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Feb 14 – High Carb Day / Back,Bi & Shoulders,Chest

Happy Valentines Day!  I decided to celebrate with high carbs and lots of workouts, haha.


In the morning I headed to the gym for Part 1 – Back, Biceps, Core

Bent Over Barbell Row (rest from 30-50 sec, time to change the weight plus a few seconds)

95 x 15

115 x 12

135 x 10

155 x 10

175 x 10


Widegrip Pulldowns (45s rest)

195 x 10

195 x 10

195 x 10

195 x 10


Superset DB Pullovers and Closegrip Cable Row (60-75s rest)

50 x 12 / 120 x 15

55 x 12 / 135 x 15

60 x 12 / 150 x 15

65 x 12 / 165 x 15

notes: the expansion of the ribcage during the pullovers helped me focus on expanding my ribcage again to isolate the back muscles during the rows (thanks for the idea coach!)

Assisted Underhand Grip Chinups (Heavy) (30s rest)

6, 6, 6, 6

notes: I could adjust my assistance, so I took less assistance than normal, to the point where doing 6 was a real strain.

Closegrip Cable Curls (45s rest)

83 x 12

94 x 12

105 x 12

116 x 12


Standing DB Hammer Curls (45s rest)

40s x 12

40s x 7

35s x 12

35s x 12

notes:  I was running out of gas pretty hard, so I had to drop the weight.

Preacher Machine Curls (45s rest)

90 x 17

80 x 13

70 x 12

notes:  no matter that I kept dropping the weight, my reps kept dropping.  I knew I was done for!  So I ended the bicep work and moved on to core for a bit.

Superset Roman Chair Kneeups and Decline Crunches (30s rest)

12 / 10 lbs x 12

12 / BW 11

12 / BW 11

12 / BW 9

notes:  I started the decline crunches off tucking a dime plate behind my head, but my shoulder felt sore, so I tried just bodyweight… and I couldn’t even complete those.  Weak core!  Need to put in work on that.


Then I went to work.  After work headed to the studio for a second session with the trainer.  Who needs valentines?  I got a date with the iron.

Superset Standing Overhead Press and Face Pulls (about 45s rest)

95 x 12 / 50 x 15

95 x 12 / 60 x 12

95 x 10 / 70 x 10

95 x 10 / 80 x 10

95 x 9 / 90 x 10

notes:  I got tired in the core quickly, so when I couldn’t control the back arch, I stopped pressing.


Seated DB Power Cleans (45s rest)

20s x 8

15s x 12

15s x 11

notes:  this is my first time doing these.  I thought, I will start light with 20s… turns out this one is hard!  Especially because my rotator cuffs and stabilizer muscles are my weak link.  Which makes this the perfect exercise for me, weak on my weak links.  Dropped the weight and did the rest of my sets.


Twist Press (30s rest)

30s x 10

35s x 10

40s x 10

45s x 10

notes:  first time doing this too.  You start off with a normal flat DB press, and supinate your wrists so that the pinky end of the dumbbells tough at the top of the press (you corkscrew on the way up).  Felt good!  I started light to see how it feels, and it was fairly light for me, but we only had so much time in this session, so we called it and moved on.


Leaning Cable Lat Raise (30s rest)

20 x 12 each side

20 x 15

20 x 15

notes:  I find I get better form with the cables, and leaning increases the ROM, so I can hit a bit more of the delt.



Rear Delt Cable Fly (30s rest)

20 x 15

20 x 15

20 x 15

notes:  Love these!  My form has much improved too.


DB Shrugs (30s rest)

80s x 15

85s x 12

85s x 12

notes:  Focused on the squeeze at the top, was rewarded with a visible trap bulge!  Hooray!  Finally you can see my traps!



Happy Valentines Day traps!

Arms, Cut Day 26

Jan 31 – Arms

I hit 60 min of Spin in the morning, getting in that 6 AM cardio before work!

After work met up with the Trainer for some Arm work.  Wore the Curls for the Girls shirt!  You are welcome.

Superset Seated DB Curls and DB skullcrushers (45 s rest b/w Ssets)

30s x 12 / 25s x 12
35s x 12 / 30s x 12
35s x 12 / 30s x 12
35s x 12 / 30s x 12


notes:  the skullcrushers were feeling good, the elbow was feeling good, so I pushed the weight up a bit.

Superset EZ Bar Curls and Rope Pushdowns (45 s rest b/w Ssets)

70 x 12 / 100 x 12
70 x 12 / 110 x 12
70 x 12 / 110 x 12
70 x 12 / 110 x 12


notes:  held the pushdowns at the full contraction for a second for an extra squeeze.

Superset Incline Hammer Curls and 2 Arm DB Extension (45 s rest b/w Ssets)

25s x 12 / 65 x 12
25s x 12 / 65 x 12
25s x 12 / 65 x 12
25s x 12 / 65 x 12



notes:  booo, prefer the 1 arm extensions

Superset Cable Curls and Straight Bar Pushdowns (45 s rest b/w Ssets)

100 x 12 / 140 x 12
100 x 12 / 150 x 12
100 x 12 / 160 x 12
100 x 12 / 150 x 12


notes:  hard for me to hit the closegrip without a cambered bar and we were using a straight bar, so I kept it shoulder width kinda.

We didn’t have time for the dropset finisher, but I was satisfied with the work done.

Looking forward to Leg Day tomorrow!

OK, this was a supposed “offday” for 5/3/1. Normally, I would do conditioning. But… I had an itch to do more lifting. So, time for an Arm Day!

For my arms, I like experimenting – doing workouts that scare people, that make purists scream overtraining, that are legitimately dumb. It’s not that I have awesome arms, or that I even expect to succeed. It’s hard to explain, it’s just that I DONT CARE… I will go out and try it and win or lose I just go do it and see what happens. You don’t know what is possible until you try it.

For most people, given the small relative size of arm muscles, what scares them is volume. So I have tried some crazy volume before.

Who out there does crazy arm workouts? How about this guy?


CT Fletcher. Rollin on 22s.

So, time for a CT Fletcher workout!!

Strap yourselves in, this was quite a ride. On top of it all, its Friday and I only had an hour tops. So I would just go at it until I ran out of time.

Arm Day

Cardio Warmup – Elliptical at 25 degree incline, 15 minutes, get the PWO flowing 🙂

Warmup (no rest, back and forth until all 4 supersets are done)

Bench Dips & Underhand Australian Pullups

20 & 15
15 & 10
10 & 10
10 & 10

Dumbbell Preacher Curls (30-45 sec b/w sets)

40 x 10/10
50 x 10/10
60 x 5/7
70 x 3/4
50 x 10/10




notes: You kind of have to do these CT Fletcher style to get the full experience. What does that mean? It means you go heavier than you can ACTUALLY go. Any means necessary, shorten the ROM, use your other hand to cheat, w/e. For added effect, try shouting at your biceps to GROW GODDAMN IT. Srs.

So while watching this workout might make Ben Pakulski cry, today form was not the point.

With the 60s, my ROM immediately shortened to the midrange, but the 50s were full range. With the 70s… I couldn’t do a single one without assistance as you can see, nor could I control the negative. It was just a horrorshow, LOL.

And did I mention the rest times in this workout were extremely short? It was the only way I could get some crazy volume in in only an hour.

EZ Bar Skullcrushers (AMAP, but no more than 10 reps, then rest 10 seconds ONLY, then do more. Keep going until you hit 50 reps)

70 x 10, 10, 7, 6, 7, 5, 5

notes: pls Lord, have a spotter for this workout. You will need someone to lift the bar off you for 10 seconds while you rest your arms. My right shoulder got way too involved halfway through, but it was just get these done before your arms collapse completely.

T Curls (30-45 sec rest)

10s x 20
15s x 20
20s x 20
20s x 15
15s x 20
10s x 30


notes: T-Curls are something CT advertised on his Youtube channel. You sit and curl it up sideways to your body, going from a straight arm to a sort of W. You don’t have to go heavy. I don’t think I like them much, but it hit my arms from a different angle and gave me a bit of a break, and it def got hard near the end, lots of times you have to check yourself and breathe once or twice then pump out a few more.

Dumbbell Skullcrushers (lie on the floor and have someone feed you the weights, no rest until you finish with the heaviest weight, climb up and climb down the ladder of weights)

10s x 20
12s x 20
15s x 20
20s x 4 REST 30 sec
15s x 15
12s x 17
10s x 20
8s x 20
5s x 20

notes: This was murder. I WANTED to do 20 reps of each weight, but by the time I got to the 20s, I was so desperate to get the weight up, that I started doing V-Ups… using the momentum from my abs and legs to get the 20s up ROFL. My spotter was rolling on the floor laughing, watching me crunch my legs and arms together just to do a skullcrusher!! So I dropped down the ladder, and kept going until I was into pink dumbbell territory, LOOLOLOL

Sorry no pics of me in agony trying to push up tinkertoy weight, spotter was laughing too hard 😛 Near the end, I couldn’t even hold the DBs up over my chest anymore! I was gassed!

Superset Pushdowns and Cable Curls (45-60 sec rest b/w supersets)

90 x 20 & 90 x 20
90 x 20 & 90 x 20
100 x 20 & 90 x 20
100 x 20 & 80 x 20
100 x 20 & 80 x 20


notes: This was where my Tris started to pull ahead while my Bis were fading. While you may see 20 reps, what happened around set 3 with the biceps was that I slowed around rep 13 and had to breathe a few times and then pump out a few more reps. But I got through it.

Hour was over, go home. I was dripping in sweat and was pumped, no arms left to lift my water bottle.

Sunday Chest, Biceps

Well, my mood was much improved today, I think I am turning the corner, at least in relieving stress through exercise.  As for my cold, the cough is starting to settle into my chest, so I am worried about pneumonia.  When you’ve had it, you can get it more easily in the future, or so the folk tale goes.  I know what it feels like though, it’s like a crackle at the bottom of your cough.  Let’s hope I avoid that!

Was running short of time, so I rushed down to the gym, phlegm-y cough and all, to try and bust out a quick workout before I went to the movie theatre (decided to finally go see Gravity in 3D).  I gave myself 40 min to workout, take a shower, get back on the road!

I took a scoop of Fast Fuel 20 min before and mixed a scoop of that with a scoop of ReGen during the workout.  After the workout I had a scoop of ReGen mixed with a little extra Creatine HCl.

Nov 3 – Chest, Biceps
(regular tempo, 45 sec b/w all sets)

warmup rotator cuff – 12.5 DB taken through range of motion 15 times per arm, back and forth arm to arm with no rest, for 4 sets

Incline DB Press
65s x 15
65s x 15
65s x 13
65s x 9

Have I mentioned before how glad I am Fast Fuel and ReGen mix so well?  I was worried the pwo and the intra would clash taste-wise, the Blue Razz and the Lemon-Lime, but they blend together quite nicely.

Decline BB Press
155 x 15
155 x 10
155 x 7
155 x 7

I was running out of energy, chest endurance is one of my weak points, and I didn’t want to take the time to take plates off the bar, so I just kept it at 155.  On the clock here!

Pec Deck
120 x 15
120 x 13
120 x 10
120 x 9

This was the test to see if my shoulders were tired or my chest.  In the past I have failed out of presses when the flys were just fine, but in this case they were grinding to a halt as well, even with a slightly lighter weight.  Guess the chest didn’t have a lot in the tank today!

Seated DB Curl
30s x 15
30s x 15
30s x 15
30s x 15

I wanted to use the 35s, but one guy was using one set, and with the 2nd set I could only find ONE DB, so I said screw it and grabbed the 30s.  Just seconds after I walked away, another guy showed up looking to use the 35s as well.  35 lb DBs, the universal curl weight, hahaha!  Gym, please stock up on 35 lb dumbbells.

Since I dropped the weight, I took the time to really do nice controlled reps through the whole ROM, that means twisting the pinky at the top, and bringing it down until my arm is straight and I can squeeze my tricep (which gave me a nice sensation callback to yesterdays workout).  You can’t stop at all in the bottom position or else you are letting the weight hang, so I would bring it down slow all the way to the bottom, contract the tricep for the sensation, then bring it back up.

Cable Curls  closegrip
90 x 15
90 x 15
90 x 15
90 x 13

I took these over straight bar curls because my left elbow was still a little tweaked, and cable curls are usually painfree for my joints.

My biceps were getting tired, my mind was halfway out the door, and during the last set this weird dude walks nearby, looked like Chocolate Rain was wearing a competitive bicycle rider’s mesh top and shorts, and threw a big wool sweater on top of that.  He was just walking around, found his spot, took off his wool sweater, showed off his 11 inch arm cannons to the world.

All these distractions threw off my focus and I failed out of the last set, haha.

And then I was done!  Light and fast-paced, in and out.  Took about 45 min total, then showered, then watched Gravity (maybe it was just an excuse to eat popcorn, haha).

Sunday Chest, Biceps

I had to play some catch-up!  Saturday Chest and Biceps and Sunday Rest Day got switched.  I took my gimp calves and hobbled down to the gym.  I took a scoop of Fast Fuel 30 min before I lifted up a dumbbell, and took a scoop of Fast Fuel and a scoop of ReGen during the workout, another ReGen scoop during the cardio.  They taste well together (Blue Razz and Lemon Lime) and no issues mixing, little to no residue on the sides; I didn’t need to reshake during the workout!

Oct 25 – Chest, Biceps
(3 sec negative on every rep, 45 sec b/w all sets)

Rotator Cuff warmup – 15 lb DB taken through ROM 15 times, back and forth arm to arm with no rest for 4 sets

Incline Dumbbell Press about 30 degree incline
55s x 10
55s x 10
55s x 10
55s x 10

I could feel my shoulder getting tired, so I made Inclines my first movement.  Nice and slow negative with an explosive positive, keeping the DBs from resting at the top by not bringing my hands too close together.  Got a good stretch out of it too.

Decline Press Machine
160 x 8
160 x 7
160 x 5
120 x 8

I thought a machine would be better to exhaust myself on than a barbell.  I was starting to tucker out fast on those slow negatives!  I don’t think I like this machine all that much, would rather go back to the barbell, even if it was easier on my shoulder.

Cable Fly  (lowered rest to 30 sec)
80 x 10
60 x 10
60 x 10
60 x 8

I really like this particular cable machine, so I went back to it, experimenting with the straightness of my arms and just getting a good stretch and squeeze.

Bench Press Machine
150 x 12
110 x 13
90 x 15
70 x 13

I went to use this as a finisher, and whoo boy was my chest tired!  It was very humbling actually, I feel bad having to type those weights in my log… By that point I had no gas left, and COULD NOT control the negatives for very long – right when I hit the teens I couldn’t control the descent, so the reps you see are not a result of me not being able to lift it, but me not being able to maintain a 3 second negative, or not being able to keep my lower back on the chair.  I kept dropping the weight and it kept not making a difference.  It was pure agony at that point.  So from that perspective, a good finisher!  But I already knew past 8-10 reps my slow rep energy tanks.

Preacher Curl Machine (arm rests at eye level)
100 x 8
100 x 8
120 x 8
140 x 8 DROP 100 x 8 DROP 80 x 5 DROP 60 x 6

I like this machine, having the arm rests so high up is sweet!  Part of exploring the full ROM meant bringing my arm completely straight, which can be tough for me with my bad elbows.  So slow neg bicep work is just as much about strengthening my joints as anything else.

Dumbbell Preacher Curls (one arm at a time, wrists broken)
40s x 8/8
40s x 8/8
40s x 8/8
40s x 8/8 DROP 30s x 6/7 DROP 25s x 5/5 DROP 20s x 4/7

I hope you realize for the drop sets I stayed on one arm, I didn’t keep going back and forth arm to arm, that would defeat the purpose   So, a triple drop set on the left arm, then a triple drop set on the right.  Keeping your wrists unlocked only adds to the difficulty, it means you can’t use your forearms to help as much.

Again, the toughest part of this is lowering a dumbbell with control into a straight arm with the weight pulling down on your joint.  Obviously, you can’t go heavy with that caveat, so it isn’t a weight competition.  I still think I did alright using a 40, and in the end I think I only got my arms 90-95% straight.  Even at that point, I could feel myself pass way beyond the strongest part of my bicep ROM, so that part was a success, tapping the extremes for growth.

Overhead Cable Curl
70 x 20
70 x 13
70 x 15
70 x 15 REST PAUSE for a few seconds, did another 5 reps

Another nice finisher, although I noticed that my biceps seem to have more endurance than my chest.  Food for thought.  Overhead cable curls might be my favorite finisher, not too stressful on a straight arm, given where the pull is coming from.

While doing this finisher, I got to witness an amusing battle of the sexes.  A young guy was using the 45 degree leg press.  A hot young woman in a nice outfit starts to saunter around his periphery.  He notices her, and asks, “did you want to use this machine?”  She responds, “I don’t really know HOW” (using that inflection women use when they want to be coy).  He, however, does not take the bait, and instead lamely replies, “do you want to trade in and out?”  She says no that’s ok, then finds the nearest machine to his leg press, which was a standing leg curl machine, and starts using that, sticking her (cute) butt out in his general direction the whole time.

He, however, is completely oblivious, finishes his set and walks away.  The whole time I can only chuckle to myself.  She notices me checking her butt out, and maybe derives some sense of satisfaction from that, although I was half-laughing at her.  Its fun watching hot girls get shot down in the gym!  I thought of the old guy in the cave at the end of the Indiana Jones movie… “She chose… poorly…”  In other words, she should have flirted with me, I would have spotted that gym bunny for a good hour!  Instead, she just exposed how weak her game was.

post-wo cardio
Elliptical for 30 min, if only to help loosen up my calves

And then I came home and caught up on tv.  And I was NOT disappointed!  I just watched Precious have sex with a minotaur!  That just happened, now in my brain forever.

Monday night I didn’t have a trainer session, not a full one anyways, so I went to the gym late-night Monday to make my own fun.  I need to start nailing down a new routine, now that my medical speedbump is behind me.  Short rests, alternating days between high reps and low rep slow negative drop set days, and more strength days with Leslie.  Keep the muscles guessing!  This might prove to be overcomplicated, but let me give it a try first, this buffet of gains!


Monday PM Legs and Abs (45 sec rest b/w sets)

A.  Hack Squats (feet low, quad focus, go DEEP and activate the glutes)

2 plates x 15

2 plates x 15

4 plates x 15

4 plates x 15

notes:  this was a brutal start!  I have gone heavier, but not so deep into the ROM.  Started sweating like crazy.

B.  Weighted Glute Kickbacks

80 x 15/15

80 x 15/15

60 x 15/15

60 x 15/15

notes:  right after the hacks, I was dripping sweat all over this station.  80 was too heavy, so I dropped the weight and focused on form.  Even still, my glutes were exhausted by the end.

C.  Seated Leg Curls:

100  x 15

110 x 15

120 x 15

120 x 15

notes:  I have a tendency to lean back in this when it gets hard, which makes the contraction easier, so I really tried here to sit totally upright and just squeeze the hamstrings.

D.  Prone Leg Curls:

80 x 15

90 x 15

100 x 15

110 x 15

notes:  I kept my pelvis pressed into the pad, but propped up on my elbows, to try and make it more difficult.

E.  Stability Ball Crunches:  25, 25, 25, 25

F.  Stability Ball Forward Roll:  17, 17, 15, 15  (easier than the Ab Roller but still hard!)

G.  Weighted Double Crunch Machine:  95 x 20, 20, 20, 20

H.  Cardio 35 min of Elliptical, varying speed


notes:  This workout was nasty!  I was totally wrecked by the end.  Shows I have been away too long from the legs, and am long overdue to going back to short rests and tight form.


Tuesday I was way too wasted to have a morning workout, so I saved my workout until after I was done work.  The plan here would be slow negatives, drop set finishers.

Tuesday Chest and Biceps (4 sec negative on EVERY set or dropset, 45 sec rest b/w sets)

A.  Smith Machine Flat Press:


215 x 8

215 x 8

215 x 8

215 x 7 DROP 165 x 7 DROP 115 x 10

notes:  this felt slightly too heavy, I could control the negative, but my form was a little rough.

B.  Incline DB Press:

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8 DROP 80 x 10

notes:  After the Smith Press, I went a little lighter for the incline, and I think I actually ended up going too light, the drop set was way too easy so I ended it early.

C.  DB Flat Press Fly (flat press the DBs up, but then negative in a Fly motion)

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 7 DROP 80 x 5 DROP 60 x 6 DROP 40 x 8

notes:  on the other hand, this weight was PERFECT, the drop sets were super hard like they should be.  First time doing a mix of fly and press, it was fun!

D.  Superset Pec Deck and Pushups

120 x 5 & 4 pushups

105 x 8 & 5 pushups

105 x 8 & 5 pushups

105 x 8 DROP 75 x 10 & 5 pushups

notes:  my chest was fried by this point, could not do any pushups at all haha

E.  Preacher Curl Machine: (widegrip)

70 x 8

70 x 8

80 x 8

90 x 8 DROP 70 x 8 DROP 55 x 10

notes:  squeeze at the top for dat bicep peak! Weight too light, was too easy the drops.

F.  Seated Dumbbell Curl:

80 x 8

80 x 8

80 x 8

80 x 8 DROP 60 x 3 DROP 50 x 5 DROP 40 x 7

notes:  the weight was just right here, the drop sets were MURDERRRRR!!!

G.  Cable Curl: (closegrip)

80 x 8

90 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8 DROP 80 x 6 DROP 60 x 10

notes:  I was so traumatized by the dumbbell curls I started off lighter here and worked up.


notes:  I had a tremendous pump in my chest and biceps going after these sets!  It was every guy’s magic moment, walking around with swole chest and biceps, haha.  No selfies though, not my style, sorry.


Those were my workouts for Mon and Tues!  How’s it going with you guys these days?  Ready for the cold weather?  Wintertime Bulk?

Beat up and tired

Worn out!  Bombed out and depleted.  Sore low back, sore shoulder, massive leg soreness developing, energy stores were ok though.  I decided I needed to get the blood moving and stay active.  And so that means… double workout day!  Who doesn’t love going to the gym twice?

First thing in the morning I headed down to the gym to blast the triceps

Monday AM triceps and calves (60 sec rest)

V-Bar Pushdown:  90 x 10 warmup

180 x 15 DROP 140 x 15 DROP 110 x 15 DROP 90 x 15

180 x 15 DROP 140 x 15 DROP 110 x 15 DROP 90 x 15

180 x 15 DROP 140 x 15 DROP 110 x 15 DROP 90 x 15

As you can see, still doing the triple drop sets.  V-Bar pushdowns are fun because you can usually go a bit heavier, so I put it in first to wake the arms up.  Heavy weight early off gets the hormones flowing.  Unlike a regular pushdown where the elbows stay pinned to my sides, with the v-bar I hover over it and push it straight down, hence the higher weight.

Closegrip Bench Press:  45 x 10; 65 x 10 warmup

115 x 12 DROP 95 x 12 DROP 65 x 12 DROP 45 x 12

115 x 12 DROP 95 x 12 DROP 65 x 12 DROP 45 x 12

115 x 12 DROP 95 x 12 DROP 65 x 12 DROP 45 x 12

I wanted to use the Smith Machine, but it was taken, so regular barbell for me.  Drop sets with plates can be a pain in the butt when you’re by yourself, it ends up being a rest for 10 seconds while you shuffle the plates around.  So I tried to pick weights that were easy to trade around, nothing too crazy.  Both of these felt light bench and v-bar, but that’s probably because I normally do it after chest when my triceps are tired.  Today they were fresh, and the weights felt light (well, heavy, but lots of gas in the tank so no big deal)

Overhead Rope Extension:  40 x 10; 60 x 10 warmup

90 x 12 DROP 70 x 12 DROP 50 x 12 DROP 40 x 12

90 x 12 DROP 70 x 9 DROP 50 x 9 DROP 40 x 12

90 x 12 DROP 70 x 8 DROP 50 x 12 DROP 40 x 12

By now the triceps were getting fatigued, but I like the overhead extension, it really hits the long head of the tricep nicely, so I don’t mind this as a finisher.  Just stand up straight, keep your upper arms still, and drop the rope behind your head and squeeze it back up.


I decided to do some calves.

Standing Calf Raise (30 second rest)

295 x 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 15

This was FST-7 inspired (its a training system), so I kept the rest low and repped it out.  The standing machine is nice because you can drop your heels below parallel and really stretch the muscle out before you contract it and push the weight up; keeping the reps slow and goin down low!.  By set 7 my calves were smoking tired and I couldn’t get all 20 done.  My calves can take a beating, but this one got the best of them!

I ran out of time for any cardio, I had to head to work.  This would set the focus for workout 2


After work I headed to the studip to train with Les.  Empty studio!  After a quick conference, Les decided we would do some shoulders and biceps then just work on abs forever and ever and ever.  More core in store!

Monday PM Core (45 sec rest b/w sets)

Elliptical 20 min warmup

Standing Military Press:  75 x 8; 85 x 8, 12; 95 x 8


Believe it or not, this also warms up the core a bit.  You need it to keep the bar steady over your head and to keep your body straight.

Cable Curls:  110 x 8, 8, 8; 130 x 8


I have a bit of tendinitis in my right forearm, so cable curls are always easier on my joint pain for some reason.

Superset:  Scissor Kicks x 20 and Reaching Crunches x 25 and Bent Knee Hip Raises x 10 – 3 sets

don't I look happy? nice legs though

don’t I look happy? nice legs though


ya, using the hands a bit

ya, using the hands a bit


Half-Kneeling Canoe Twists (using rope):  40 x 12/12; 70 x 12/12, 12/12


don’t use your arm strength, keep the raised knee steady, try to twist with the abs! Its like paddling a canoe, sort of.


Superset:  Kettlebell Side Raises 50 x 15/15 and Elevated Side Plank Pulses x 12/12  3 sets of that





I put on a brave face but I really was tired!



And that was my day!  How about you?  Any good workouts?

Chest, Shoulders, Arms

It was a double gym session kinda day.

I had a session in the afternoon, but I woke up in the morning, thought OH MAN do I have to go to work???  And so I HAD to go to the gym in the morning ALSO, just to clear my head and give me a “buffer of sanity” to help me through the work day.  When in doubt, just lift.

AM Chest and Shoulders

Bench Press (60 sec rest)  115 x 5, 135 x 5, 185 x 5, 5, 0, 5

flat db press (60 sec rest b/w lighter sets, 120 sec rest b/w heavier sets)  110 x 21, 130 x 15, 150 x 10, 170 x 6, 190 x 4, 170 x 6, 150 x 10, 130 x 12, 110 x 15

cable crossovers:  (rest-pause sets)  120 x 32, 8 (2 min rest) 120 x 27, 13

lat raise machine (30 sec rest) 60 x 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8

reverse cable fly (10 sec rest!)  33 x 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 7;  8 pounds (haha!) x 10, 10, 10

face pulls (10 sec rest!) 50 x 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

upright rows (30 sec rest) 135 x 12, 12, 12, 9

notes:  On the 5th set of bench press, I had a “false start”, went for the first rep and almost dropped it on myself.  So I racked it, waited 30 seconds, then went again.  I really need to up my bench press, it is just not up to snuff.

dumbbell presses went really well!  I didn’t get to bust out the 100 lb dumbbells yet, but I did use the 95 lb dumbbells, and those were pretty fun.  9 sets of those, just kept hittin those fibres.  For the last 2 light sets, I just repped them out, double time.  Just burn it out.

Then 2 burn sets of the crossovers, do as many as I can, rest a few seconds, do more.

Then light shoulder work, just low weight, low rest, lots of sets.  8 sets of 8 of the side raises, 10 sets of 10 of the rear delt flys and face pulls.  Those rear delt flys were BRUTAL!  By the end I could barely do the lowest setting, which was 8 pounds, LOL.  They were just fried.

After work, I headed down to the studio for an appt with the trainer!  We agreed on arms!  It was a chance to bust out my fat gripz and test out their forearm-shredding abilities!

Friday night Arms

warmup:  25 min cardio on the elliptical, 25 degree incline, variable resistance

superset bench dips & “fat” cable curls (60 sec rest) 12, 12, 12 & 80 x 12, 110 x 12, 12



superset closegrip smith machine & fat preacher curls:  (60 sec rest) 90+bar x 12, 12, 12 & 35 x 12, 12, 40 x 12

suicide grip isolates the triceps

suicide grip isolates the triceps

friar tuck aint got nothin on this fat preacher!

friar tuck ain’t got nothin on this fat preacher!

superset overhead rope extension & fat incline hammer curls (60 sec rest)  70 x 15, 90 x 15, 110 x 15 & 70 x 10, 10, 12

unimpressed face

unimpressed face

damn these are hard face

damn these are hard face

superset straight bar pressdown & reverse cable curl (60 sec rest)  150 x 15, 15, 15 & 80 x 12, 90 x 12, 100 x 12



fat reversegrip triceps extension DROPSET 110 x 12, 90 x 12, 70 x 20ish, 60 x 20ish

fat cable curl DROPSET 110 x 12, 90 x 12, 70 x 9, 60 x 9

notes:  the thick bar grips really made the workout feel different!  the hammer curls especially were tough.  My tendonitis started to bark a little bit on the cable curl dropset.  Awesome workout!  Suns out, guns out!



How about you?  Any good workouts?

Back and Arms Pump

In between rounds of Arrested Development, I went down to the gym.  Back & Arms!

Back & Arms (all Back sets are 30 sec rests, Arms about 90 sec rest b/w giant sets)

widegrip pulldowns:  warmup x 2, 195 x 12, 10, 8, 8

underhand pulldowns:  180 x 10, 9, 8, 8

t-bar rows:  115 x 9, 10, 10, 10

closegrip row machine:  180 x 12, 12, 12

closegrip cable rows:  180 x 12, 12, 12

machine hyperextensions:  300 x 12, 12, 12, 12

Arms Giant Sets:  Set I.  rope pushdowns 70 x 12, rope hammer curls 60 x 12, low rope extensions 60 x 12, low rope curls 60 x 12

Set II.  rope pushdowns 70 x 12, rope hammer curls 60 x 12, low rope extensions 60 x 12, low rope curls 60 x 12, high straightbar extensions 60 x 12, high straightbar curl 50 x 12

Set III.  rope pushdowns 70 x 12, rope hammer curls 60 x 12, low rope extensions 60 x 12, low rope curls 60 x 12, high straightbar extensions 50 x 12, high straightbar curl 50 x 12, reverse tricep extensions 60 x 12, reverse curls 40 x 12

Set IV.  rope pushdowns 70 x 12, rope hammer curls 60 x 12, low rope extensions 60 x 12, low rope curls 60 x 12, high straightbar extensions 60 x 12, high straightbar curl 60 x 12, reverse tricep extensions 70 x 12, reverse curls 50 x 12, bench dips x 12, db hammer curls 25s x 12

Set V.  rope pushdowns 70 x 12, rope hammer curls 60 x 12, low rope extensions 60 x 12, low rope curls 60 x 12, high straightbar extensions 60 x 12, high straightbar curl 60 x 12, reverse tricep extensions 70 x 12, reverse curls 50 x 12, bench dips x 12, db hammer curls 25s x 12, v-bar pushdowns 90 x 12, db curls 25s x 12

Set VI.  rope pushdowns 70 x 12, rope hammer curls 60 x 12, low rope extensions 60 x 12, low rope curls 60 x 12, high straightbar extensions 60 x 12, high straightbar curl 60 x 12, reverse tricep extensions 70 x 12, reverse curls 50 x 12, bench dips x 12, db hammer curls 25s x 12, v-bar pushdowns 110 x 12, db curls 25s x 12, tricep extension machine 80 x 12, bicep machine 60 x 12


notes:  Does that look insane or what??  Volume for days!  It’s like climbing Mount Olympus.  The overall goal was to go heavy as I could on the back work while maintaining low rest, and to go low weight but high rep on the arms, hitting them from every angle.

The pulldowns started out HEAVY.  I was a little surprised.  I grunted my way through the first 12 sets, and I figured I was having an off day since I couldn’t hit 12 reps like at alllllll, so I lowered the weight on the next few sets and found it almost TOO easy.  Well, the closegrip machine was too easy, the closegrip cable still felt kinda hard.  I was feeling burnt out so I did machine hyperextensions.  Those are kind of easy despite me doing the full stack of weight, but I like them because I can really feel the squeeze in the low back, so it help to visualise the mind-muscle connection.

For the arms, I borrowed this one from the Allmax website – Progressive Giant Sets.  Just keep building the stack of giant sets taller and taller, keeping them at 12 reps each set and not stopping until that giant set is done:  4 exercises then 6, then 8, then 10, 12, and finally Set 6 has 14 exercises, all back to back!!!  In total that is… 54 exercises and 648 reps!

I kept the weight low on the arms because, quite frankly, I was scared of how hard the pump was going to feel.  For all I knew my arms would get weak as hell or my tendinitis would flare up or SOMETHING.  So I generally kept the weight the same, although I did up a few loads from set to set if you pay close attention.

That arm routine is AMAZING.  The blood flow in the arms was totally invigorating!  Its like an orgasm in my arm muscles!  My tendinitis for the most part kept its mouth shut and I busted the whole thing out like a champ!  I can tweak the weights a little higher next time, but overall that was an EPIC pump.  The only downside is you pretty much have to OWN a part of the gym for like 40 minutes, there was a light crowd in the gym so I mostly stayed away from dumbbells, and tried to pick exercises that would let me set up tent at a single cable machine.  Pretty much all I needed was a cable machine, 3 attachments, one set of dumbbells, and at the end of Set 6 I had to run over to the machines, but those were my last 24 reps so I didn’t have to worry about losing my cable.

Someone else please try this arm routine and tell me how it feels!  Probably best to pick a time when the gym is deserted though, it sucks to either lose your spot in the middle of a giant set or to have to tell someone they can’t sub in because you are busy doing hundreds of reps, trolololololol!


After the smoke cleared, I was destroyed!  I was cold, hungry, my tshirt was soaked, I was TREMBLING.  I had zero energy left for cardio, I had exhausted myself.  I cleaned up and came home to collapse.


And what about you?  Any good workouts today?

forearm tendinitis

Woke up, ready to tear it up.  Headed to the gym in the morning before work.  Time to try out a new back routine!

Got to the gym a little after opening, decided not to do spin, I would do weights first, then get those damn HIITs out of the way.

bent over bb rows:  (60 sec rest b/w sets)  185×5, 195×5, 205×5, 215×5, 225×5

rack pulls:  225×5, 235×5, 245×5, 255×5, 265×5

assisted pullups:  rotated twice through a widegrip set, underhand grip set and hammergrip set, 6 sets total, 30 sec rest b/w sets; W12, U12, H12, W6, U6, H10

closegrip row (100s):  120 x 30 reps, rest 70 sec, 35 reps, rest 35 sec, 35 reps

closegrip pulldowns (100s):  90 x 35 reps, rest 65 sec, 28 reps, rest 37 sec, 20 reps, rest 17 sec, 11 reps, rest 6 sec, 6 reps

cardio:  elliptical HIIT style, 1 min slow, 30 sec fast, for 20 min

back notes:  the idea behind this workout was to start off with compound movements, heavier weights, longer rest, lower reps, then do a bunch of pullups from different angles and build up the reps with low rest, then do a couple of pump sets.

The bent over rows and rack pulls are pretty light weight but tbh I don’t really KNOW my weight for those exercises, I don’t do them much, and when I do them I go high rep and low rest.  So this is me trying to build up some strength instead of endurance.  As I stick with the plan, I will find the sweet spot for weight, until then I am upping the weight slowly but surely, not a race.

But I start with strength.  Then pullups (assisted ones, I am too much of a fat bastard to do a regular pullup), for 6 sets, low rest, just tire me out with lots of sets and reps, lots of angles.

The pump sets, I wonder if the rep and rest scheme makes sense.  The goal is 100 reps.  Cut your weight about in half, do as many reps as you can do and when you stop, the number of reps left out of 100 is how many seconds rest you get.  So if you start off with 35 reps of row, you have… 100 – 35 = 65… 65 reps left equals 65 seconds rest!  The net effect of it all is, as you get closer to 100, your rests get crazy short!  The rows were maybe too easy, my rep numbers are waaaayyyy too even and consistent.  The pulldowns are more like it, I was struggling by that point!

For the cardio, I did what Les asked for, and varied my speed and effort.  Got on the elliptical, went relaxed pace for 60 sec, then upped the resistance by 15% and went as fast as I could for 30 sec.  Repeat that pattern for 20 min, and you are done!

I walked away from back day feeling torched!  I went off to work for a full day of work, bleh.

At lunch, I needed to get away from work, I was getting stressed.  So I decided… time for arm day!

Lunchtime Arm workout (supersets, 60 sec rest b/w supersets)

bench dips & cable curls (120 lbs):  12/12, 12/12, 12/12

smith machine closegrip press (70+bar) & db preacher curls (35 lb DBs):  12/12, 12/12, 12/12

overhead rope tricep extension (60 lbs) & incline hammer curls (30 lb DBs):  15/12, 15/12, 15/12

rope pressdown (150 lbs) and reverse barbell curls (60 lbs):  12/10, 11/10, 10/10

reversegrip tricep extension DROPSET 150×12, 120×12, 90×12, 75×12

notes:  I could feel my forearm tendinitis flare up right away on the bicep exercises, could even see the spreading redness patch on my forearm!  Damn!  I was REALLY looking forward to arms day too.  How frustrating!  I don’t WANT to rest you arms, I want to make you grow!  Instead I gotta give them more rest.  Just listen to your body, even when it’s shitty news.

I made it through 90% of the workout, I had a dropset of cable curls at the end, but I said F it and stopped after the tricep dropset.

With the smith machine press, a trick I saw on the web, you can use a suicide grip on the smith machine with no real risk, and keep the focus much more on your triceps!  Works well!  With the preacher curls, the tendinitis was so bad I used a reduced ROM on the left arm, just the bottom half of the curl, didn’t bring it all the way up, just couldn’t, so reduced ROM to get through the reps.

For the hammer curls, those didn’t hit my tendinitis as much, so I channelled my overall forearm frustration into a decent set of incline hammers!  Decent for me, 30 lb DBs are hard for inclines for me 🙂

Reverse curls was when the pain kicked in again, and I started to stumble on finishing the sets.  Reversegrip tricep DROP went quite well, but called it a day.

Those were my 2 workouts today!  How about you?  Any good workouts?