I woke up Tuesday still slightly out of sorts about missing my Spin work, and thinking about my diet, which I have been struggling with.  Cutting out all bread, rice and pasta has been difficult.  The jury is still out on whether this is even a strategy that is right FOR ME, or if it is just a gamble based on what works for other people.  At any rate, my malnutrition is making me depressed.  It’s a sad day in Hell when I would step over the steak just to get to the breadstick, haha.

So I did a leg routine on the TRX in the morning.

TRX Leg: (workout routine came with the kit)

A.  Hip Press (aka butt lift) x 10, rest 15 sec

B.  Hamstring Curl x 10, rest 15 sec

REPEAT A-B, 2 more times

C.  Lunge x 15 (each leg), rest 15 sec

REPEAT C, 2 more times

D.  single leg squat x 10 (each leg), rest 15 sec

REPEAT D once more

E.  bodyweight atg squats (brief pause-rest at each comma) 25, 15, 10, 10

notes:  this one was the hardest yet!  Leg workouts are the most tiring of all workouts, this is why most gym noobs have bird legs.    Butt lifts and ham curls with the TRX were kicking my butt right out of the gate, either I have weak glutes and hams, or just weak for my relative size.

But the punishment wasn’t over.  If you do the math, I did about 90 lunges.  And if you spend time with me, you know I hate lunges, haha.  By the end I was half naked and sweating like crazy.  For the first time this winter, I wanted to sit under the floor fan and suck wind.  Lunges don’t bother my quads, they bother my hams again.  I did a basic type, a stepback lunge while holding onto the TRX so I could make the balancing easier and keep the speed up.

For the one leg squats I did the same basic version, hold my off leg behind me as I squatted halfway or lower.  I would like to hold my off leg out in front of me (pistol squat style), but I just can’t get the balancing down on that one yet.  Maybe next time I will try hanging my off foot in a TRX sling and holding the other sling and work on the pistol that way.

The TRX flashcard suggested I do split jumps next, but I told TRX to go fuck itself, lol.  I went straight to regular squats.  But to try and keep it difficult, I stopped using the TRX and just did it myself, my own bodyweight, butt all the way down to the ground.  I took a 5-10 sec pause when I had to, as I worked my way up to 60 reps.  I used to be able to do 30 without a pause, so I would like to work back up to that again (although to be fair my legs were not exactly fresh).

Then I went to work.  All through work I tried to keep my diet tight, also avoided coffee!  So by the end of the day I felt drained, no carbs, no coffee; all work and no quick energy makes Jack a dull boy.  I kept dozing off in the last 40 minutes of my day, so when it was time to go home, I gave up on any afternoon gym plans and went straight home to have a snack and a nap.

When I woke up from the nap I had a little more energy, so I decided to see how my shoulder was feeling with some light “sort of” pushups.  Not full ones, but sort of pushups… I did about 20 in the TRX sling, and about 50 pushups from my knees (not in a row, small pauses when needed).  My chest felt fine, but my shoulder was grumbling, so I called it a day.

And that was my day!