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March 20, 2015

Finally, a warm day! I legitimately enjoyed walking outside. Please come here nao spring… my heating bills are ridiculous.

Kettlebell Cleans

Still rehabbing my shoulder.

Kettlebell Cleans

30 lb x 10 per arm
45 lb x 10/10
50 x 8/8
50 x 8/8
50 x 8/8

then we practiced just letting me hold the bar in the right position, as a way to prep my shoulder.

Superset Face Pulls & Pullaparts (using heavy resistance band, 30 sec rest)

20 face pulls, 15 pullaparts
20, 15
20, 15
20, 15

Z Press (butt up on folded yoga mat)

45 x 8
75 x 7
115 x 6, 2 assisted reps
115 x 4, then 4 assisted reps

Shoulder Complex: DB front raises, side raises, bent over RD flys

I used the 12 lb DBs for these, my shoulder was tweaking like hell.


Abdominals: mountain climbers, leg raises, bicycle crunches

20, 10, 20
20, 10, 30

Cut Day 61, Chest, Back

Woke up and was in the gym at opening at 6 AM for a Spin class, fasted.  Poured my guts out in the class, went to work, started chowing on the carbs.

AM Cardio 60 min Fasted Spin Class

From the morning onwards, I could FEEL like I was fighting off a bug.  Like I realized the candle had been burning at both ends.  Sometimes the virus sneaks up on you.  So I kept the carbs flowing today (lucky coincidence), and will remove the protein only day until I shake this feeling (of being spread too THIN).  So I will alternate between high fat days and high carb days for a little while.  And keep working out as long as I can.

I didn’t know how my system was going to hold out for QBM Legs, so I switched it out for a Chest and Back workout.  Well, mostly Back, but I wanted to test out my new Slingshot!  Did a bit of chest for fun.

Warm Up 5 min elliptical

Bench Press w/ Slingshot (30 sec rest)

135 x 20
185 x 9
185 x 9

notes:  tried out different grips, goofed around

Push Ups w/ Slingshot

didn’t really keep count, just banged them out until my trainer started screaming at my sagging core
3 sets of those

The Slingshot was different, I am used to going widegrip, and this really makes me pull my hands in.  If I go widegrip, I can’t bring the bar down to my chest, sling won’t stretch that far.  If I go narrow grip, it just isn’t what I am used to, so much more triceps.  Will def play around with it more though.  LOVE it for pushups, I always screw up my shoulder on those.

Bent Over BB Rows (30 sec rest)

155 x 15
155 x 12
155 x 10

notes: I really WANTED to go heavier!  But my trainer wouldn’t let me until she was happy I had aced the form on EVERY rep (including not using my arms), which I couldn’t do, although she was happy with the third set (I went thumbless, which helped).  So she kept me at 155, BOO.  Oh well, major form day, good contractions.

Bent Over 1 Arm DB Rows (supporting knee forward, 30-45 sec rest)

50 x 8/8
70 x 8/8
100 x 15/15


notes: I wanted to push the weight on these, so she let me whip out the 100s for the end, and I did an all out set.  But she made me stop when I was “turning” to rotate my core around on the pull.  Damn!  Wanted 20 a side.

Underhand Pulldowns (30 sec rest)

110 x 12
130 x 12
140 x 12
150 x 12


notes: These weights are deceptive, this machine is stiff as FUKKKKK.  But my trainer was happy with my form at least (going thumbless helped).

Standing Wide High Rows (30 sec rest)

60 x 15
100 x 15
120 x 15
160 x 15
200 x 12


notes: Bonus for getting in extra core work doing it standing, lol.

Straight Arm Pulldowns  (30 sec rest)

80 x 15
100 x 15
100 x 15
100 x 15

These felt really good for once.


Circuit:  Plank 60 sec, Bicycle Crunches 15/15, Supermans for a long ASS time.  Did that twice, then we were out of time on our session.

Gonna dress warm, crank the heat up, get some good food in, sleep in, and TRY to be ready to attack the gym again tomorrow.

Week 1 Weigh In

Got up in the morning for some fasted cardio.  Andrea’s Spin class.  It started out a little rough, she couldn’t get the stereo system to boot up or play the iPod.  She was probably freaking out in her head, while most of us are like, “it’s a sign I am excused from working out!  Act of God! YES”

But yeah, spin got going.  My energy actually felt good, I was pumping the legs hard.  Went back home, ate breakfast, went to work.

After work, headed to the studio.  I was VERY nervous.  It was weigh-in day.  When I stepped on the scales, it said I had dropped another 7 pounds… WHAT??!  It also said my Body Fat had dropped 10% hahaha, so I started to think the scale was broken.  So we found another scale, checked again.  this one doesn’t measure Body Fat, but it confirmed, down 7 pounds!


Words cannot express, so I will move on to the workout.  I need to process this for now.


Leg Press (10 sec rest!) 230 x 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

Step Back Lunge (30 sec rest) BW x 6,6; 20 lbs x 6, 6, 6, 6

Superset Leg Extensions and BW Bootstrappers (60 sec rest) /150 x 20, BW x 15/ REPEAT for 4 sets

Superset Lying Leg Curls and Ball Leg Curls (60 sec rest) /60 x 20, Ball x 15/ REPEAT for 4 sets

Abs Giant Set:  Stability Ball Leg to Hand Pass x 15, one arm sit up BW x 15 (each arm), bicycle crunches x 30, REPEAT set twice

notes:  we ran out of time on abs, so we stopped at 2 sets.  Felt great this workout!  Weight was actually pretty light in general, but it was fast paced, fun, and a skinny time was had by all!  Next time we go heavier!



How about you?  Any good workouts lately?

Rough Start

Monday before the challenge starts, Day 2 of the new Diet, Day 1 of the new workout regimen.

Diet is going ok.  I am trying lots of new things for this challenge – coconut oil, a food scale, prepping all my meals in advance.  Gotta give it my all!

The workout was trash.  My low back gave out early on and screwed up pretty much every exercise.  But at least I bought new shoes!


Legs & Abs (30 sec rest b/w all sets)

Squat to a Bench (45 sec rest here):  warmup, 225 x 8, 8, 8, 8

warm up

warm up

stationary db lunges:  45s x 12; 35s x 12, 12

stiff-legged deadlift:  185 x 12, 10; 135 x 12


prone leg curls: 95 x 12, 12; 85 x 15; 75 x 15


exercise ball crunches:  25, 25, 25, 25

plank:  45 sec, 45, 45

bicycle crunches:  30, 30, 30

prone leg raises:  15, 15, 15

weighted standing calf raises:  120 x 25, 25, 25, 25



For those who crap on squatting to a bench, form is king so if my trainer says my core is too weak in the pocket and I need to use a bench, then I will.  No ego, just work.  As opposed to a box squat, when you squat to a bench, you just tap your butt for a second, you don’t sit down and relax your hips.

Early on in the squats (Set 2), my trainer could see my lower back giving out, so she had me not go down as low as the bench.  I guess that makes them half squats or whatever, which puts more of the emphasis on the quads.  Again, it was a blow to the ego, but you can’t live inside your own head, you have to trust the process.

Slowing down the descent and keeping it in the quads made my inflamed IT band act up, and each time by rep 8 it was burning pretty good so I didn’t make it to rep 10.  I need some massage work on that I think.  IT band stayed quiet for the rest of the workout.

With wobbly burning legs and a weak core, the lunges were brutal.  They pretty much destroyed my energy for the rest of the session, I was doubled over and sucking wind in between sets, other people were asking me if I was okay, but I needed to keep pushing and get through it.  Not all workouts get to be awesome, some of them are just disasters, and you have to harvest what gains you can.

My form deteriorated on the SLDL, so I had to drop weight just to get the work into my hams.  prone leg curls were weaker than usual as well.

To try and make it up, I threw an extra movement into the ab work (leg raises).  Planks had to be downgraded from extended planks to standard planks to planks from knees as well, since my lower back was too worn out.

A rough day for sure!

Not going to stop!  This challenge might well turn out to be the hardest thing I have ever done, but I won’t stop – just stop thinking about it and push forward.

See you soon!