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Cut Day 6

Another day, another Xmas party. Its also a high-carb day… so… lunch consisted of 3 sliders, pork sausage in a bun with sauerkraut, and fries. LOL, not much of a diet meal

No circuits today! Push session.

Took some measurements and pics for 5 min. 275! Eek! I could feel I was getting fluffy. I guess it could have been worse, but it was def time to cut. About 28% BF.

warmup: rowing machine for 5 min

Flat DB Press (5 second negatives)

45s x 8
45s x 10
50s x 10
50s x 10

notes: haven’t done slow negatives in a while! Felt good once I found the way to make it comfortable on my shoulder on the eccentric.

Decline Cable Fly

3 plates x 15
3 plates x 20
3 plates x 20

Standing DB Press (5 second negatives)

25s x 8
25s x 10
25s x 8

notes: these didn’t feel so cool on my shoulder. I can do way more than this with the BB, so I just need to get used to it, slow negs or not.

Cable Side Raise / Front Raise

2 plates x 10 side, 10 front, per arm
2p x 10/10
2p x 10/10

Superset – DB Skulls and Hammergrip Cable Extensions

20s x 12 / 3 plates x 10 (per arm)
25s x 12 / 4p x 10
25s x 12 / 4p x 10

Ran out of time and had to end it there, so I did some cardio on my own.

post-workout 15 min LISS

The cut has just begun! Saturday I rest and then Sunday its back to the compound lifts.

Hi!  Sorry for the delay in putting my workout up.  these things can’t be avoided sometimes.


My routine has been changed up, in an effort to refocus on weight loss.  Too late to shred for summer, but goddamn it, I can be shredded for Halloween, ROFL!  5/3/1 goes back in the closet for now, just a little while!


May 26Chest & Shoulders

(about 60 sec rest b/w sets)

Giant Set:  Flat DB Press & Cable Fly & Incline TRX Pushups

80s x 6 / 50 x 12 / 25

80s x 6 / 50 x 12 / 25

80s x 6 / 50 x 12 / 25

80s x 6 / 50 x 12 / 20

notes:  I was sucking wind, this workout was already tough!

Giant Set:  Standing OHP & Strict DB Side Raise & seated Arnold presses

95 x 6 / 12s x 12 / 12s x 25

95 x 6 / 12s x 12 / 12s x 25

95 x 6 / 12s x 12 / 12s x 25

notes:  coolness went out the window, I was just trying to get through this

Giant Set:  unilateral flat DB press & unilateral RD cable fly & Upright Row (we tried a Cuban Press, but my rotators weren’t havin it)

40s x 12/12   20 x 12/12   60 x 15

40s x 12/12   20 x 12/12   60 x 15

40s x 12/12   20 x 12/12   60 x 15


was going to do cardio, but I went for a massage instead!  massage focused on calves, forearms, some shoulder and back.  my Right side is tight across the board, and I am being warned my back needs some extra TLC sometime soon.


Quite the opposite of TLC, May 27 was Back Day!

Right after work, headed to a backup office gym.  I thought it would be empty, sadly it was not, and juggling circuits got a little awkward.

(rest time between sets varied 20-60 sec, depending on waiting for someone)

Giant set:  Bent Over DB Row & Closegrip Pulldown & Straight Arm Pushdown

100s x 6/6     120 x 12     20 x 25

100s x 6/6     130 x 12     30 x 25

100s x 6/6     130 x 12     30 x 25

100s x 6/6     130 x 12     30 x 25

100s x 6/6     130 x 12     30 x 25

notes:  cable work got tough, but I grinded it out!

Giant Set:  Assisted Hammergrip Pullups & Widegrip Cable Row (hammergrip, elbows high) & Reverse Pec Deck (free handles)

6     100 x 12     50 x 25

6     110 x 12     40 x 25

6     120 x 12     40 x 25

6     130 x 12     40 x 25

6     140 x 12     40 x 25

notes:  pec deck was a little stiff at the start, but I got the hang of it.  hittin them rhomboids!  I could feel the work the RMT did the day before, left rhomboid was poppin and snappin!


post workout:  30 min elliptical, incline, resistance, music 🙂



Just keep working and grinding!  Keep at it dude.

Chest, Cut Day 30

Feb 4 – High Fat Day / Chest

Welcome back steak!

I felt destroyed in the morning, so no morning cardio, sorry.

I had to do my workout after work, so I took my Primer pack about 1.5 hours before. I admit, my feet were draggin, and I couldn’t bear the thought of a full gym, I just wanted to do my chit get in and out. So I went to the office gym, which I knew would be empty. But I also knew it was closing soon after work, so I had to work fast.

Took 3 caps Rocket Science about 30 min before, and was determined to put in some fast work with my last few drops of gas for the day. Bear in mind it was a full day of low carbs and high fat, so early morning right after along sleep is better for my performance.

Pumped some fast paced tunes to keep my edge and focus. LOL, pumpin the LL!



I could tell right away the cut is dragging on me hard.  All grit and gravel, digging and pushing.

Bench Press (about 45 sec rest between supersets)

95 x 12 / 15 lb DB taken through rotator cuff ROM 15 times per arm
115 x 12 / roto work
135 x 12 / roto work
155 x 12 / Widegrip Pulldowns 150 x 5
165 x 12 / 165 x 5
175 x 12 / 180 x 5
175 x 8 / 195 x 5
175 x 10 / 210 x 5
175 x 8 / 225 x 3

notes:  My performance dipped from last week.  My shoulder was sore, and my energy was low.  Wish I could say the Rocket Science was enough, but I was flying on fumes.  I get called Machine a lot in this thread, but Tin Man needs an oilcan, LOL.

Incline DB Fly (30)

30s x 10
30s x 10
30s x 10
30s x 10

notes:  Just focus on straight arms and feeling my shoulder and getting a chest stretch.

High Cable Flys (30 sec rest)

90 x 10
90 x 10
120 x 10
120 x 10
150 x 10

notes:  this office gym doesn’t have a chest machine, and I really couldn’t bear the thought of a dumbbell press right now, just didn’t feel up to pressing, so I went back to flys, and added a few sets.  They went ok, actually.

DB Pullovers (30 sec rest)

50 x 10
50 x 6
50 x 10

notes:  I felt up for more work, so I tried some pullovers.  The 50 was going to be a warmup, but then I kept fighting a massive cramp in my right hamstring, so I gave up after the 3rd set.

Post-Workout 20 min cardio elliptical, heart rate around 120-5

Then I came home, ready to crash again, eat some steak and sleep a lot.  On that cut, son!

Chest, Cut Day 3

Jan 8

Bench Press (30 s rest)

95 x 12
115 x 12
135 x 12
155 x 12
175 x 12
175 x 12

DB Flat Press (45s rest)

50s x 10
50s x 10
60s x 10

Incline DB Fly (30s rest)

30s x 10
30s x 10
40s x 10
50s x 10

Cable Fly (high to low, 30 s rest)

60 x 12
90 x 12
120 x 12

notes:  First time not doing rotator cuff during the warmup, and I could FEEL the difference.  Sore shoulder!  F that, back to face pulls and stuff from now on.

I was working on the cable flys when the buddy I went to the office gym with disappeared off to the washroom for what I thought was a really long time so when I saw him again I asked if he had taken a dump, when I noticed how pale he was and he said he felt dizzy and he just sat down on the ground for about 10 min, then he got panicky and said he wanted to leave, so I WASSSS about to do some pushups as a finisher, but I said wait for me, and changed out really quick and walked back to our office bldg. with him.

I asked him what he had eaten today, and he said a green salad with no dressing (it was almost 1 in the afternoon).  That was ALL DAY.  So I forced him to eat my Quest Bar, then bought him a chocolate bar at the corner store and urged him to eat some real food.  Checked back in on him a few times that afternoon, one of which times he was passed out on his desk.

Jeez guys, remember to eat!  Don’t starve yourself then take 2 scoops of preworkout and go nuts in the gym.  This ain’t no after-school special!

Sunday Chest, Biceps

I had to play some catch-up!  Saturday Chest and Biceps and Sunday Rest Day got switched.  I took my gimp calves and hobbled down to the gym.  I took a scoop of Fast Fuel 30 min before I lifted up a dumbbell, and took a scoop of Fast Fuel and a scoop of ReGen during the workout, another ReGen scoop during the cardio.  They taste well together (Blue Razz and Lemon Lime) and no issues mixing, little to no residue on the sides; I didn’t need to reshake during the workout!

Oct 25 – Chest, Biceps
(3 sec negative on every rep, 45 sec b/w all sets)

Rotator Cuff warmup – 15 lb DB taken through ROM 15 times, back and forth arm to arm with no rest for 4 sets

Incline Dumbbell Press about 30 degree incline
55s x 10
55s x 10
55s x 10
55s x 10

I could feel my shoulder getting tired, so I made Inclines my first movement.  Nice and slow negative with an explosive positive, keeping the DBs from resting at the top by not bringing my hands too close together.  Got a good stretch out of it too.

Decline Press Machine
160 x 8
160 x 7
160 x 5
120 x 8

I thought a machine would be better to exhaust myself on than a barbell.  I was starting to tucker out fast on those slow negatives!  I don’t think I like this machine all that much, would rather go back to the barbell, even if it was easier on my shoulder.

Cable Fly  (lowered rest to 30 sec)
80 x 10
60 x 10
60 x 10
60 x 8

I really like this particular cable machine, so I went back to it, experimenting with the straightness of my arms and just getting a good stretch and squeeze.

Bench Press Machine
150 x 12
110 x 13
90 x 15
70 x 13

I went to use this as a finisher, and whoo boy was my chest tired!  It was very humbling actually, I feel bad having to type those weights in my log… By that point I had no gas left, and COULD NOT control the negatives for very long – right when I hit the teens I couldn’t control the descent, so the reps you see are not a result of me not being able to lift it, but me not being able to maintain a 3 second negative, or not being able to keep my lower back on the chair.  I kept dropping the weight and it kept not making a difference.  It was pure agony at that point.  So from that perspective, a good finisher!  But I already knew past 8-10 reps my slow rep energy tanks.

Preacher Curl Machine (arm rests at eye level)
100 x 8
100 x 8
120 x 8
140 x 8 DROP 100 x 8 DROP 80 x 5 DROP 60 x 6

I like this machine, having the arm rests so high up is sweet!  Part of exploring the full ROM meant bringing my arm completely straight, which can be tough for me with my bad elbows.  So slow neg bicep work is just as much about strengthening my joints as anything else.

Dumbbell Preacher Curls (one arm at a time, wrists broken)
40s x 8/8
40s x 8/8
40s x 8/8
40s x 8/8 DROP 30s x 6/7 DROP 25s x 5/5 DROP 20s x 4/7

I hope you realize for the drop sets I stayed on one arm, I didn’t keep going back and forth arm to arm, that would defeat the purpose   So, a triple drop set on the left arm, then a triple drop set on the right.  Keeping your wrists unlocked only adds to the difficulty, it means you can’t use your forearms to help as much.

Again, the toughest part of this is lowering a dumbbell with control into a straight arm with the weight pulling down on your joint.  Obviously, you can’t go heavy with that caveat, so it isn’t a weight competition.  I still think I did alright using a 40, and in the end I think I only got my arms 90-95% straight.  Even at that point, I could feel myself pass way beyond the strongest part of my bicep ROM, so that part was a success, tapping the extremes for growth.

Overhead Cable Curl
70 x 20
70 x 13
70 x 15
70 x 15 REST PAUSE for a few seconds, did another 5 reps

Another nice finisher, although I noticed that my biceps seem to have more endurance than my chest.  Food for thought.  Overhead cable curls might be my favorite finisher, not too stressful on a straight arm, given where the pull is coming from.

While doing this finisher, I got to witness an amusing battle of the sexes.  A young guy was using the 45 degree leg press.  A hot young woman in a nice outfit starts to saunter around his periphery.  He notices her, and asks, “did you want to use this machine?”  She responds, “I don’t really know HOW” (using that inflection women use when they want to be coy).  He, however, does not take the bait, and instead lamely replies, “do you want to trade in and out?”  She says no that’s ok, then finds the nearest machine to his leg press, which was a standing leg curl machine, and starts using that, sticking her (cute) butt out in his general direction the whole time.

He, however, is completely oblivious, finishes his set and walks away.  The whole time I can only chuckle to myself.  She notices me checking her butt out, and maybe derives some sense of satisfaction from that, although I was half-laughing at her.  Its fun watching hot girls get shot down in the gym!  I thought of the old guy in the cave at the end of the Indiana Jones movie… “She chose… poorly…”  In other words, she should have flirted with me, I would have spotted that gym bunny for a good hour!  Instead, she just exposed how weak her game was.

post-wo cardio
Elliptical for 30 min, if only to help loosen up my calves

And then I came home and caught up on tv.  And I was NOT disappointed!  I just watched Precious have sex with a minotaur!  That just happened, now in my brain forever.

So my deload week is now over.  As far as deloads go, I still went to the gym just as often, I just didn’t push as hard.  I also indulged on the food a few times.. buffets, movie theater popcorn, I am a bad boy!


Anyways, back to business.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a long weekend here in Ontario, it’s time for some iron.  Sunday I went out for leg day, and in a show of solidarity, Les the trainer came out and we did legs together!  We took turns, I did my set then she did hers, that was our rest break.

Sunday Legs:

cardio for 20 min

superset leg extensions & seated leg curls:  120×30&120×20; 130×30&140×20

superset walking lunges w dumbbells & standing leg curls:  60×40&60×20; 60×40&70×20; 60×40&80×20

45 degree leg press:  6 plates x 50; 6 plates x 50; 7 plates x 50

extra superset of extensions & curls again:  130×30&140×20

cardio for 20 min

notes:  as you can see this was high reps with lots of supersets, I kept my legs high and wide on the leg press, so overall I hit the hamstrings and glutes pretty good.  Doing more on the curls than I am on the extensions, is that good?  haha, I think my hams are coming up!  I hate doing lunges with a passion, but I do enjoy being able to rock out the shorts in the gym while guys who skip leg days have to wear track pants with their tanks, haha.  You aint fooling me!


Monday I went to the gym for chest and triceps work.

Monday Push (rest was around 60-90 sec)

cardio for 20 min

flat db press:  70×10; 110 x 10;  170 x 8, 8

flat db fly:  70 x 10; 130 x 10, 10, 10

incline cable fly:  55 x 10; 99 x 10; 121 x 10; 121 x 10 DROP 99 x 10 DROP 77 x 10

cable crossover:  99 x 10; 165 x 10; 165 x 10; 165 x 10 DROP 121 x 10 DROP 99 x 10

tricep pushdowns w straight bar:  93 x 10; 115 x 18; 126 x 18; 126 x 18 DROP 93 x 11 DROP 72 x 20

reverse grip pushdowns:  72 x 10; 93 x 18; 93 x 18; 93 x 18 DROP 72 x 20 DROP 50 x 40

skullcrusher 21s:  superset 3 different positions – extend from top of head & lower to forehead & drop behind head and bring back to a closegrip press

50 x 21, 21, 21

cardio for 20 min


notes:  chest as you can see was mostly isolation work, and once we got to the cables I threw in a double drop set on the last set.  Could have gone heavier on the reversegrip, those dropset reps are way too high.  Skullcrusher 21s was an interesting experience.  I couldn’t really go heavier, my right elbow was pinching too much during the reps I lowered to my forehead, so I had to keep it light for that.  The best way I can describe skullcrusher 21s is to watch this video:

Fast forward to the 3 min mark and watch for about a minute, he explains the first and third variations there (the second is really just the standard skullcrusher)

Arms as you can see was high rep, bringing in lots of pump and BLOOD to the muscles!  I prefer high rep with arms, feels better.


And that was my long weekend! How about you?  Any good workouts?