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July 4, 2015

All these things yesterday that I HAD to do. But not enough energy in the tank to do all of them. Workout, go to work and put in some overtime, work out again, other stuff on my list… turns out all I could get out of myself is lots of sleep. But I still dragged my ass down to the gym, twice.

AM Workout

warmup: rumble rolled IT bands, Adductors, Piriformis; dorsiflexion warmup; TKE; hamstring warmup; side planks

Front Squats (rest varied, SBDs, Romaleos)

bar x 5
95 x 5
140 x 4
140 x 4
140 x 4
140 x 4
140 x 4
140 x 4
140 x 4
140 x 4

notes: decided to leave the belt off. Rest was only supposed to be 1 minute, but work was bugging me a lot, and I kept getting distracted between sets.

Block Pulls (set below knees, short rests, sock feet)

200 x 5
270 x 5
320 x 5 w/belt
220 x 5
200 x 5

notes: I wore a belt for the top set. Mostly I just changed the weights and went again, for the top set I think I sat for 30 seconds and cooled off.

100 reps of ab work

100 reps of rear delt work

hyper extensions: 3 sets of 12

notes: after the workout, biceps were a little sore, so I did some myofascial release on them, both the end close to the elbow and the end close to the shoulder. My forearms see a lot of work these days, they feel ready to cramp all day long.

PM Workout

Generic apartment complex gym, attempt at inducing pump: short rests, high reps, slowly ramping up the weight

Lat Pulldowns (30 sec rests)

2 plates x 15
3p x 15
4p x 15
5p x 15
6p x 15
7p x 15
8p x 15
9p x 15
10p x 15
11p x 15
12p x 15
13p x 15
14p x 11

notes: back actually did feel a pump!

Leg Extensions (30 sec rests)

1 plate x 15
2p x 15
3p x 15
4p x 15
5p x 15
6p x 15
7p x 15
8p x 15
9p x 10

notes: quads did not feel a pump… I don’t know if this style of workout works on my thighs in terms of pumps.

post: 15 min LISS elliptical

post-post: hot tub

March 30, 2015

I had to make a presentation across town in the afternoon (thank you Moore’s for having a suit sale!), so I ended up being late to the studio for my apt with the trainer. my own fault. had to cut most of the workout out.

Push Press (short rest)

65 x 8
95 x 8
115 x 8
135 x 7
135 x 8

notes: I suck at these, so I am still just doing weight I could strict press, lol.


hanging knee raises x 10 then Bicycle Crunches on the bosu x 20 … 2 sets of that
V-Ups x 12 then side planks for w/e the F number of seconds then a bunch of Supermans… 3 sets of that

post-workout LISS on the elliptical

March 25, 2015

I hate posting in this new format by the way.  Adding tags is just painful now.  Thanks WordPress.

Did some late afternoon work at the office gym. It was a brutal day, but I was able to get in a bit of gym work.

DB Flat Press (up to 2 min rest b/w sets)

25s x 5
35s x 5
45s x 5
(elbow sleeves on)
55s x 20
65s x 12
75s x 10
85s x 6
95s x FAIL
95s x 1

notes: I could feel from the start that intensity was just not there. Maybe it was the workday, maybe it was my 4th workout day in a row, who knows. But when I loaded the 95s up, they sunk deep into the bottom position, I lost the tension, and couldn’t get a rep. So I quickly reset and went again, but after the first rep, they sunk deep into the bottom position again and couldn’t get a second rep. So I decided F it, and moved on to something easier, like abs.

prone straight leg raise (30 sec rest)

20, 20, 20

cable crunches (30 sec rest)

62.5 x 20, 20, 20

post-workout: 30 min LISS elliptical

Then the office gym was about to close, so I packed it in.

March 20, 2015

Finally, a warm day! I legitimately enjoyed walking outside. Please come here nao spring… my heating bills are ridiculous.

Kettlebell Cleans

Still rehabbing my shoulder.

Kettlebell Cleans

30 lb x 10 per arm
45 lb x 10/10
50 x 8/8
50 x 8/8
50 x 8/8

then we practiced just letting me hold the bar in the right position, as a way to prep my shoulder.

Superset Face Pulls & Pullaparts (using heavy resistance band, 30 sec rest)

20 face pulls, 15 pullaparts
20, 15
20, 15
20, 15

Z Press (butt up on folded yoga mat)

45 x 8
75 x 7
115 x 6, 2 assisted reps
115 x 4, then 4 assisted reps

Shoulder Complex: DB front raises, side raises, bent over RD flys

I used the 12 lb DBs for these, my shoulder was tweaking like hell.


Abdominals: mountain climbers, leg raises, bicycle crunches

20, 10, 20
20, 10, 30

Feb 26

Thursday ‘nanigans.

My triceps are sore! WTF. was it the shoulder workout yesterday?? mmmk

My feet hurt as well, my toe joints are wrecked to chit. Cold weather, gout, fukoff I called an audible and scrapped the glute-ham workout today and did back in the early afternoon and some cardi-abs in the mid-afternoon.

afternoon Office-Gym Back

widegrip cable rows (60 sec rest)

125 x 10
125 x 10
125 x 10
125 x 10
125 x 10

notes: Felt good, threw a few slow negs in there too. I wanted to really stretch my back on the negative to encourage that pump.

1 Arm DB Rows (90 sec rest)

100 x 8/8
100 x 8/8
100 x 8/8
100 x 8/8
100 x 8/8

notes: Tried a higher hand placement for my offhand. Did not like it, my upper back kept rounding. On the last few reps on each set, let my arm hang down deep and tried to stretch my back out.

Pulldowns (grip varies, 60 sec rest)

145 x 10 Widegrip
145 x 10 Underhand grip
145 x 10 Wide
145 x 10 Under
145 x 9 Wide
145 x 8 Under

notes: Stopped a set when it seemed like my arms were assisting too much.

My back felt pumped! Success! It felt filled with blood and big. I also noticed some extra pump size going on in the biceps, thank you Back Day.

Then back to work.

Left work, went to the trainer’s studio, more fun.

Late afternoon cardi-abs

no pwo! sacrilege!

1000 somethings of rowingmachine (miles? ya sure, 1000 miles of rowing. laps?)
10 minutes on the stationary bike

biceps were still pumped, trainer commented on them, lol

Abdominal Medley: 3 or 4 sets of this nonsense
one leg V sit-ups, 10 per leg
prone leg raises with someone pushing my legs down at the top, 12 reps
side to side crunches, 20 reps
push-through crunches, 12 reps

Cut Day 27

My trainer prescribed a good shoulder health day for myself – exercises that I have done before that feel good on my shoulder girdle, and gave me a pump while I was at it. I took some John Meadows routines and mashed them together. He might not approve, but hey, it is my mix


take a DB through ROM for my rotator cuff, 30 seconds rest b/w sets

15 lb DB done 15 times per side; 3 sets

Scapula Stretch Pulldowns (90 sec rest b/w sets)

120 x 8
130 x 8
140 x 8
150 x 8
160 x 8
170 x 8

notes: These are simple enough, widegrip pulldowns, but you let your arms extend at the top all the way, until you feel a stretch in your scapulae, pulling your arms out of the sockets a bit and starting to pull you off of the seat pad. Not knowing what this cable machine was like, I started low and worked my way up.

Stretched Rows (90 sec rest)

150 x 8
150 x 8
150 x 8

notes: Continuing in the same thought process of stretching my shoulders out first, these are a bit more complicated. You put a narrowgrip attachment on the lat pulldown machine, stand up and back from it, brace one foot on the seat pad, and row the attachment into your chest. But on the negative you let your arms extend all the way, until you can drop your head down between your arms. You look like an idiot, but it works. After these first two movements plus the warmup, my shoulders felt loose, AND I had a really good pump going on in my back from such a wide-extending ROM. Bonus!

Superset Minor Chest Dips and DB Rear Delt Flyes (90s rest)

10 dips / 10s x 20
10 dips / 10s x 20
10 dips / 10s x 20
10 dips / 10s x 20

notes: Minor chest dips are when you keep your arms straight and SINK down into your shoulder girdle, pressing yourself up with only your chest. Doing the RD flyes, I could tell right away my right shoulder was sore, but I also felt like this movement was not making it worse, merely exposing where the stiffness is. Don’t need to go heavy, just need to work the cobwebs out of it.

Superset DB Hex Press and Band Pullaparts (90s rest; flex each pullapart at peak contraction for 1 second)

50s x 10 / 20 pullaparts
50s x 10 / 20 pullaparts
50s x 10 / 20 pullaparts

notes: Hex Press means you mash the DBs together as you press. Right away, my shoulder groaned from this. I didn’t want to risk this pressing movement aggravating it, so I cut one set out and raised the reps on the pullaparts up from 10 to 20. This transferred more work to my rear delts, but I think they haven’t been getting enough to do lately and its been unbalancing.

Superset DB 6-Way and Band Over&Backs (90 s rest)

10s x 10 / 20 O&Bs
10s x 10 / 20 O&Bs
10s x 10 / 20 O&Bs

notes: I SAY I am doing 20 over and backs, but by this point in the workout, my shoulders are so pumped, I need a few breaks during the second and third set! This is why I love this particular Meadows workout, it pumps the hell out of my shoulders with no weight! I have done it maybe 6 times, and each time I do it, I can NEVER make it through those over and backs at the end. The sequencing of the movements is just genius, it works quite well on me, the whole thing as a package.

Prone Leg Raises (straight legs, 30s rest)

25, 25, 25, 25

notes: Again, I had to take a few breaks, but did not end the set until I hit 25.

Creampuff Ab Machine (30s rest)

160 x 25
160 x 25
160 x 25
160 x 25

post-workout: 15 min LISS on the elliptical, staying in the “endurance” zone

Cut Day 24

5th Day of workouts in a row, and I am now seriously ready for an offday.

Was going to keep it light today, but get my work in.

warm-up: nada

Superset Overhead Press and Assisted Pullups (pullups assisted for 1/3 BW, 30-60 sec rest)

45 x 5 / 5 hammergrip
65 x 5 / 5
90 x 3 / 5
100 x 2 / 5
115 x 1 / 5

move to straight sets of OHP, elbow sleeves on, increase rest to 3 min

127.5 @RPE8
127.5 @RPE8
127.5 @RPE8
127.5 @RPE8.5

notes: My mentality today on how to gauge an 8.5 was: if I have even the smallest hitch in the lift in the last rep of the set (unless I did something grossly stupid and the set needed a do-over), then I will call it an 8.5. That happened in set 4.

Front Squats (Romaleos, SBDs, minimal rest)

60 x 5
80 x 3
90 x 2
105 x 1

115 x 6 @RPE8
115 x 6 @RPE8
115 x 6 @RPE8.5

notes: OK! Ignore my poverty front squats. truthfully, I have never really done them regularly, just a few one of’s for workouts. So I just started light and worked on my grip. Plus I did regular back squats only yesterday. Whatever. It is a start

I went beltless because I know my core is one of my weak spots, so I wanted the limiting factor in my front squat to be my core. I want to use this movement to help build up my core, so it might not experience massive jumps in weight for a while until I get my weak links right. Small increments of gains.

Hex Bar Shrugs (thick grip, up and back on every rep, 60s rest)

280 x 12
280 x 12
280 x 12

notes: Lowered the rest and raised the weight from last week. It was hard, but still do-able.

Prone Leg Raises (30s rest)

25 stiff leg
25 stiff leg
20 stiff, 5 bent leg
10 stiff, 6 bent

notes: my grip was tired so I decided to do them lying on the floor. My abs got tired fast, dammit! Whatever, clearly I need more direct ab work. I blame front squats 😛

Ab Crunch Machine (30s rest)

160 x 25
160 x 25
160 x 25
160 x 25

notes: I know these machines are creampuff exercises for fat guys; a dude with a big trunk could almost move the weight just through gravity, most guys could make the pad bounce with a pec flex, but whatever, I took a creampuff movement for the end of my ab work

post-workout: 15 min LISS cardio, elliptical

And that was that! 5 days in a row. I need a nap.

22/27 Shoulders

High-carb day! It hit me like a truck, I farted when setting up for my bench press. Back arch to breaking wind manoeuvre.

Overhead Press (straight bar off the rack this time)

warm-up – Superset with Over & Backs w the heavy resistance band (change weights and go again)

65 x 5 / OB8

80 x 5 / 8

95 x 5 / 8

main – Superset with Widegrip Free Cable Pulldowns (change weights and go again, pulldowns were strict with no lean back)

105 x 5 / … my trainer set the weight on the pulldowns, forgot to give a fukk and check what the weight was… let’s say heavy weight x 5

120 x 5 / heavy x 5

135 x 8 / heavy x 5 (elbow sleeves were on for the OHP)

Assistance – Bench Press (barefoot)

warm-up – Superset with Pulldowns (change weight and go again)

bar x 10 / heavy x 5

95 x 3 / heavy x 5

115 x 3 / heavy x 5

135 x 1 / heavy x 5

185 x 1 / heavy x 5

main assist (30 s rest, straight sets, elbow sleeves on)

200 x 1

200 x 1

200 x 1

200 x 1

200 x 1

notes: As it got heavy, my form decayed. Not in the traditonal way – normally when my form goes bad, my left shoulder lifts or shrugs upward. That was fine. Instead this time, I kept drifting the bar almost right away to the right. I had to really clamp down on my core to keep the bar centered. The lift itself felt fine, but when I went to rack, it was all fukked up. Them chitty shoulder problems…


4 sets of 12 crunches (reach to the ceiling, trainer hovered over me and I pushed against the trainer’s palms, 30 s rest between sets)

Cycle 1 Week 3 Back

An article was published about me today on my trainer’s website, a testimonial to my progress:



Putting yourself out there like that for consumption is always tough.  My coach knows my deal, but it is daunting to expose yourself like that to the world.  But sometimes you have to step forward with your shields down and take your hits.  Because you need people to know what you feel, know what you think.  Be proud of your vulnerability.

I am going to put up a video by a girl who SHOULD be a Leo, but apparently she is not.  I give her honorary Leo status anyways, Erykah Badu.  This video was shot guerilla-style on the streets of Dallas, and is one of my favorite videos of all time.  The lyrics and the visuals are so vulnerable and strong, its beautiful.  She’s got guts.



The work tonight wasn’t good.  I wasn’t feeling it, and I just felt worn down.  Got in my main lifts and did some ab work, and ran away.  No assistance.  Boo.

150 x 5

190 x 5

225 x 5

280 x 5

320 x 3

360 x 3

grip was gone early.  My head and my heart weren’t in it, so I wasn’t exploding off the ground and accelerating, which made each deadlift seem about TWICE as long.  It prob didn’t help this was the end of my 2nd 3 day split in a row, but no matter how you slice it, I am going to enjoy a rest day tomorrow.


After I did some ab work:  knee to elbow crunches, boat-style double crunches, windshield wipers.


Take care, all.

Day 28:  Deplete Day / Back, Bi, Core

Chest DOMS!  Yayyyyyy, DARKNESS!!!!!!  I love chest DOMS

First day back on the Beta Test, already snapping on friends… let the drama ensue, LOL

After work headed to the studio with the PT.  My foot is injured (nasty gash on the bottom, don’t ask), and I had been limping all day, so didn’t want to put pressure on it.  So Leg Day was out.  Took pics, then time for Back Day!!

Barbell Rows (45 sec rest)

135 x 15
155 x 12
155 x 10
155 x 10
155 x 10


notes:  Trainer wouldn’t let me go up in weight until my form was flawless, and it kept getting harder each set lol – 90 degree bend, pop that butt out, stop using your arms, control it.  Damn it, woman!  Let me lift in peace!  LOL.  Oh well, good form will help me grow.

Widegrip Pulldowns (45 sec rest)

130 x 10
140 x 10
150 x 10
150 x 10


notes:  Stupid, stiff-ass rubber belt feed machine.  DIAF.  Still having issues getting good contractions.

Superset DB Pullovers and Wide hammergrip Machine Mid-Row (45 sec rest)

60 x 12 / 80 x 15
60 x 12 / 80 x 15
60 x 12 / 80 x 15
60 x 12 / 80 x 15



notes:  Got hammered a lot on my form to keep my arms totally straight on the pullovers, made this pretty challenging.  Was rewarded for my hard work with some solid contractions on the rows though, even if it was a bit light.

Australian pullups (30 sec rest)

10, 10, 10

notes:  Warming up the biceps

Cable Curls (45 sec rest)

100 x 12
110 x 12
110 x 12
110 x 12

notes:  These always wear me the F out before my hammer curls.

Seated DB Hammer Curls (45 sec rest)

30s x 12
25s x 12
25s x 12
25s x 12

notes:  Trainer wasn’t happy with my form, so we dropped the weight and I did much better.

Superset Prone Straight Leg Raises and Reaching Crunches (30 sec rest)


notes:  ugh my core sucks!

Out of time at this point, headed for home!