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Fourth day in a row, shoulders and chest 2 days after doing chest and shoulders.  This workout wore me out!  Woooo!!!!  Gonna have to say I earned my rest day tomorrow!  Maybe my shoulders don’t have the endurance to do 2 big workouts 2 days apart.  Nice try though, haha!

Overhead Press and Assistance

Superset Standing Overhead Press and Over & Backs  (60s rest between supersets)

55 x 5 / O&B x 8

70 x 5 / OB 8

85 x 5 / 8

90 x 5 / 8

105 x 5 / 8

120 x 9 / 8

notes:  Not bad!  Had to use a cambered bar, and cleaned it from the floor start of each set.  Cambered actually makes it a bit easier, I wonder if it’s because the weight is all closer together?  Less to balance?  I like to use quarter plates because of the smaller diameter, less chance of it banging into my wrists.


Superset Weighted Minor Chest Dips and Rear Delt DB Flys (30s rest)

25 x 12 / 15s x 20

25 x 12 / 15s x 20

25 x 12 / 15s x 20

25 x 12 / 15s x 20

notes:  Squeeze a dumbbell between my legs for the dips.  Worked fine.  Lowered the rest to 30 seconds, and my rear delts were burning so hard by the end!  I should have known it was all downhill from here, HAHAHA


Superset Hex Press and Spread-Aparts w/ Resistance Band  (45s rest, hold the squeeze for 1 second at the peak contraction of the spreadaparts)

55s x 10 / 10 spreads

55s x 10 / 10

55s x 10 / 5

55s x 4 / 10

notes:  Dying!  On the third set I couldn’t do a 6th spread apart.  I rested for a second or two, and tried to do more, but I couldn’t get one.  My shoulders were dying.  On the 4th set, I couldn’t even stabilize the dumbbells any more to mash them together for the hex press, so I had to stop.  Although I took a wider grip on the spread aparts so I could get all 10.


Superset 6-Way and Over & Backs  (45s rest)

10s x 10 / 15 O&Bs

10s x 10 / 13

10s x 10 / 10

notes:  My shoulders couldn’t take the over & backs, they were toast.  The 6-Ways were grueling too.  It was a real gut check at this point just to do all 3 sets, I needed to dig deep.  You don’t need heavy weight to rip your shoulders to shreds!

 Then off to work!  Oh ya, did I mention this workout was at 6:30 am?  HAHAHA.  Crazy times.


I find the arrogance of some people in the gym hilarious.  As a recovering fat dude, I used to be ashamed to go to the gym, and when I did go, I would see some people look at me with smirks.  Don’t think I didn’t notice.  But I kept working.  While they texted, I was doing another set.  While they were chatting it up, I just did another set.

Finally after quite some time putting in this work ethic, I started to look different.  Nowadays in the gym, in multiple gyms, I run into some guys, and I recognize the arrogant type right away.  I long ago learned what the guys look like who prey on the ones they feel are weaker, who look down on people and condescend.  So now I see them hovering around the edges, waiting to talk to me.  I know it makes me sound arrogant too, but when they do talk I always give my honest and helpful thoughts back.  I just don’t act like I am kin to them.  They try and buddy up, and I am non-responsive.

I long ago learned that work is work, no matter what you look like, and the arrogant dudes bleed just like the humble guys do.  I was hungry when people thought I knew nothing, and I’m even hungrier now that people think I have something to teach them.  BIG said it above, my hunger is unexplainable.

Shoulders, some chest

During this workout, I was also running around spotting a coworker and checking his form on his own exercises, so I couldn’t tightly control my rest periods.  no biggie.  He is getting strong!!

Superset Standing Overhead Press & Over & Backs w Heavy Resistance Band  (rest varied)

55 x 5 / O&B x 8
65 x 5 / 8
80 x 5 / 8
100 x 5 / 8
115 x 3 / 8
130 x 6 / 8

notes:  Happy at the AMRAP set!  PR!  Best I have ever done.  The gym is small and resources are limited, and my coworker was doing bench press (Monday chest day!  haha) so I had to use the cambered bar for my OHPs, and also had to clean it from the floor to starting position.  I was worried this would gas me for the set, but I did exceedingly well 🙂  I will assume the cambered bar was 25 pounds!

Superset Minor Chest Dips & Incline Rear Delt DB Flys (rest varies)

12 / 15s x 20

12 / 15s x 20

12 / 15s x 20

12 / 15s x 20

notes:  supersetting with chest work allows me to flex my pecs during the flys to squeeze a few extra reps out!


Superset Hex Press & Pull-Aparts w Resistance Band (rest varies, for pull-aparts you bring hands away with straight arms to form a T, then flex your rear delts and hold for 1 second, keep constant tension)

50s x 10 / 12

50s x 10 / 12

50s x 10 / 12

50s x 10 / 12

notes:  Hex Presses mean you mash the dumbbells together (length to length, not end against end).  Also something I call a closegrip DB press.  50s were easy on the pressing work, but the dumbbells were circular disc type weights, so keeping them steady and controlled as I mashed them together was most of the work.  If they were straight edge polyhedron kind of ends it would be easier, oh well.  Resistance band work feels great on my shoulders!  taxing but good!


Superset 6 Ways & Over & Backs w Band (rest varies)

10s x 10 / 20

10s x 10 / 20

10s x 10 / 20

notes:  First time doing the 6 Way exercise!  I tried 15s…. NOPE!  My rotator cuffs told me stop after 1 rep.  10 pound DBs felt much better.  Lots of light weight used in this workout, and it still did the job quite well!