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Aug 11, 2015

More thumb rest, waiting on x-ray results, whatever. Back at it.

AM Workout

warmup: foam roll IT Bands, Adductors, Piriformis, upper back

Prone Leg Curls (30 sec rests)

4 plates x 20
5p x 20
6p x 20
7p x 15

Straight Arm Pulldowns (30 sec rests)

1 plate x 15
2p x 15
3p x 15
4p x 15
5p x 15
6p x 12

notes: on Set 6, I noticed a woman had accidentally grabbed my handtowel, and was already spraying bleach into it so she could wipe down her recumbent bike. WTF. I know it was an accident, but goddamn woman! When you see a handtowel, don’t assume its for everyone, its not the community jerkoff rag.

Smith Machine Glute Bridge (30 sec rest)

140 + bar x 10
+140 x 8

notes: my hams kept cramping! I didn’t do so hot on this today.

I was going to do cardio, but the most ANNOYING guy in the office gym came in and set up on the cardio machines. I know if I go, he will talk my ear off (he ignores headphones). So I decided to pack up my stuff and leave instead.

PM Workout Strongman stuff

High Bar CAT Paused Squats (Romaleos, SBDs, 2 min rests)

150 x 5
190 x 5
*belt on*
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5
225 x 5

notes: decided to throw some good pauses in there

Prowler / Sled Medley

drag 150 on sled for 20 metres, then push 90 on Prowler for 20 metres, then drag 150 sled for 20 metres
*rest 30 sec*
90 prowler for 20m then 150 sled for 20m
*2 min rest*
90 prowler for 20m then 150 sled for 20m then 90 prowler for 20m
*2 min rest*
240 prowler for 35m then 150 sled for 20m

notes: basically I was jumping on the prowler in between other peoples sets, and I was the only one dragging the sled. Then all of a sudden they went from 90 on the prowler to 240 on the prowler, LOL big jump! But after one long push of the heavy prowler they were done, LOL, then started putting it away. ok then, guess I got my work (cardio) in. I could have done more, but it was getting late.

Atlas Stones (5 min rests)

240 stone to 48″
240 to 52″
240 to 56″

notes: 3 heavy singles for me, pyramiding up the height. Went up easy! Good night Will have to start fukkin with the 270 stone now.

July 8, 9 2015

Life has been pretty crazy. Work blew up. 12, 14 hour days. Boss better have my raise ready.

I ended up not being able to go to the gym for 3 days! Insane. I would get home from work, lay in the dark for a few hours, decompressing, then go to bed for real.

But that has passed. So I decided to slowly ramp back up to 2 a day.

But this week is almost over and I want to start fresh next week. So the last few days of this week will be a random mash-up of workouts. Don’t expect them to make any sense.

July 8

only workout

warmup: foam roll upper back, foam roll each lat; foam roll armpits, side of lats; shoulder capsule stretch; 45 degree pec stretch; lat stretch; resistance band shoulder dislocations

Widegrip Pulldowns (30 sec rests)

4 plates x 15
5p x 15
6p x 15
7p x 15
8p x 15
9p x 15
10p x 15
11p x 15

prone leg curls (30 sec rests)

4 plates x 20
5p x 20
6p x 20

Smith Machine Glute Bridges (30 sec rests)

bar + 2 plates x 20
+2p x 20

post: 15 min cardio

July 9

AM Workout

warmup: rumble rolled IT Bands, Adductors, Piriformis; Dorsiflexions; TKEs; straight leg heel raises

High Bar CAT Squats (Romaleos, SBDs, 2 min rests)

150 x 5
190 x 5
*belt on*
235 x 5
235 x 5
235 x 5
235 x 5
235 x 5

notes: feels like I lost some speed

Leg Press (feet high and wide, toes out, 2 min rests)

8 plates x 20
10 p x 20
10 p x 20

Reverse Hyperextensions (30 sec rests)

12, 12, 12

DB Hammer Curls (60 sec rests)

35s x 12
35s x 10
35s x 8

Cable Side Raise (strict, leaning, 30 sec)

2 plates x 10/10
2p x 10/10
2p x 10/10

PM Workout

warmup: none

my back feels pumped even with the low amount of weight I did yesterday! crazy

Superset Cable Curls and V Pushdowns (30 sec rest b/w supersets)

1 plate x 15 / 1 p x 15
2p x 15 / 2p x 15
3p x 15 / 3p x 15
4p x 15 / 4p x 15
5p x 15 / 5p x 15
6p x 7 / 6p x 15

notes: by the time I hit round 6 I couldn’t do strict curls any more, so meh

Prone Leg Curls (30 sec rests)

1p x 20
2p x 20
3p x 20
4p x 20

notes: think I do enough leg curls? haha

post: 15 min cardio

I woke up Tuesday still slightly out of sorts about missing my Spin work, and thinking about my diet, which I have been struggling with.  Cutting out all bread, rice and pasta has been difficult.  The jury is still out on whether this is even a strategy that is right FOR ME, or if it is just a gamble based on what works for other people.  At any rate, my malnutrition is making me depressed.  It’s a sad day in Hell when I would step over the steak just to get to the breadstick, haha.

So I did a leg routine on the TRX in the morning.

TRX Leg: (workout routine came with the kit)

A.  Hip Press (aka butt lift) x 10, rest 15 sec

B.  Hamstring Curl x 10, rest 15 sec

REPEAT A-B, 2 more times

C.  Lunge x 15 (each leg), rest 15 sec

REPEAT C, 2 more times

D.  single leg squat x 10 (each leg), rest 15 sec

REPEAT D once more

E.  bodyweight atg squats (brief pause-rest at each comma) 25, 15, 10, 10

notes:  this one was the hardest yet!  Leg workouts are the most tiring of all workouts, this is why most gym noobs have bird legs.    Butt lifts and ham curls with the TRX were kicking my butt right out of the gate, either I have weak glutes and hams, or just weak for my relative size.

But the punishment wasn’t over.  If you do the math, I did about 90 lunges.  And if you spend time with me, you know I hate lunges, haha.  By the end I was half naked and sweating like crazy.  For the first time this winter, I wanted to sit under the floor fan and suck wind.  Lunges don’t bother my quads, they bother my hams again.  I did a basic type, a stepback lunge while holding onto the TRX so I could make the balancing easier and keep the speed up.

For the one leg squats I did the same basic version, hold my off leg behind me as I squatted halfway or lower.  I would like to hold my off leg out in front of me (pistol squat style), but I just can’t get the balancing down on that one yet.  Maybe next time I will try hanging my off foot in a TRX sling and holding the other sling and work on the pistol that way.

The TRX flashcard suggested I do split jumps next, but I told TRX to go fuck itself, lol.  I went straight to regular squats.  But to try and keep it difficult, I stopped using the TRX and just did it myself, my own bodyweight, butt all the way down to the ground.  I took a 5-10 sec pause when I had to, as I worked my way up to 60 reps.  I used to be able to do 30 without a pause, so I would like to work back up to that again (although to be fair my legs were not exactly fresh).

Then I went to work.  All through work I tried to keep my diet tight, also avoided coffee!  So by the end of the day I felt drained, no carbs, no coffee; all work and no quick energy makes Jack a dull boy.  I kept dozing off in the last 40 minutes of my day, so when it was time to go home, I gave up on any afternoon gym plans and went straight home to have a snack and a nap.

When I woke up from the nap I had a little more energy, so I decided to see how my shoulder was feeling with some light “sort of” pushups.  Not full ones, but sort of pushups… I did about 20 in the TRX sling, and about 50 pushups from my knees (not in a row, small pauses when needed).  My chest felt fine, but my shoulder was grumbling, so I called it a day.

And that was my day!

hanging in there

Went to a 10 am spin class at my gym with my neighbour.  Not bad, teacher was a little chatty.  Sometimes they try so hard to get you hooting and hollering, it seems a little silly.  I like to stay quiet and focus, can’t force the enthusiasm.

After an hour of spin, I decided to give my shoulder another test.  I grabbed some 45 lb dumbbells and some 22.5 dumbbells and alternated between bench press and front raises, for 15 minutes continuously, no rest.  By the end, my shoulders were burning, both of them.  My chest itself felt fine, 45s are too light, even for an aggressive series of sets like those.  But my shoulders were screaming, in a good way.  I started off doing sets of 10, back and forth, but by the end was more like sets of 4 or 5 on the raise and 7 or so on the press.

This is a variation on the “zero rest alternate” technique.  Normally, it would be two shoulder exercises, not a shoulder and a chest, but instead I chose to continuously superset the presses and the front raises because I didn’t want to extend my shoulders over my head while I heal, and I am convinced that one of the ways I sprained my shoulder was from frequent presses off the floor.  So this was a revisit.

But if you ever want a really good and quick workout, take some light weights, and alternate between complimentary exercises for the same body part, keep going for 15 minutes.  Leave a comment below if you would like any specific suggestions.

After that, I stretched out.  I took my joints through range of motion for about a minute, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips.  Then I did 2 sets of 5 fingerpad kneeling pushups.  Those felt pretty hard on the fingers!  Then 2 sets of 10 eagle claws.

Then I went to the chinup bar, and just hung by my grip.  I did it for about 30 seconds, then decided to stop.  Probably could have gone longer.  Then I did an L-Sit off the dip station, then held a short bridge for 30 seconds, then a minute or so of seated twists.

I follow the commonly held theory now that you warmup BEFORE the exercise, then stretch AFTER the exercise.  The thought is with stretching beforehand you run the risk of shortening the muscle, and inhibiting performance.

Came home, and crashed hard.  The last two days must have taken a lot out of me.  When I woke up, my triceps were sore (which I don’t understand!) and my forearms were sore.  If you want a good forearm workout, do like I did, after you finish your upperbody routine, do some grip work like hanging off the chinup bar for as long as you can.  The forearms will burn!

Ready to Play

I put my gameface on today.

I woke up feeling pretty good, so I decided to do some warmup pushups before heading to the gym.  Quick 35 half ROM pushups.

I wanted to do back work, but I didn’t know what my shoulder could handle, so I dialed down the weight, but tried to make up for it by cutting down on rest time, 30 sec max rest, even between exercises.

I started off with some assisted chinups, first set close grip, palms in.  Assisted for about 40% of my weight.  Did a set of 10, not a big deal.  Then switched to hammer grip, was only able to do 4, shoulder getting tired.  Especially as my arms were above my head, I didn’t want to push the girdle too hard, so I stopped.

Then I did some one arm bent over dumbbell rows, with 55 lb DBs.  Did 2 sets of 12 reps on each side, alternating with no rest.  Felt light, so that was reassuring.

Then I went to the lat pulldown machine, again I was wary about going above my head.  I did 120 pounds widegrip, 2 sets of 12, 30 sec rest. It felt good and light, but no need to push it.

Moved to the hammer strength row machine, took a close grip.  Left it at 60 pounds, but went slow and tried to feel it, and go for high reps, see if I could make it a “burn” set.  First set, did 40 reps.  Waited 30 sec, then did another set of 25 reps.  Felt tired, but not muscle exhaustion, so I guess that is ok for now.

I wanted to do cardio, but I was going to be late for work, so I left.

At work I stepped away at noon to see the doctor about my shoulder.  He refilled my scrip for a-i and xo inhibitor, and checked my blood pressure.  I have had problems with high blood pressure in the past, even after weight loss, but he said it was really good today, so I was relieved.

Went back to work, and it was someone’s birthday so I had a piece of cake… I was jacked up on energy for the rest of the day!  LOL.  I wrote down some adjustments to my gym routine:  switching out above the head movements for a while.  I will lower the weight for all other upper body work until I get the weight back up to pre injury levels, then I will add back in the above the head stuff, but at light weight, then build that back up to pre injury levels.

Remember, you need to spend as much time researching and planning and reading and thinking about your fitness strategy as you spend doing it, or you will be driving blind.

Came home, did squats: 40, rest, 45, rest, 40, rest, 40, rest, 54

Then I collapsed on the ground, lol.

No time to rest, I jumped back up and did some bent double leg calf raises, 40, 40, 40, 40.

Then I lay down on the ground and tried to do some short bridges (like thrusting your butt up into the air with your feet in close).  I did a set of 50, but with some difficulty, as my hamstrings were seizing up.  I guess doing them so close to leg work was taxing.  I tried to do another set, but only got to 23 before my right ham seized up, and I had to take a break.  Waited a few minutes, then went back for another set, slowly got through another 50, then stopped.

For fun I decided to do something different, so I set up my towel on the ground like a pillow then went into a headstand against the wall.  Head on the pillow, palms of hands on the ground to hold me up.  When I started to feel it in my neck, I pushed harder with my hands and shoulders.  I think I went for about a minute before I felt more pressure in my neck so I stopped.  I didn’t expect much so I hadn’t set up the timer.  Next time.

Overall, a pretty good day.