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August 1, 2015

Strongman stuff at 8 AM in the morning. Got there, only me and one other guy, dead gym!

warmup: dorsiflexions; TKEs; straight leg heel raises
High Box Front Squats (Romaleos, SBDs, up to 2 min rests)
bar x 4
135 x 4
185 x 4
*belt on*
240 x 4
240 x 4
240 x 4
240 x 4
240 x 4
275 x 4

notes: tap and go. I kind of wanted to do more and go heavier, but I did quick math, and didn’t think I had time.

Axle Power Cleans (clean from floor, started with 4 min rests)
35 lb axle x 4
80 x 4
125 x 4
125 x 4
*dropped rests to 2 min*
125 x 4
125 x 4
125 x 4
125 x 4

notes: Grabbed a nice fat axle, fatter than last week. Ppl with small hands, beware. On the first set at 125 I ended up jamming my thumb like an idiot. I was using bumper plates, and I didn’t want the axle to bounce up 3 feet when it hit the ground, so I tried to control the drop, and the axle bounced up and jammed my thumb. It hurt, MFer. So after that, I just let it drop like a bomb every time (I was using padded mats). Since I was using an axle and collars don’t fit, I had to keep the bumper plates on with vice grips, so each time it bounced off the floor I had to reset the axle on the mats and readjust the vice grips that bounced loose, so each set was an ordeal. Oh, how I suffer for my art

I also dropped the rests to 2 minutes, since I didn’t know how much time I had before the other guy was going to leave and lock up the gym behind him.

Yoke and Farmers Walk Medley (3 min rests)
400 lb Yoke and 2×130 lb Farmers Walk implements – carry the yoke 10 metres, set it down, pick it back up and carry it back. then pick up the farmers, carry 10 metres, set them down, pick them back up and carry them back.

4 sets of that.

notes: my thumb was stiffening up, so the first set I pussied out and didn’t do the farmers. Mentally I kicked myself in the ass, and starting with Set 2, I did everything. Still, I did the Farmers Walk with a thumbless grip.

Even as I type this, my thumb has no strength, so I am going to skip the evening workout and let my grip rest. I WANT to do Deadlifts tomorrow, and I am really hoping this heals up quick

July 28, 2015

AM Workout

warmup: foam rolled upper back, lats, armpits, triceps; shoulder capsule stretch

6-Way (30 sec rests)

5s x 10
5s x 10
5s x 10

Overhead Cable Tricep extension (30 sec rests)

8 plates x 20
8p x 20
8p x 20

Rear Delt Cable Fly (30 sec rests)

2 plates x 27
2p x 20
2p x 20

post: 15 min LISS cardio

PM Workout Strongman stuff

Log Clean and Press (clean and press each rep, 2 min rests)

110 x 6
110 x 6
110 x 7
110 x 3

notes: really had to work on the technique tonight. Had to slow it down, make the movements and the transitions deliberate, and so it hurt my AMRAP totals, haha. Had to learn to squat down low on the pick off the ground, which brings the log high on my chest, to roll it up to my neck, lean back, bring in my upper chest, and the hardest for me… to keep my elbows high and build a shelf for the log. Then to press up and push my head through. Lots to learn.

Keg Press (2-3 min rests)

120 x 1
150 x 1
150 x 1
150 x FAIL

notes: so close on that last one! Decided to move on. The clock is broken in the gym so I can’t easily track time between sets. And I am anal I guess, because it pisses me off, lol.

Dumbbell Clean and Press (clean and press each rep, 90 sec rests)

75 x 1/1
75 x 2/2
75 x 2/2
75 x 2/2
75 x 2/2

notes: once I remembered to activate my glutes, it got easier.

July 25, 2015

I can’t be the only one excited Wet Hot American Summer is getting an episode run on Netflix This weekend of workouts belongs to them.

July 25

AM Workout

notes: have to be honest, Friday night involved Tequila and ladies… so Saturday morning I felt rough. Decided not to bother with strength, and do a mix of Conditioning work and Technical lifts. Did I mention it was 8 AM? Feeling rough.

warmup: foam rolled upper back, lats, IT bands, adductors, piriformis

Prowler: Push & Drag: 20 metre push, 20 m drag back with a rope; 2 min rests

empty prowler (testing out the parking lot) for a set

prowler + 150. for 8 sets

notes: not the smoothest parking lot surface – chunks missing and an overall slope. the drag back sucked, felt like I was going up an incline. hot and wet summer day outside

Axle Power Cleans (3 min rests)

20 lb axle x 5
65 x 3
85 x 3
105 x 3
172 x 1 (grinder!)
120 x 1
130 x 1
140 x 1
150 x 1

notes: the 172 was an accident, I thought the plates were pounds, but they were kilos, LOL.

PM Workout

hypertrophy was in the cards that night.

superset: DB side raises with holds at the top and slow negs, then Cuban presses, then 1 arm DB shrugs. run through that superset twice

DB Incline Press (60 sec rests)

Superset every set with Blackburns (YWT iso holds laying on your stomach)

50s x 6
55s x 6
60s x 6
65s x 6
70s x 6
75s x 6
80s x 6
85s x 4

notes: the Blackburns help me keep the shoulder healthy

Kroc rows (60 sec rests)

50s x 8
80s x 8
100s x 17
100s x 11
90s x 17

notes: only 60 seconds between Kroc rows kicks my ass. Its like going all the way to failure, maybe even slightly past failure, then going right away again. had to drop the weight for set 3. However, my whole back felt pumped! Magic.

DB Skullcrushers (30 sec rests)

15s x 12
20s x 10
25s x 8
30s x 6
35s x 4

Pallof Press (30 sec rests)

4 plates x 20/20
4p x 20/20
4p x 20/20

March 20, 2015

Finally, a warm day! I legitimately enjoyed walking outside. Please come here nao spring… my heating bills are ridiculous.

Kettlebell Cleans

Still rehabbing my shoulder.

Kettlebell Cleans

30 lb x 10 per arm
45 lb x 10/10
50 x 8/8
50 x 8/8
50 x 8/8

then we practiced just letting me hold the bar in the right position, as a way to prep my shoulder.

Superset Face Pulls & Pullaparts (using heavy resistance band, 30 sec rest)

20 face pulls, 15 pullaparts
20, 15
20, 15
20, 15

Z Press (butt up on folded yoga mat)

45 x 8
75 x 7
115 x 6, 2 assisted reps
115 x 4, then 4 assisted reps

Shoulder Complex: DB front raises, side raises, bent over RD flys

I used the 12 lb DBs for these, my shoulder was tweaking like hell.


Abdominals: mountain climbers, leg raises, bicycle crunches

20, 10, 20
20, 10, 30