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17/27 Shoulders

Thanksgiving, Shmanksgiving

Overhead Press

warm-up – Superset OHP and Over & Backs (minimal rest between supersets)

60 x 5 / over&backs x 8

75 x 5 / ob

90 x 5 / ob

main – Superset OHP and Assisted Pullups ( 1-2 min rest b/w supersets, pullups assisted for 1/3 BW)

115 x 5 / 5 widegrip

130 x 3 / 5 hammergrip

145 x 8 / 5 widegrip   (used elbow sleeves)  Rep PR!!


notes:  Bar was moving well, shoulders felt healthy, let’s keep the party going!


Joker Sets – Superset OHP and Assisted Pullups ( sleeves worn during press, 2-4 min rest b/w supersets, pullups assisted for 1/3 BW)

160 x 1 / 5 hammergrip

175 x 1 / 5 hammergrip  Weight PR!!


notes:  Very happy!  When I did 160, I hit a hitch halfway up, so I lowered it back down, and exploded back up for a clean rep.  I did not want to move past 160 if I couldn’t do it clean.  The most I had ever done before was 160, and had failed multiple times at 165, so I felt insane blowing right past 165 and going for 175, but I decided to go for it.  I got myself psyched up, hit that same hitch halfway up, but I had a lot of momentum both physical and mental, and the bar did not truly slow down or reverse direction, so I kept pushing and got it to lock out!  Not the cleanest rep, but I am going to take it 🙂



Bench Press  (no rest for warm ups)

warm-up – Superset BP and Assisted Pullups  (paused all bench reps an inch above chest, Spoto Press style)

75 x 5 / 5 hammer

95 x 5 / 5

115 x 3 / 5

145 x 1 / 5

main assist   (60-90 sec rest, sleeves worn)

170 x 3

170 x 3

170 x 3

170 x 3

170 x 3


Superset Wide Neutral Grip Cable Rows and Hanging Knee Raises (no rest, go back and forth from one to the other)

120 x 10 / 5 raises

120 x 10 / 5 raises

120 x 10 / 5 raises

120 x 10 / 5 raises

120 x 10 / 5 raises

notes:  just wanted a good contraction and a good stretch here.  My grip was dying on me though, it started as major soreness in my calluses.  So I kept the knee raises at 5 and lowered the rest.


Post-workout:  self-applied myofascial release on anterior delts, long head of triceps, long head of biceps and distal insertion, lats, scalenes

notes:  saw this online, thought it might do me a lot of good so am starting to incorporate it


Cardio:  15 min stairmaster



magical session!  Who needs turkey when you can have this?

Hi!  Sorry for the delay in putting my workout up.  these things can’t be avoided sometimes.


My routine has been changed up, in an effort to refocus on weight loss.  Too late to shred for summer, but goddamn it, I can be shredded for Halloween, ROFL!  5/3/1 goes back in the closet for now, just a little while!


May 26Chest & Shoulders

(about 60 sec rest b/w sets)

Giant Set:  Flat DB Press & Cable Fly & Incline TRX Pushups

80s x 6 / 50 x 12 / 25

80s x 6 / 50 x 12 / 25

80s x 6 / 50 x 12 / 25

80s x 6 / 50 x 12 / 20

notes:  I was sucking wind, this workout was already tough!

Giant Set:  Standing OHP & Strict DB Side Raise & seated Arnold presses

95 x 6 / 12s x 12 / 12s x 25

95 x 6 / 12s x 12 / 12s x 25

95 x 6 / 12s x 12 / 12s x 25

notes:  coolness went out the window, I was just trying to get through this

Giant Set:  unilateral flat DB press & unilateral RD cable fly & Upright Row (we tried a Cuban Press, but my rotators weren’t havin it)

40s x 12/12   20 x 12/12   60 x 15

40s x 12/12   20 x 12/12   60 x 15

40s x 12/12   20 x 12/12   60 x 15


was going to do cardio, but I went for a massage instead!  massage focused on calves, forearms, some shoulder and back.  my Right side is tight across the board, and I am being warned my back needs some extra TLC sometime soon.


Quite the opposite of TLC, May 27 was Back Day!

Right after work, headed to a backup office gym.  I thought it would be empty, sadly it was not, and juggling circuits got a little awkward.

(rest time between sets varied 20-60 sec, depending on waiting for someone)

Giant set:  Bent Over DB Row & Closegrip Pulldown & Straight Arm Pushdown

100s x 6/6     120 x 12     20 x 25

100s x 6/6     130 x 12     30 x 25

100s x 6/6     130 x 12     30 x 25

100s x 6/6     130 x 12     30 x 25

100s x 6/6     130 x 12     30 x 25

notes:  cable work got tough, but I grinded it out!

Giant Set:  Assisted Hammergrip Pullups & Widegrip Cable Row (hammergrip, elbows high) & Reverse Pec Deck (free handles)

6     100 x 12     50 x 25

6     110 x 12     40 x 25

6     120 x 12     40 x 25

6     130 x 12     40 x 25

6     140 x 12     40 x 25

notes:  pec deck was a little stiff at the start, but I got the hang of it.  hittin them rhomboids!  I could feel the work the RMT did the day before, left rhomboid was poppin and snappin!


post workout:  30 min elliptical, incline, resistance, music 🙂



Just keep working and grinding!  Keep at it dude.

Felt beat up as hell this morning, and it didn’t make sense to put anything other than back and biceps in there, so I did cardio at the office in the morning.

AM Cardio 30-35 min stationary bike, ramping up resistance every 5 min

Banged out work, stupid meeting here, annoying thing there. At one point I threw a fit at the stupidity of it all and it worked – ppl gave me what I wanted, haha! Primadonna.

After work I felt stressed, and didn’t deeply feel like working out in a crowded gym. My stomach was upset, I prob needed a dump, was going to miss my bus, forgot my stuff in the office gym locker.

And then it hit me, just use the office gym again!! Sure they didn’t have a lot, but after office hours, it is empty and QUIET. I was immediately filled with joy. Let’s do it!

PM Back, Biceps, Core

warmup 15 min elliptical-type thing, kinda just simulated walking? thefuk. oh well. give my pre time to kick in.

Bent Over Smith Machine Rows (wide grip, explosive reps, 45 sec rest)

bar x 15
50 in plates x 15
70 in plates x 15
90 in plates x 15
140 in plates x 10
140 in plates x 10
140 in plates x 10

notes: I had never done these before and wanted to try them out. Felt ok, just hard to bring the bar higher than my abdomen, I want it below my abdomen at the bottom, which due to the track means it ends up there on the way up. If that makes sense.

Freehandle Widegrip Cable Pulldowns (45 sec rests)

95 x 15
115 x 10
135 x 10
155 x 8
155 x 8
155 x 8

notes: Every cable machine is different, and this one felt smooth but heavy. So 155 was all I could handle on this one.

Superset DB Pullovers and Closegrip Cable Row (explosive rows, hard squeeze, 60 sec rest)

60 x 12 / 97.5 x 15
60 x 12 / 97.5 x 15
60 x 12 / 97.5 x 15
60 x 12 / 97.5 x 15

notes: I kept the pullovers at 60 so I could work more on the MMC. 97.5 is as high as the cables go on each side, and I couldn’t find a wide bar to connect the two sides, so F it. I tried to explode hard on the rows with a held squeeze at the top.

EZ Bar Curls (30 sec rest)

75 x 12
75 x 12
75 x 12
75 x 12

notes: Instead of going heavier, I reduced the rest time and chased DAT PUMP. Ran right to the DB rack after to keep the pump party going.

DB Hammer Curls (30 sec rests)

30s x 12
30s x 12
30s x 12
30s x 12

notes: Argh, pump!! Dem forearm veins.

Superset Decline Crunches and Hanging Knee Raises(no rest, back and forth)

15 & 12
12 & 10
12 & 10

notes: hung from a bar suspended from the ceiling, and my grip and calluses were acting up hard, so it finished my arms off.

Then headed home! Don’t stop the party!! Feelin good.

Feb 14 – High Carb Day / Back,Bi & Shoulders,Chest

Happy Valentines Day!  I decided to celebrate with high carbs and lots of workouts, haha.


In the morning I headed to the gym for Part 1 – Back, Biceps, Core

Bent Over Barbell Row (rest from 30-50 sec, time to change the weight plus a few seconds)

95 x 15

115 x 12

135 x 10

155 x 10

175 x 10


Widegrip Pulldowns (45s rest)

195 x 10

195 x 10

195 x 10

195 x 10


Superset DB Pullovers and Closegrip Cable Row (60-75s rest)

50 x 12 / 120 x 15

55 x 12 / 135 x 15

60 x 12 / 150 x 15

65 x 12 / 165 x 15

notes: the expansion of the ribcage during the pullovers helped me focus on expanding my ribcage again to isolate the back muscles during the rows (thanks for the idea coach!)

Assisted Underhand Grip Chinups (Heavy) (30s rest)

6, 6, 6, 6

notes: I could adjust my assistance, so I took less assistance than normal, to the point where doing 6 was a real strain.

Closegrip Cable Curls (45s rest)

83 x 12

94 x 12

105 x 12

116 x 12


Standing DB Hammer Curls (45s rest)

40s x 12

40s x 7

35s x 12

35s x 12

notes:  I was running out of gas pretty hard, so I had to drop the weight.

Preacher Machine Curls (45s rest)

90 x 17

80 x 13

70 x 12

notes:  no matter that I kept dropping the weight, my reps kept dropping.  I knew I was done for!  So I ended the bicep work and moved on to core for a bit.

Superset Roman Chair Kneeups and Decline Crunches (30s rest)

12 / 10 lbs x 12

12 / BW 11

12 / BW 11

12 / BW 9

notes:  I started the decline crunches off tucking a dime plate behind my head, but my shoulder felt sore, so I tried just bodyweight… and I couldn’t even complete those.  Weak core!  Need to put in work on that.


Then I went to work.  After work headed to the studio for a second session with the trainer.  Who needs valentines?  I got a date with the iron.

Superset Standing Overhead Press and Face Pulls (about 45s rest)

95 x 12 / 50 x 15

95 x 12 / 60 x 12

95 x 10 / 70 x 10

95 x 10 / 80 x 10

95 x 9 / 90 x 10

notes:  I got tired in the core quickly, so when I couldn’t control the back arch, I stopped pressing.


Seated DB Power Cleans (45s rest)

20s x 8

15s x 12

15s x 11

notes:  this is my first time doing these.  I thought, I will start light with 20s… turns out this one is hard!  Especially because my rotator cuffs and stabilizer muscles are my weak link.  Which makes this the perfect exercise for me, weak on my weak links.  Dropped the weight and did the rest of my sets.


Twist Press (30s rest)

30s x 10

35s x 10

40s x 10

45s x 10

notes:  first time doing this too.  You start off with a normal flat DB press, and supinate your wrists so that the pinky end of the dumbbells tough at the top of the press (you corkscrew on the way up).  Felt good!  I started light to see how it feels, and it was fairly light for me, but we only had so much time in this session, so we called it and moved on.


Leaning Cable Lat Raise (30s rest)

20 x 12 each side

20 x 15

20 x 15

notes:  I find I get better form with the cables, and leaning increases the ROM, so I can hit a bit more of the delt.



Rear Delt Cable Fly (30s rest)

20 x 15

20 x 15

20 x 15

notes:  Love these!  My form has much improved too.


DB Shrugs (30s rest)

80s x 15

85s x 12

85s x 12

notes:  Focused on the squeeze at the top, was rewarded with a visible trap bulge!  Hooray!  Finally you can see my traps!



Happy Valentines Day traps!