I slept in this morning, it was pretty glorious.  Ate some oatmeal, watched some recorded tv, had another nap.

Was refreshed and recharged and ready to head to the yoga studio for noon.

pre-class w Paula

This is Paula, she co-owns the Moksha studio I go to, and is just a well-rounded, kickass person.  The studio was crowded for a Saturday on a long weekend!  I think it was the class:  a core-focused hour of hot yoga, for all the skinny masochists out there.  I was nervous, I wondered what the curriculum entailed, could my shoulder handle an hour of planks and 3 legged down dogs?  But you have to meet these fears head on.  Meet them thoughtfully, but meet them.

I found a spot near the back (noone wants to see me give up on crunches, that shit is demotivating), got comfy.  Room fills up.  A girl taps me on the shoulder, “can you move please?”  uh, ok.  I slide my mat to the right.  The green tape demarcations are on the floor for a reason, people!  They show you where the mats go.  This girl seemed to want more space, and so now our whole corner of the room was coloring outside the lines.  Madness!  Oh well.

We did boat poses, we worked spider climb legs into our down dogs, we worked the antagonizers with some reverse tabletops.  We did “compass pose” (I think of it as a hunting dog pointing at something), more spider climbing, some sun salutes, more spider climbing, we did some standing poses where we changed the tilt of our torsos, more spider climbing, side planks, 3 leg down dogs, eagle arm crunches, it just went on and on.

Let me tell you, an hour goes by PRETTY SLOW when you are doing all that core work.  We had a generous set of twists and stretches and savasana at the end, and it STILL felt like a 90 min class.  That must have been only about 40 min of core work, felt like a marathon.  I didn’t do it all, I took a few breaks during some of the spider climbing, but I still did pretty awesome, better than some of the others (I looked around the room, I shouldn’t, but I did, haha).  The verdict?  I thought it was a really well-balanced core work class, not just an hour of crunches, but a really good ebb and flow of work and recovery, and work again from a different angle.  I would love to do it again.

I walked out of the studio really upbeat and thrilled I took on such a daunting class.  Then by the time I got home, I realized how short-tempered I was, I was raging I bought the wrong sandwich at the Italian grocery store, etc.  I was like what is this?  I slept a ton, I just ate a sandwich, I worked out, I should be on top of the world!  I remembered then that this was how it was when I first sprained my shoulder, I was cranky and tired and just kept pushing it.

So I decided to take the rest of the day off and just observe my shoulder.  No gym today, oh well.  I went to the movies instead, caught a flick.  I figured if I felt fine then I could hit the gym up after the movie.  Ate my cheat meal, settled in for the movie, about halfway through my shoulder started to ache, and I thought YUP, it’s my shoulder.  So after the movie, I came home, put some ice on it, took some glucosamine, and am now just chilling out.  Tomorrow I will take in a spin class, if I feel up to it do some back or some chest, yin class in the afternoon.  Even if the shoulder feels like junk, I will still spin and yin.  Not giving up on this hot yoga challenge just yet!!


See you tomorrow!