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New Challenge

So tonight, I accepted the challenge.  I registered for the 6 week body transformation challenge they are advertising on the bodybuilding.com website, sponsored by Cellucor.  I am at a spot where I am real comfortable with the weights, but my diet is all over the place, so until the end of July, I am going to try my hardest to get my body to where it needs to be.  That means no cheat meals, tons of cardio, lift heavy, go intense, sleep tons.  Until the end of the contest, my fitness will be my #1, 2, and 3 priority.  To win this contest, I have to lose lots of weight and put on lots of muscle, so that is my only thought for the next few months.

Well, enough chatter, would you like to see the before photos?  It won’t be pretty.

front shot

front shot

back shot

back shot

side shot

side shot

As you can see, I need a Body Transformation BADLY.  I hesitated to join this challenge.  Not because I didn’t need it, but because most of these challenges are for ripped dudes who let themselves go and put on a bunch of weight, but all they need to do is lose the fat and the muscles are there all over again.  But me?  I have NEVER been skinny OR ripped, so I don’t really know what’s lying underneath, and whether it is capable of winning any prizes.

But I am going to give it my best shot.

I met with my trainer tonight, we took measurements, photos.  She is going to spend the weekend working on a diet plan and workout plan for me.  I can’t wait!  The challenge officially begins June 17, and you will be reading lots of my thoughts in the weeks to come.  I hope I lose CRAZY weight, and win a prize!

We still had lots of time, so we decided to do an arm workout.  This was the same workout I did back on May 26, the crazy arm pump workout.  My trainer had never seen this workout before!  We were in for a treat.

Arms Giant Sets:  (about 60 sec b/w sets)

Set I.  rope pushdowns 80 x 12, rope hammer curls 70 x 12, low rope extensions 70 x 12, low rope curls 70 x 12

Set II.  rope pushdowns 80 x 12, rope hammer curls 70 x 12, low rope extensions 70 x 12, low rope curls 70 x 12, high straightbar extensions 70 x 12, high straightbar curl 70 x 12

Set III.  rope pushdowns 80 x 12, rope hammer curls 70 x 12, low rope extensions 70 x 12, low rope curls 70 x 12, high straightbar extensions 70 x 12, high straightbar curl 70 x 12, reverse tricep extensions 80 x 12, reverse curls 50 x 12

Set IV.  rope pushdowns 80 x 12, rope hammer curls 70 x 12, low rope extensions 70 x 12, low rope curls 70 x 12, high straightbar extensions 70 x 12, high straightbar curl 70 x 12, reverse tricep extensions 80 x 12, reverse curls 50 x 12, bench dips x 12, db hammer curls 30s x 12

Set V.  rope pushdowns 90 x 12, rope hammer curls 80 x 12, low rope extensions 80 x 12, low rope curls 80 x 12, high straightbar extensions 80 x 12, high straightbar curl 80 x 12, reverse tricep extensions 80 x 12, reverse curls 60 x 12, bench dips x 12, db hammer curls 30s x 12, v-bar pushdowns 110 x 12, db curls 30s x 12

Set VI.  rope pushdowns 90 x 12, rope hammer curls 80 x 12, low rope extensions 80 x 12, low rope curls 80 x 12, high straightbar extensions 80 x 12, high straightbar curl 80 x 12, reverse tricep extensions 80 x 12, reverse curls 60 x 12, bench dips x 12, db hammer curls 30s x 12, v-bar pushdowns 120 x 12, db curls 30s x 12, closegrip incline pushups x 12, drag curls 40 x 12

notes:  the pump was crazy!  I put on almost 2 inches on my arms, just from the pump!  My arms hurt so much it hurt even letting them hang down.  Actually, they hurt A LOT in between sets, but once I started the next set, the pain kinda went away, how weird is that?  It only hurts when you stop pumping!

Enough of the shirtlessness, here is the triumphant post workout double bicep!

nice dirty shirt!

nice dirty shirt!

And that is that!  Wish me luck in this challenge!

weekend catchup

this weekend, I had a dream.  and that dream involved getting some cardio under my belt.


I am dreaming of cardio here… I can multitask!


Sometimes I have taken one or both weekend days off, but

A. I was feeling solid

B. I wanted to test the preworkout powder out, without the “pump” pills

C.  I wanted to keep burning away


So Saturday I showed up with my neighbour for a little Saturday morning Spin class.  It seems like it is pretty much a different instructor every Saturday morning, must not be a popular slot.  This morning it was an older lady… well I don’t mean OLD, but when the avg age is mid 20s and you see someone obviously over 40, then they are relatively old.  Hey, I love older teachers, they give you more breaks!  Seriously, I love getting pummelled into the ground, but a decent restbreak can be nice too. 🙂

By that logic, I should be down in Boca del Vista, rocking the stationaries with this crafty old vetter


To be fair, my teacher on Sat looked AWESOME for her age.  She was hotter in her 40s than most men or women in their 20s.  I can only hope I look that fit in 10 years.

The Sat class itself was pretty good!  She could work the crowd quite well, for a floater she managed to get her hooks into our motivation quite fast.  The only downside is that she had really wild, crazy aggressive eyes and a big wide cocky grin.  She reminded me of Jane Lynch.


it was at this point she didn’t seem quite as sexy any more


As for the N0 Extreme powder, it held up!  I was sweating like crazy, but it was a clean hard sweat, no jitters, even energy.  Often by the last few songs of the class I feel beat up and depelted, but this time I still had some pep in my step!  The best indicator is typically in our RPM class we do intervals at about Song 5/8 (up, down, up, down), then a straight ahead race on Song 6, then we do some standing climbs on Song 7.  Normally I am pretty wobbly on that last standing climb, but this time I still felt peppy, I could hover low over my bars and sway from side to side like I do at the start of class.

sorta like this


Interestingly, this was roughly how I felt Friday when doing my leg workout, the same kind of energy and focus.  Which MIGHT suggest the NO3 Chrome does nothing.  I will keep that in mind.


After the hourlong Spin class, I actually still felt ready for more punishment!  Luckily, I has not had my second calf session yet that week, so I did some standing bodyweight calf raises:  4 sets of 85, with about a minute rest between each.  then I went home and chilled out 🙂


Sunday!  I got up for another morning Spin class, this time with my fav regular RPM teacher.  Again, took the powder w/o the pills.  Again, crazy solid class.  I had energy from start to finish!  Not that I took it easy on myself.  I was not shy about turning up the resistance, and actually ground to a halt a few times in both Song 3 and Song 7.  Like, you turn it up so high, you HAVE to go into a standing climb, we do a standing climb, then back in the saddle for a “power climb”, then we turn it up again, then another standing climb, then we go back down for another power climb, that was too much for me, my legs came to a complete stop.  Not that I should be surprised, if I am barely making the pedals turn pushing down with all my weight and my muscle strength when I am standing, I am gonna be screwed when I sit down 🙂  So that second power climb I turned the dial down, tried to move my legs, nope, not happening.  I turn it down two more times, ok NOW they can move, so I start chugging away again.

Some people might say I had it up too high, I say NAY.  You have to challenge yourself!  I detest those people that don’t crank up the resistance, and it’s like a whole hour of recovery.  You can do that on your own time, when you show up for a class, you push it beyond your edge and follow the teacher’s lead like the rest of us!  And if you fail and stop, then that is how you get stronger!


I read this saying the other day:

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger


That is SO true.  People can’t be afraid to fall down.  When trying to get fit, you can’t be afraid to fall down, and you can’t be afraid to rest when it’s over.  These things both make you stronger.  So I cranked up the resistance so high, I spun until I failed.  That to me is a sign of a good class.


Again, the preworkout powder held up.  I didn’t do anything after the class, I had errands to run, including typing up this post!  I hope you enjoyed it 🙂


I will leave you with some further motivational from once again Arnold



What is astrology?  I think of it as an attempt to look for patterns in the universe, and apply them to your own life.  People chart the stars, and link them to the animals or the elements, anthropomorphize them, give those animals or elements human traits, then link them back to us.  So, let’s say, that constellation looks like a lion, lions are proud and commanding, someone born under that sign has been influenced by that constellation, and that is how they will be.

But how could every single person born under say Scorpio all act the same way?  Personally, astrology is a fun game for me, not a superstition.  Everyone is different, shaped by their environment, their genetics, their circumstances.  So, you can choose to let your astrological symbol suggest a possible path to you, a way for you to act that is fitting for what your strengths could be.  It’s as ok a system for “how to act” as any.  But your path is still your own to navigate, it isn’t predetermined.  Your options may be limited, but it isn’t all worked out already.

“Yeah so, what the hell does this have to do with your workout?”

Be patient, grasshopper.

you have much to learn

All my life astrology keeps telling me I am fire.  Western astrology, Eastern astrology, fire fire fire.  Your primary animal is a fire element, your secondary is a fire element, you were born on a hot afternoon in the middle of summer, fire!  At the start of the week, I was having lunch with a girl (a pretty cute girl, I might add!) and she was talking to me about “doshas”.  Think of doshas as Hindu medicine with an astrological/elemental twist.  You are fire, water, air, varying degrees.  So I go take the online quiz… guess what I am?  FIRE


Even when I was a kid, they wouldn’t let me donate blood, they said it was too warm… but I digress.

Today I started a new pre-workout, NO3 Chrome.  They are pills and I am taking them with the N0 Extreme pwo powder.  NO3 is the Arginine, to give you a pump, but is otherwise stim free and creatine free.  N0 Extreme has stims, but is creatine free.  I cycled off stims pwo’s for 2 weeks, and am now ready for them again.  I am taking creatine on my own (mono).  So, why not buy the C4 and get pwo and creatine together?  Well I am trying the N0 Extreme, and if I like, I can cycle onto it when I cycle off creatine but still want stims.

All that to say, I was trying some new stuff to get me going for my workouts.  To bring some fire to my routine.

NO3 Chrome

N0 Extreme

This was my first day, first workout taking it!  I took 3 pills of the Chrome, and 1 scoop of the powder, about 60 min before the workout.  On with the show!

cardio 10 min

uneven one leg bench squats (1 min rest):  15, 10

one leg legpress (no rest, back and forth leg to leg):  235 x 25, 15, 10

one leg legcurls (no rest, back and forth leg to leg):  135 x 10, 10, 6, 6, 7

stretch 10 min

cardio 20 min

notes:  I don’t think I felt an arginine pump, but I am a big guy with a high tolerance, so I will give it some time to kick in as I keep taking it.  However, I felt great focus and some good energy right at the start.  And did I mention I was sweating bullets??  The one leg squats felt strong right off the start, good initial burst of energy.  My reps blew my old reps out of the water.

Leg presses were pretty intense.  I didn’t realize how much they tuckered me out until I went to do leg curls.  My right hamstring is what gave out first.  Overall I was disappointed with my leg curls, my goal was 50 reps, I only did close to 40.

Note that under this system, I do NOT go to failure.  I go until I feel like I am about to fail, sometimes I also fail spontaneously.  But some people like to keep going until they flat out fail hard.  I don’t do that because it is hard on your joints.  If you are in your 20s, you can do it if you like.  But once you hit your 30s, the injuries start popping up, and you realize you need to take care of your joints.  So I go until I feel like I will fail on the next one, like my control is gone.

After the leg curl failure, my back felt quite sore.  From what, I do not know.  So I decided to cut the volume off at that, and do some stretches before the cardio.  I did 10 minutes of my favorite yoga back stretches or restorative poses:  waterfall, supine butterfly, cobblers pose, seal pose.  I didn’t hold them as long as I would in Yin, but they still felt really good.


supine butterfly

Then it was time for more cardio!  Again, the N0 Extreme was still raring to go!  I did 20 minutes of heart pumping cardio.  Even though my legs felt like lead, my brain was growling, “MORE”.  So I burnt a hole through that one.

And as I was sweating like crazy and emptying my tank all over the arc trainer, my mind went back to fire.  I was born under a fire sign.  Maybe the only way out for me on this whole losing weight and getting fit thing is to push myself through the burn, to dance into the fire and come out the other side.


ok maybe I don’t get a baby dragon out of it, but it was a pretty cool scene 🙂


I went home after the workout and collapsed.  I am dead tired.  But I wanted to type this up for you guys!  Hope you enjoyed it!

By the way, speaking of fire and ice, one of my favorite movie moments as a child was the opening scene from “A View To A Kill”.  That was the James Bond movie from 1985.  Say what you will about the movie, but that title sequence was hot as balls!  I think I went through puberty immediately from watching that sequence… I’m telling you, the girls in the glow in the dark skisuits?  I still have dreams of women that glow in the dark doing cartwheels through the air on skis.  Any woman who can recreate that scene will be the woman I MARRY.

Don’t believe me?  Watch it