week 2 Arm Assistance

Bring on the slow pump!

Pure pump day! My arms respond well to this stuff, so I knew I would be in for some swell.

I also wanted to burn some calories, so I got in some aggressive cardio beforehand – 2 Spin classes back to back, 2 hours of intervals with varying resistance. Plus the scenery Since the cardio was so long, I saved most of the preworkout routine for right after cardio, let it percolate for 30 min, then hit Arms.

Arm Pump

pre-workout cardio 2 hours Spin

Superset Rope Pushdowns and Standing Slow Neg DB Curls (45 sec rest b/w supersets, no twisting of the arms, 3 second negative on every curl)

110 x 13 (spreading hands apart at bottom) / 25s x 15
100 x 15 (spread hands) / 25s x 15
100 x 15 (hands stay together) / 25s x 15
110 x 15 (hands together) / 25s x 15

notes: I spread my hands apart to both sides of my body at the bottom of my pushdows at the start, but then as the sets wear on and I get tired, I keep my hands together and pump the rep out, making sure to maintain full ROM – biceps touch forearms at the top, straighten out arms and flex triceps at the bottom.

110 was too heavy on the first set of pushdowns, so I dropped the weight, but brought it back up by the 4th set.

By the 3rd set, the slow neg curls were wearing me out! Took a rest-pause during the 3rd set, and had to set the DBs down for a second on the 4th set. But I made sure I got every rep done.

the pump was rocking on these! I would split up my 45 seconds between each superset like this: 30 secs twisting and flexing my arms, then when the pump would get too intense, spend 10 or so seconds shaking them loose again, haha. My new arm vein friends came out to play again.

Superset Cambered Bar Curls and Slow Neg Bench dips (45 sec rest, feet elevated on dips)

80 x 8 / 8 dips
80 x 8 / 8
80 x 8 / 8
80 x 8 / 8

notes: Went a little better than last week. Feet-elevated dips feel chitty on my shoulder, but slow negs kept me from snapping my chit up.

Pump pain faded a bit, but I think it brought some size in.

Superset Decline Skullcrushers & DB Hammer Curls (slight decline, 45 second rest)

65 x 15 / 35s x 15
65 x 15 / 35s x 15
65 x 15 / 35s x 15
65 x 15 / 35s x 15

notes: Went up in weight this week. Devoted decline bench was busy, so I put 2 nickel plates under a flat bench and used that. Feels harder with a shallower decline! Had to take a few RPs during the last 2 sets of hammer curls. The pump was out of control! Had to bend over to brush the hair out of my face! Arms would not bend, HAHA!

Ya, the pump was on. Both tightness and size. Where are the lady-friends during these arm workouts?? they need to partake of this gun show, for real.

Cut Day 105: Arms

Hello! It has been a while!  I haven’t stopped cutting, I did a weighin, took pics, then took a deload week.


Down to 263!  I weigh what I did in high school, which is crazy 🙂  During my deload, I retested my one rep maxes in the big lifts, and I have lost strength in bench press and squats, but somehow GAINED strength and hit a new 1RM in deadlifts and presses.  Weird!  But I need to build my strength up in general, my poverty bench and squats are marked for death.


For the next little while, I will be going back to 5/3/1, with some pump-oriented assistance work.  So let’s start it off with Arm Day!


Superset Rope Pushdowns & Standing DB Curl (no supination, 3 sec negatives on the curls, 45 sec rest b/w Ssets)

94 x 15 / 25s x 15
110 x 15 / 25s x 15
110 x 15 / 25s x 13
110 x 15 / 25s x 11

notes: 3 second negatives started to wear me down! I stopped a set when I stopped doing the curls cleanly, the TUT was making me feel like a hyooge poosy. I haven’t done these since the early Fall, have to get used to them again. Worked like a charm though, felt a huge pump by the 3rd set!

Superset Cambered Bar Curls & Bench Dips (3 sec negs on the dips, 45 sec rest)

80 x 8 / 8 dips
80 x 8 / 8
80 x 7 / 8
80 x 8 / 8

notes: If the curls weren’t clean I didn’t count them, and the 3rd set just couldn’t make it work right. the dips were too easy, even with the slow negs, but a dip station is too hard on my bum shoulder, so I will try elevating my feet or something. Lost the pump a bit because the reps dropped down from 15 to 8, but I wanted to get some heavy work in.

Superset Decline Skullcrushers & DB Hammer Curls (skulls to nose, 45 sec rest)

60 x 15 / 30s x 15
60 x 15 / 30s x 15
60 x 15 / 30s x 15
60 x 15 / 30s x 15

notes: maybe conservative with the weight but it was the end of the workout and I wanted to see how the overall routine felt. Ready to go up on these.

post-workout cardio 20 min LISS elliptical, enjoying the view

And that was that! Really quick and simple, which is fine by me. I am used to more grueling arm workouts, but massive supplemental Arm days I have found can detract from the real 5/3/1 work, so no worries.

Biceps SO sore!  Good DOMS man.  Powered up by flax and greek yogourt, I headed down in the morning to go for another round of QBM

Superset Widegrip Pulldowns and Underhand Pulldowns

Widegrip 120 x 10 NO REST 135 x 10 NO REST 150 x 10 NO REST Underhand 150 x 8
rest 45 sec
Wide 150 x 10 / Under 150 x 12
rest 45 sec
Wide 150 x 10 / Under 150 x 8

notes: Does that make sense?  You pyramid up twice with no rest on the widegrip as a way of pre-exhausting, then bang out your working supersets of widegrip and underhand pulldowns.  I thought this weight would be VERY do-able, but I was gassed as FUKK.  Couldn’t hit my goal reps, not even close.

Superset Closegrip Row and Wide High Row (elbows high) (45 sec rest)

120 x 25, 10 partial / 120 x 10
120 x 25, 1 partial / 120 x 12
120 x 25, 1 partial / 120 x 12

notes: After 25 full reps, I just COULD NOT hit those partials any more, which to me means I no longer could control the weight.  I would try to stop halfway through the ROM and my body groaned to STOP.  Just brutal!  Not even close on my goal number of partial reps.  Not even close, my friend.

Bent Over 2 DB Row (elbows stay high, 30 sec rest)

25s x 15
30s x 15
35s x 15
40s x 15
45s x 15

notes: Having been humbled on the cable rows, I went extra light on the DB rows, shortened the rest and added a few extra sets, so I could try and get more good solid work in.  Worked my way up a bit.

Assisted Hammergrip Pullups (30 sec rest)

10, 12, 6

notes: Was just trying to bang out as many as I could, and on the 3rd set, this fkkin WEIRD dude starts doing bicep curls right next to me and letting out wails like a tortured dog!  Freaked me out and killed my concentration, so I ended it and walked away.  Dude needs to work on his gym grunts.

Hyperextensions (30 sec rest)

15, 15, 15

notes: As per Mr. Hatch, for these, you make a “snakelike” sort of wave motion with your upperbody, to put more work on your lower back, and take the work away from your glutes, hips, hams.  Makes sense if you see it, go watch the video, haha!  Definitely made me feel it in my low back!

Superset Straight Bar Pushdowns and Reverse Grip Pushdowns

Straight 100 x 10 NO REST 110 x 10 NO REST 120 x 10 NO REST Reverse 120 x 5+5 (did a rest-pause)
Rest 45 sec
120 x 10 / 120 x 8
Rest 45 sec
120 x 10 / 120 x 8

notes:  again, pre-exhaust pyramid up and then bang out your working supersets.  120 was doable on the straight push, but just could not get ‘er done on the reverse grip.  So tired!  Wasn’t too far off on the goal reps though, just fell a little short.

Overhead Rope Extension (45 sec)

80 x 15
80 x 15
80 x 13

notes:  so tired!  this weight is normally do-able for me, but was running out of gas today.

Bench Dips

2, 3 !!!!!!

notes:  Ohhhh shttttt, my triceps were SO pumped by this point, could not get a decent bend in my elbows as I lowered to the dip.  This transferred the work into my shoulders, which immediately began screaming at me.  Ridonculous!  Triceps too pumped to do bench dips.  I gave up and hit the cardio.

post-workout cardio 25 min elliptical

Ya, this workout defeated me, lol.  Kicked my butt, and I went too heavy even though the weights were lighter than usual, which blows my mind.

Arms, Cut Day 21

Jan 26 – Arms

The day off helped!  Oh sure, I was grumbling on the way to the gym, but once I was there, it was back in the groove!

Some music out of my playlist, rawk!

Much as I love working arms directly, it gets the short end of the stick a lot.  When I am losing weight, it isn’t a big body part, so it doesn’t burn as many calories, so it is lowest on my list of priorities for the week.  When I train for strength, it just gets in the way of the big compound movements, so I still tuck it away in some throwaway day.  All this is really too bad because our arms are our ambassadors to the world, our bridge to reach out and touch things.  Nothing makes a solid first impression like some huge arms, y’know?  If I was training for size, arms would be a HYOOGE priority, but it often ends up the red-headed stepchild.  so sad.  All this to say this is the last day in my rotation, and I wasn’t concerned if I advanced the weight too much, but I did on a few exercises.

Superset Seated DB Curls and DB Skullcrushers (30 sec rest b/w supersets)

30s x 12 / 25s x 12
30s x 12 / 25s x 12
30s x 12 / 25s x 12
30s x 12 / 25s x 12

notes: This was a good warm-up.  Feeling some noticeable tendinitis in my right elbow, so I didn’t go as heavy as I could on the curls.

Superset EZ Bar Curls and Rope attach Pushdowns (30 sec rest)

70 x 12 / 100 x 12
70 x 12 / 100 x 12
70 x 12 / 100 x 12
70 x 12 / 100 x 7 + 3

notes:  Darn rope pushdowns wear me out!  It’s that “spread” at the bottom when you take your hands outside your thighs, so tiring!

Superset Incline Hammer Curls and One Arm DB Extension (30 sec rest)

25s x 12 / 25 x 12/12
25s x 12 / 25 x 12/12
25s x 12 / 25 x 10/10
25s x 12 / 25 x 10/10

notes:  25s were too light for the hammer curls, but just challenging enough for the extensions.

Superset Overhead Cable Curls and Straight Bar Pushdowns (30 sec rest)

90 x 12 / 120 x 12
100 x 12 / 130 x 12
110 x 12 / 140 x 12
120 x 9 / 150 x 9

notes:  Kept pushing up the weight until I found one that was nice and hard.

Finisher:  Superset Standing DB Curls Dropsets and Bench Dips

50s x 9 DROP 40s x 7 DROP 30s x 9 / 30 dips

notes:  Just in a hurry to get out and do some cardio.  Maybe move up to the 60s next time.


20 min on the elliptical, w incline and resistance

So who’s ready for another week?  Bleh, work!

Arms, Cut Day 14

Jan 19 – Arms

Woke up relatively early for a weekend, friend texted me asking if I wanted to do a Spin class, so I decided I had time to slip some arm work in first.

I figured I had about 45 min or less, so I lowered the rest periods from last week, dropped the weight and went for the burn!

Superset seated DB curls and DB skullcrushers (30 sec rest after each superset)
30s x 12 / 20s x 12
30s x 12 / 20s x 12
30s x 12 / 20s x 12
30s x 12 / 20s x 12

Superset EZ bar curls and straight bar pushdowns (30 sec rest)
60 x 12 / 127.5 x 12
60 x 12 / 127.5 x 12
60 x 12 / 127.5 x 12
60 x 12 / 127.5 x 12

Superset incline curls and one arm DB extensions (30 sec rest)
25s x 12 / 20 x 12/12
25s x 12 / 20 x 12/12
25s x 12 / 20 x 12/12
25s x 12 / 20 x 12/12

notes:  Best part about putting this exercise 3rd?  Looking at that sweet tricep pump in the mirror, ROFL!  Might have caught some ‘mirin going on from a fem I know competes (or I might have been imagining it, lol)

Superset closegrip cable curls and rope pushdowns (30 sec rest)
90 x 12 / 90 x 12
90 x 12 / 90 x 12
100 x 12 / 100 x 12
100 x 12 / 100 x 8+4

notes:  Getting tired, so I would pump 10 reps out of the curls as quick as possible, then do 2 slow ones.  For the last set of the pushdowns, I had to stop for a few seconds and catch my breath, then I finished the set.

Finisher:  standing alt DB curl dropset and bench dips
50s x 8 DROP 40s x 6 DROP 30s x 6 DROP 20s x 5  then 30 bench dips

notes:  Running out of time so I pumped out 30 quick dips through the mid-ROM then took off for spin.

post-work cardio  Did a 60 min Spin class.  Pretty full, lots of stuff to do and look at.  I was already ramped up, so it didn’t feel too taxing.

Afterwards I went shopping, picked up some Quest bars, PB2, psyllium fibre, etc.  Right after that I realized I hadn’t eaten yet!  Blood sugar dropped I felt dizzy, so I ducked into the ubiquitous Ottawa shawarma restaurant for some beef and chicken.  (Seriously, there is like 1 every block in this city)  Beef, chicken, salad, hummus, bread, rice, potatoes


Just a hardworking fast-paced workout!

Some of my workout music for your time.


OK, this was a supposed “offday” for 5/3/1. Normally, I would do conditioning. But… I had an itch to do more lifting. So, time for an Arm Day!

For my arms, I like experimenting – doing workouts that scare people, that make purists scream overtraining, that are legitimately dumb. It’s not that I have awesome arms, or that I even expect to succeed. It’s hard to explain, it’s just that I DONT CARE… I will go out and try it and win or lose I just go do it and see what happens. You don’t know what is possible until you try it.

For most people, given the small relative size of arm muscles, what scares them is volume. So I have tried some crazy volume before.

Who out there does crazy arm workouts? How about this guy?


CT Fletcher. Rollin on 22s.

So, time for a CT Fletcher workout!!

Strap yourselves in, this was quite a ride. On top of it all, its Friday and I only had an hour tops. So I would just go at it until I ran out of time.

Arm Day

Cardio Warmup – Elliptical at 25 degree incline, 15 minutes, get the PWO flowing 🙂

Warmup (no rest, back and forth until all 4 supersets are done)

Bench Dips & Underhand Australian Pullups

20 & 15
15 & 10
10 & 10
10 & 10

Dumbbell Preacher Curls (30-45 sec b/w sets)

40 x 10/10
50 x 10/10
60 x 5/7
70 x 3/4
50 x 10/10




notes: You kind of have to do these CT Fletcher style to get the full experience. What does that mean? It means you go heavier than you can ACTUALLY go. Any means necessary, shorten the ROM, use your other hand to cheat, w/e. For added effect, try shouting at your biceps to GROW GODDAMN IT. Srs.

So while watching this workout might make Ben Pakulski cry, today form was not the point.

With the 60s, my ROM immediately shortened to the midrange, but the 50s were full range. With the 70s… I couldn’t do a single one without assistance as you can see, nor could I control the negative. It was just a horrorshow, LOL.

And did I mention the rest times in this workout were extremely short? It was the only way I could get some crazy volume in in only an hour.

EZ Bar Skullcrushers (AMAP, but no more than 10 reps, then rest 10 seconds ONLY, then do more. Keep going until you hit 50 reps)

70 x 10, 10, 7, 6, 7, 5, 5

notes: pls Lord, have a spotter for this workout. You will need someone to lift the bar off you for 10 seconds while you rest your arms. My right shoulder got way too involved halfway through, but it was just get these done before your arms collapse completely.

T Curls (30-45 sec rest)

10s x 20
15s x 20
20s x 20
20s x 15
15s x 20
10s x 30


notes: T-Curls are something CT advertised on his Youtube channel. You sit and curl it up sideways to your body, going from a straight arm to a sort of W. You don’t have to go heavy. I don’t think I like them much, but it hit my arms from a different angle and gave me a bit of a break, and it def got hard near the end, lots of times you have to check yourself and breathe once or twice then pump out a few more.

Dumbbell Skullcrushers (lie on the floor and have someone feed you the weights, no rest until you finish with the heaviest weight, climb up and climb down the ladder of weights)

10s x 20
12s x 20
15s x 20
20s x 4 REST 30 sec
15s x 15
12s x 17
10s x 20
8s x 20
5s x 20

notes: This was murder. I WANTED to do 20 reps of each weight, but by the time I got to the 20s, I was so desperate to get the weight up, that I started doing V-Ups… using the momentum from my abs and legs to get the 20s up ROFL. My spotter was rolling on the floor laughing, watching me crunch my legs and arms together just to do a skullcrusher!! So I dropped down the ladder, and kept going until I was into pink dumbbell territory, LOOLOLOL

Sorry no pics of me in agony trying to push up tinkertoy weight, spotter was laughing too hard 😛 Near the end, I couldn’t even hold the DBs up over my chest anymore! I was gassed!

Superset Pushdowns and Cable Curls (45-60 sec rest b/w supersets)

90 x 20 & 90 x 20
90 x 20 & 90 x 20
100 x 20 & 90 x 20
100 x 20 & 80 x 20
100 x 20 & 80 x 20


notes: This was where my Tris started to pull ahead while my Bis were fading. While you may see 20 reps, what happened around set 3 with the biceps was that I slowed around rep 13 and had to breathe a few times and then pump out a few more reps. But I got through it.

Hour was over, go home. I was dripping in sweat and was pumped, no arms left to lift my water bottle.

Saturday Spin and Arms

Today, I had 2 friends that wanted to work out with me.  One wanted to do cardio, one wanted to do an arm workout.  One was male, one was female.  Think you can attach the person to the workout?  Think again.


My male friend, he loves Spin class.  I love Spin too, to be honest.  So we went to Spin in the morning.  Not much to talk about there, wasn’t feeling it.  The Spin instructor talked WAY too much, just blah blah blah for a straight hour.  Hard to clear my head (which is one thing I love about weightlifting).


My female friend… SHE wanted to train arms.  This was an idea I could get behind!  I broke from my usual routine, and borrowed a workout from Musclepharm:  their Arm routine from Phase 2 of their Get Swole program, or w/e it’s called.  We were gonna get a PUMP!


I figured it would be fun to take pictures of a girl doing an arm workout; more fun to look at than me doing arms.  So the log is what I did, the pix are what she did.  On with the show!

Oct 5 Noontime Arms (sets traded back and forth b/w me and her)


A.  Giant Set x 5 :
Dumbbell Preacher Curls – 5 full reps, 5 half reps


EZ Bar Curls – 5 full reps, 5 half reps


Reverse Preacher Curls – 5 full reps, 5 half reps


Bicep Curl Machine  – 30 reps


I.  40s x 5/5; 75 x 5/5; 40 x 5/5; 60 x 30
II.  40s x 5/5; 75 x 5/5; 40 x 5/5; 60 x 30
III. 40s x 5/5; 75 x 5/5; 40 x 5/5; 60 x 30
IV.  40s x 5/5; 75 x 5/5; 40 x 5/5; 60 x 30
V.  40s x 5/5; 75 x 5/5; 40 x 5/5; 60 x 30

notes:  could have gone heavier, but hard to know when to up the weight when you know it’s part of a giant set, and you still have a 30 rep burn set at the end.  It was a good giant set for me though, because it took my shoulder crap out of the equation.  And it was fun for the pump, those half reps for squeezing that peak!  The curl machine was a good one, separate arms with separate weight stacks (30 lbs each arm), and the platforms were above your head, so it was like an overhead cable curl.

B.  Close Grip Bench Press – Smith Machine
2 Fake Plates (35s) and 2 quarter plates x 15
2 Plates and 2 Fake Plates x 10
2 Plates and 2 Fake Plates x 9
2 Plates and 2 Fake Plates x 9
4 Plates x 5


notes:  We wanted the regular bench, but there was a giant posse of about 7 dudes high fiving each other and living on both flat benches, so we decided to do the Smith Machine.  Extra plus with the safety of the Smith Machine, we went suicide grip and worked the triceps even more directly

C.  Rope Pushdown:  20 reps then 20 half reps
40 x 20/20
40 x 20/30 x 20
40 x 20/30 x 20
40 x 20/30 x 20

notes:  this cable feed was extra sticky, 40 pounds on this is like 80 pounds on a regular machine lol.  So no PRs on this bastard cable machine.

D.  Bench Dips: 15, 15, 15, 15, 15 (she bent her knees, I went straight leg)

everyone loves bench dips!

everyone loves bench dips!


E.  Straight Bar Pushdowns:  20 full reps, 20 half reps



100 x 40 full reps
110 x 13/8
90 x 20/7 DROP 70 x 13 half reps
70 x 20/20

notes:  started out easy but we went back and forth between us, so I got tired FAST, lol.  Weight kept dropping like a rock just to hit those reps.

Then we both had to split.  Overall, not bad workout, I could have gone for a little more volume though, just more heavy pushing and less pumping, more of those closegrip presses I think.

Got up, went to the gym first thing for my chest and tricep workout.

AM Chest & Tris (60 sec rest)

flat DB press:  70 x 10; 110 x 10; 170 x 8, 8

DB pullovers:  40 x 10; 60 x 12, 12

incline fly:  120 x 12, 12, 11 DROP 80 x 8

overhead tricep extensions:  rope 40 x 15; 50 x 15; bar 50 x 15; 70 x 12 DROP 50 x 12 DROP 30 x 12 DROP 20 x 12

assisted dips (115) 13; 9; 8

superset incline DB skullcrushers & diamond pushups (dropset to your knees to do more pushups):  60 x 8 & 8 DROP 6; 45 x 11 & 4 DROP 6; 45 x 10 & 4 DROP 5

bench dips, feet elevated 10, 9, 10

cardio 20 min, abdominal twists x 150

notes:  chest work was light but tricep work  was tough!  For the overhead extensions, I was stuck with this particular cable machine at the gym that is very stiff, I have lower weights on it than anywhere else.  So I experimented with attachments:  rope or straight bar; and I put my butt against the pillar, bent over 90 degrees, and did my tricep reps as best as I could – the triple drop set at the end was nasty!

I had not done dips on the dip machine in a long time, they usually are too rough on my shoulder.  But these felt good!  Supersetting the skullcrushers and pushups was intense, the back of my arms were spent!  I could barely get any pushups done, even when I dropped to my knees it didn’t help much.  And then with the bench dips, my arms were like spaghetti.

I am going to start throwing in some “twists” after my cardio, just rotating my trunk side to side with no bodyweight, see if maybe I can keep the blood flowing there, keep my obliques healthy and not bulky, maybe tighten up the loose skin a bit.  We will see.

After work I headed down to the studio for workout #2 with Les!

PM fullbody (60 sec rest)

seated good mornings w barbell:  45 x 12; 135 x 12; 155 x 12, 12

smith machine chest press 160 + bar x 8, 8, 8, 8

band assisted pullups (grip varies) 8, 8, 8, 8

standing military press 75 x 8, 8, 8, 8

ab roller x 12, 12, 12

cardio 20 min, twists x 150

notes:  I had done all those hack squats just the day before, so we thought instead today I could do some squat assist work:  strengthen my spine with some good mornings.  My first time doing them.  Felt good!

Smith bench is coming along well too, steady gains!  Military press and ab roller both felt more smooth and natural today too, so that’s comforting.

And that was my day!  another double whammy!  How about you? Did you make it out to the gym?

Yesterday was a rest day so I linked to another blog of someone I know.

Got up this morning headed down to the gym, time to switch it up!  Instead of cardio I did arms, since the gym had just opened, and wasn’t crowded.  Crazy BVT time!

Arms Giant Sets:  (about 60-120 sec b/w sets)

Set I.  rope pushdowns 90 x 12, rope hammer curls 80 x 12, low rope extensions 80 x 12, low rope curls 80 x 12

Set II.  rope pushdowns 90 x 12, rope hammer curls 80 x 12, low rope extensions 80 x 12, low rope curls 80 x 12, high straightbar extensions 80 x 12, high straightbar curl 80 x 12

Set III.  rope pushdowns 90 x 12, rope hammer curls 80 x 12, low rope extensions 80 x 12, low rope curls 80 x 12, high straightbar extensions 80 x 12, high straightbar curl 80 x 12, reverse tricep extensions 80 x 12, reverse curls 60 x 12

Set IV.  rope pushdowns 90 x 12, rope hammer curls 80 x 12, low rope extensions 80 x 12, low rope curls 80 x 12, high straightbar extensions 80 x 12, high straightbar curl 80 x 12, reverse tricep extensions 80 x 12, reverse curls 60 x 12, bench dips x 12, db hammer curls 35s x 12

Set V.  rope pushdowns 90 x 12, rope hammer curls 80 x 12, low rope extensions 80 x 12, low rope curls 80 x 12, high straightbar extensions 80 x 12, high straightbar curl 80 x 12, reverse tricep extensions 80 x 12, reverse curls 60 x 12, bench dips x 12, db hammer curls 35s x 12, v-bar pushdowns 120 x 12, db curls 35s x 12

Set VI.  rope pushdowns 90 x 12, rope hammer curls 80 x 12, low rope extensions 80 x 12, low rope curls 80 x 12, high straightbar extensions 80 x 12, high straightbar curl 80 x 12, reverse tricep extensions 80 x 12, reverse curls 60 x 12, bench dips x 12, db hammer curls 35s x 12, v-bar pushdowns 120 x 12, db curls 35s x 12, closegrip incline pushups x 12, drag curls 45 x 12

notes:  Blood Volume Training is insane as always!  I am getting used to it in the sense I know what’s coming, so I can move through it confidently.  At one point, a friend came over to cheer me on, but when I told her (it was my last set) I was about to do 14 exercises back to back, she said “why would you want to do that? I have to go tan” and walked away, hahaha.  So much for cheering me on!

Ran off to work, had meetings all day, kept up my diet, kept it clean and sharp.

After work headed to the gym.  Again.  Honestly didn’t want to go, haha.  But it was time for willpower!  Time for Back!  Double Gym Day!  On a cut!  Fierce!


bent over rows (45 sec rest) 1 warmup, 225 x 8, 8, 8, 7

widegrip pulldown (30 sec rest) 210 x 12, 8, 8, 5, 4, 3

closegrip machine row:  120 x 45, rest 55 sec, 35 reps, rest 20 sec, 20 reps

closegrip pulldowns:  90 x 40, rest 60 sec, 30 reps, rest 30 sec, 20 reps, rest 10 sec, 10 reps

cardio:  lateral machine thing, 30 min

notes:  I could tell I was off right away.  Energy faded fast on the rows and the pulldowns.  I soon realized it was my grip.  I thought 9 or 10 hours was a sufficient gap between workouts, but my arms were still fried from this morning!  My forearms wouldn’t work, my hands couldn’t grip.  I tried to push through it on the pulldowns, kept doing sets, and the reps kept dropping and dropping, so I gave up.

As soon as I did the 100 rep pump sets, my back could keep up fine, and actually my performance was better than it was the last time I did this routine, on June 12.  So my back was fine, it was my grip that was shot.  I had considered using straps for the pulldowns, but I had done 4 sets of rows and 6 sets of pulldowns, and did 2 massive pump sets of 100 reps, so I figured screw it, my back had gotten plenty of work, haha.

For cardio I tried out this odd looking side to side gliding cardio lateral contraption the gym had installed.  I tried it out:  tried out different angles, amount of lateral movement, resistance, I tried leaning back on it (like the diagram showed), even “sitting” in chair position as I pumped the legs to work the quads more.  Was it ok?  Yeah I guess so, nothing revolutionary.  But novel!  Yay for mildly different!  Pray to the Gym Gods someone doesn’t snap their knees up going side to side against resistance while crouching in a chair pose!

And that was my day?  How’s it going with you?  Any good workouts?  Let’s cross fingers I lose some damn weight this week!