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Back in the Saddle

Woke up Tuesday morning ready to get back in the gym!  3 days is too long.

Made it to the gym at 6 am, spin wouldn’t start until 7, so I did some shoulders.

Shoulders:  (30 sec rest b/w sets)

half-kneeling landmine presses:  (no rest, back and forth arm to arm) 35+bar x 15/15, 15/15, 12/12, 10/10

cable lat raise:  40 x 12/12, 10/12, 8/12

cable reverse fly:  77 x 12, 12, 12

cable upright row:  135 x 12, 12, 12, 12

notes:  my shoulders and traps and neck muscles had taken a beating on Monday, so I wanted to work them, but not with a heavy weight, just lots of reps and not much rest.  So no shrugs and no military press.  For the lat raise, my left shoulder was getting tired fast, no big surprise.  No soreness though.  Reverse flys I still had the masseur’s voice in my head (reverse fly as much as you fly)… wtf bro, doUevenlift??  so I managed to pull a decent weight for me, worked to keep it smooth and controlled.

Then Spin!  It was someone’s birthday I think, so they brought in mini-muffins (which I avoided), and Courtney played all 90’s music… ugh.  Lots of Mr Vain and Whoomp there it is, Haddaway, KLF, something off the Bodyguard soundtrack, hahaha!  Kill me now.  Mostly races.  Good to get back in the saddle though!  Busted out a quick hour, headed to work.


I was intending to work out at lunch, but work was wall to wall busy, so that didn’t happen.  I was going to go to the gym after work, but… there was a bomb scare downtown where I work, so I said FUCK THAT and just came home instead, lol.  Well, I should modify that:  a “suspicious package” scare.  that they blew up.  no further info that I have found.



So, I am glad I got in the gym time in the morning!  How about you?  Get any workouts in today?

Tuesday I made it to the gym for 6, then did some back work while I waited for 7 am spin.

Tuesday AM Back  (30 sec b/w sets)

assisted pullups:  widegrip x 15, 12; underhand x 12; hammergrip x 10

widegrip machine row:  225 x 12, 8, 8

narrow pulldowns:  180 x 15, 12, 10, 9

hyperextensions:  2×25 plates x 12, 10, 12


notes:  my focus wasn’t really there this workout, and I had recently increased the weight on most of the exercises, so in the end I didn’t push it too intensely, I just got comfortable with the increases.  The pullups went well though, I was happy with those.


At lunch I slipped out of work to go do some biceps at the office gym.  It was totally empty!

Tuesday Noon Biceps  (30 sec rest b/w sets)

spider curls:  30 x 15/15, 15/15, 12/12, 10/10

incline curls:  30s x 12, 8, 4

EZ curl:  75 x 12, 12, 12

cable curl drop set:  105 x 12, 75 x 12, 60 x 12, 45 x 12

notes:  spider curls felt really good, but I just had no energy for the inclines.  This was disappointing, and in some way it got me worked up, and came at the EZ curls really aggressively, since no one else was there.  I nailed those sets!  I was quite happy with those sets, I went quick but stayed flat against the wall and didn’t cheat and/or swing.  I was feeling some tendonitis again in my left forearm, so I did cable curls for the drop sets instead of preacher curls.  Those felt light, will go heavier next time.


Wednesday morning I made it to the gym about 6:30 am… I just wasn’t motivated for spin.  So I did legs, then some cardio after.

Wednesday AM Legs  (30 sec rest)

warmup:  10 min on elliptical

45 degree leg press:  2 warmup sets with 540; 720 x 15, 15, 15, 15

stationary lunges:  90 lbs x 12/3***

stiff-legged deadlift:  185 x 12, 12, 12

leg extensions:  180 x 12, 12, 12, 12

seated leg curls:  180 x 15, 15, 15, 15

cardio:  elliptical at 65% resistance, incline 9, burnt about 660 Cal

notes:  The Leg Presses felt stiff, but good.  When I went to do lunges, on the first set with my right foot forward, my left ankle just gave out and rolled!  Luckily it wasn’t my weight-bearing foot!  That left ankle had been sore since Sunday, so I knew it wasn’t a fluke.  I cancelled lunges (screw you lunges!) and moved on to SLDL while I gathered my thoughts.  After SLDL, I decided to throw in some leg extensions, leave the weight off my ankle.  After those I did some leg curls.  Have to say, the hamstrings felt strong this workout!  They are really coming in nice, not sure if they look any different, but they are getting much stronger, something is clicking.


At lunch, I slipped out of work with a coworker to go to the office gym.  He did cardio, I did shoulders.

Wednesday Noon Shoulders (30 sec rest, you know the drill)

seated smith machine shoulder press:  2 warmup sets; 80 + bar x 15, 15, 12, 9+4

cable lat raises:  45 x 10/10, 8/8, 8/8

reverse cable fly:  90 x 12, 12, 11

db shrugs:  170 x 15, 15, 15, 15

notes:  this workout was super quick, made it easy to get back to work.  With the presses, on the last set I did 9, then paused a few sec, then busted out 4 more.  Some minor progress since last Friday, so its all good.  Lat Raises was a big jump in weight, so I was conservative with the reps while I let my shoulders get used to it.  For the shrugs, I tried to apply the advice Les had been drilling into me:  pull up and back, not just up.  Use your traps, not your neck.  So I did that, and they went pretty well.  Grungy ass 85 lb old school dumbbells were murder on my fresh calluses though!


And those were 2 days worth of workouts!  How about you?  Any good workouts?

Legs and Shoulders day is the biggest day.  It takes the longest, super grueling.  Usually legs can fill a workout just fine all on their own, but I like quarantining shoulders off from the other days so I can keep them under observation.  But when it’s legs and shoulders day, it’s like a meal and a half.

I rested up on Saturday and headed out Sunday morning to get some iron action.  I did 18 working sets of legs (7 single leg type presses, 7 sets of pulls, 4 sets of calves), and THEN headed off to do a Spin class to finish my legs off, THEN went to go do shoulders (10 sets, minus the rear delt flys I did Friday), THEN some abs to finish me off.  Killer! 2 hours and 15 min of work!

Legs & Shoulders: (30 sec rest b/w sets, unless otherwise noted)

single leg presses: (back and forth leg to leg, no rest)  270 x 15/15, 15/15, 15/15, 15/15

lunges w dumbbells:  90 lbs x 8/8, 8/8, 8/8

stiff leg DL:  125 x 12, 12, 12

seated leg curls:  210 x 15, 15, 15, 13

standing bodyweight calf raises:  85, 85, 85, 85

SPIN – 60 min

machine shoulder press:  100 x 15, 15, 10, 9

machine lat raise:  60 x 12, 12, 12

cable upright row:  90 x 12, 100 x 12, 110 x 12

hanging knee raises:  8, 7, 5

notes:  ahhh I hate lunges.  seated leg curls felt hard!  possibly because single leg presses, lunges and the SLDL already hit my hams, hahaha.

Finishing the legs off with Spin seemed like a good idea at the time.  It was a tough class!  I wanted to stop, vomit and run away about 15 min in to the class, lol.  Even more dire:  I wasn’t sure which of those 3 I wanted to do first… But after about 40 min the pain went away and it felt REALLY GOOD.  It turned out to be an awesome class.

Shoulders were good.  My front delts didn’t feel any pain, but were sort of tired.  I didn’t crush that weight.  I think the reason is I am gunshy about getting aggressive during shoulder work, I don’t get intense because I am always observing how it feels.  The sprain still has me a little timid, one year later.  My form last week on the lat raises with db’s was crap, so this week I used a machine to help with my form.  It worked well!

Traps were strong though.  Ab work was good, I could have done more but my grip was burning on those hangs!  I had to blow on my palms in between sets, friction burns from the rubber grips.  I need to either get gloves, or develop some sweet calluses!  Protect my palms!

And how about you?  Any good workouts today?

Wednesday Workout

After work I headed down to the gym, thinking of doing circuits, but waiting to see how busy it was first.  While it WAS busy, most people were either on the cardio machines or playing with the dumbbells, which left some solid open pockets of machine time.  I personally prefer free weights, but I made do with what was free so I would not have to wait for weight.


30 min cardio machine

Circuit 1:  1 leg Leg Press machine (do each leg), then 1 leg Leg Curl; 4 times through, no rest if possible

press/curl:  235×8,8/120×8,8/235×8,8/120×8,8/235×8,8/120×8,8/30 sec REST/255×8,8/135×8,8

notes:  this was a good warmup after the cardio machine.  I took a rest before the 4th time through because I HAD to, the machines were occupied.  It was only 30 sec and since it was the last runthrough, I also upped the weight a little bit for those sets.


Circuit 2:  shoulder press machine, then hyperextensions, then quad extensions, 3 times through no rest

shoulders/back/legs:  100×8/35×8/255×8/100×8/35×8/255×8/100×8/35×8/255×8

notes:  my lower back was a little sore, so I thought hyperextensions might be nice, and noone was on it!  Well when I was doing leg curls, I saw a guy doing bicep curls on them for like 1 set, then he wandered away – guess he lost interest.  This one was the riskiest circuit, since I had to walk all over the gym, but it worked out, no real delays except when I ran into a friend and his trainer doing chinups and I chatted him up for 20 sec or so, right around the 3rd time through the circuit.  Otherwise no rest except travel time to the station.

Actually before doing the circuit, I hung out on the hyperextension station for a second and just did a static hold for around a minute or so.  This was risky, since it put me in the path of everyone racking the dumbbells 30 lbs or lower, but just holding the flex in my lower back felt nice.  I should probably do that more often as a warmup or something.  Fat guys have sore lower backs 🙂  So when it was time for the circuit, I grabbed a 35 lb plate that was lying nearby.

The quad extensions felt fine, but the machine doesnt go any heavier, so I have to use 1 leg at a time next time I do it.


Circuit 3:  short bridge x 40, then calf raise x 40, then reverse flys x 20, then bicycle crunches x 30; twice through, no rest

a/b/c/d:  40/40/60×20/30/40/40/60×20/30

notes:  the gym was getting busier, so I found a corner by the pec dec that had a yoga mat, so I set up camp on the pec dec, and did 3 bodyweight exercises and sat on the pec dec in reverse.  I don’t find that machine comfortable in reverse, so I set the weight light and tried to focus on the squeeze.  I went through it twice with no issues, I think it might have been too easy a circuit, to be honest.  I know I picked it for its convenience, but if I went with those same exercises again I would add weight.


And that was that!  How was your day?

The plan for today was spin, then some shoulders, and if I felt like I had the juice left then do some arms, maybe yoga later on?

Showed up for some Sunday morning spin with Andrea.  The class wasn’t very full!  I think the November rush has fizzled out and now people are shopping and partying.  But wait for January!  It will be pandemonium. (no neighbour today, he had a brunch)

Spin class was good as always, went through the regular routine:  warmup races, some harder races, some standing climbs and power climbs, mixed terrain, intervals, another long race, one more good climbing song (climbing mixed with downhill races), then a cooldown song, some stretches.  I think Andrea might have been rockin out too hard to the intervals song, she knocked the iPod off the shelf, and we just kept biking along until it was all set up again (to her credit, she got the timing exactly right on the next stage of the spinwork when the music kicked back in, so the train didn’t derail entirely).  The song she was rocking out too much to?  Brick by Boring Brick.

I was feeling good and sweaty and warmed up after that 60 min class, so I went to do some shoulders!  The name of the game today was limited rest:  short short rests between sets, heavier lifts mixed with lighter lifts.


seated dumbbell presses:  100 x 13, 8, 5, 3, 4 (30 sec rest for the first 2 breaks, 45 sec rest for the last 2 breaks)

dumbbell lateral raises:  50 x 10, 8, 5, 5, 2 (30 sec rest at each break)

cable reverse flys:  55 x 10, 5, 5, 6  33 x 7, 7, 7, 8, 8, 7  (10 sec rest each break only!)

cable face pulls (using rope):  38 x 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10  (10 sec rest each break)

dumbbell shrugs:  160 x 10, 10, 8, 7  (30 sec rest each break)


notes:  this workout was brutal!  I needed a few minutes between each exercise just to recompose myself.  After those reverse flys especially, I could barely lift my arms.  I scrapped my arms plans and crawled out of the gym to escape home and hide, I was traumatized.  After a few hours of rest at home, I also scrapped my yoga plans, rest and recover was sorely needed.  I didn’t injure myself, but goddamn!  It was rough.

With the seated presses, it was hard just swinging the dumbbells up to my shoulders (by the way, when I type 100 with dumbbells, I mean 2 x 50 lb dumbbells.  If I was pressing 100 lb dumbbells, I would take a picture, haha!  That’s just how I type it, 2 x 80 lb dumbbells for the shrugs, for example.  I report the total weight.)

Those seated presses were pretty hard.  I mean, the first set is ALWAYS very doable.  But with a limited rest, it all goes downhill QUITE fast, lol.  I even increased the rest to 45 sec, and still I couldn’t pop them up any more.

The lat raises were also quite hard, but I had been doing a lot of drop sets with those lately, so it wasn’t all that draining.

For the reverse flys and the face pulls, I wanted to go light and go even MORE often:  10 sets of 10, with 10 sec rest between each set!  I thought 55 lbs was light with the flys, but I was WRONG.  Even by set 2 I was failing out.  After 4 sets of mediocrity, I dropped the weight by 33% and the reps went up a bit, but not for long.

Actually you saw the reps go up from 7 to 8 by the eighth set, not because I was rallying for energy, but because I was accidentally taking longer than 10 seconds, lol.  I was trying to keep track of sets and reps in my head, and I needed to repeat it a few times to myself or I would have totally been lost.  I should have been writing them down, but 10 sec isn’t a lot of time!

The other problem is that I wanted to stay ready, and since it is awkward gathering the cables with the opposite hand, I just hung onto them between sets.  This meant the cables were still pulling on my arms a little between sets, so the rest still had some tension to it, and my arms were tied up holding onto the cables and I couldn’t write anything down.

At any rate, that exercise killed me!  My shoulders ached and burned pretty good, even if I couldn’t keep it at 10 sec rest.

For the face pulls, I dropped the weight a little more than planned, considering how tough the flys were.  That was a good idea, I was able to bust out 10 sets of 10, MUCH easier to keep track of in your head, haha.

While I was finishing up with some shrugs, I saw that same old guy who does all the f’ed up moves screwing around some more with the lat pulldowns.  At first I thought he was trying to do straight arm pulldowns, but then I saw him put his feet against the edge of the seat and then lean back and try to do face pulls…. um, WTF.  I’m sure it sounded good in his head, but to look at it executed, he looked like he was about to be catapulted by the pulldown machine across the gym.  Might I add he also could barely lower the weight back down without faceplanting into the machine.  I started to get a little mad, since he was being so stupid, and risking not only injury to himself, but to others around him.  I should really talk to staff about him.


And that was the WOD!  Time to announce I went to the gym on FB, like every other tool, HAHAHA!  Later!

Spin, shoulders, hot yin, that was the plan for Sunday.

Me neighbour was eager to do another Spin class, and who could blame him?  Spin is great 🙂

I was given a sample of a new preworkout recently, Rivalus Powder Burn.

I have tried Rivalus’ Complx5 before, their stim free pwo, and I like it.  I like it before yoga, it keeps my head clear and me alert.  So I popped the powder burn sample.  I had heard it tasted harsh, but I didn’t notice it.  Felt an immediate spring to my step, ran to the gym!  Powered by tiger nuts!

I made it a point to show up early to the gym, and sign my friend and I up as soon as the list was opened up.  I was going to make sure we got spots.

Andrea was teaching, and she continues to prove why she is my fav, just intense spin work, all business.  A really strong Song 7, it went on forever and ever!  I also noticed no awkward jerks on the pedal strokes like yesterday, maybe some of the bikes are better than others.  But I sweat like a demon, worked it out hard.

Andrea & I after class

Bid my neighbour adieu, then headed to the weight room, deja vu!


superset (2 min rest) dumbbell shoulder press & alternating dumbbell front raise w/2-2-2 cadence:  50/20  8/8, 8/8, 8/8, 8/5

dumbbell lat raise w/drop sets (no rest!):  25×10, 22.5×6, 20×5, 17.5×7, 15×5, 12.5×6

superset upright row & shrugs w/1-4-2 cadence:  65 x 8/8, 8/8, 8/8, 8/8

notes:  this was a pretty quick workout by design.  my rehabbing shoulder can’t handle a lot of volume, and I do a lot of down dogs in yoga, so I wanted a quick blast, not a long haul.  But I wanted the workout to be hard, so I tried to maximize the time under tension, supersets, slow tempo and drop sets.  Trust me, it burns!

The 2-2-2 speed front raises were quite hard on my left shoulder.  I felt the burn especially when I lowered it.  If you weren’t clear, 2-2-2 means I take 2 seconds to raise it, hold it up for 2 seconds, 2 seconds to lower it.  All the while I try to keep my torso squared off, try not to put my back into it and lean forward or start to shrug with my traps.  Traps get their fun later 🙂  Slow proper front raises burn like crazy with little weight, try them out!

It gets harder to bring the dumbbells up for the shoulder presses.  I find it is easiest to clean them up while I stand, and then keep them up as I squat down to the chair.

I think the front raises tested my sprain the hardest.  I was worried the lat raises would hit the sprain, but when I did them, they were just normal hard 🙂  Yeah, drop sets all the way down to hell!  The dumbbells weren’t busy, so I lined up all of them, and just went to town.  When I dropped down to 17.5 DBs, it got suddenly easier, then quickly got hard again.  6 drop sets is no joke!

The traps I supersetted, using the same weight for the rows and the shrugs, just switched up the grip on the bar and kept going without lowering it.  They were actually somewhat easy, but I was testing out the routine, so I can go heavier next time.  1-4-2 cadence means I lift it up, hold it for 4 seconds, lower it slowly, then right back up.  For my purposes, what I found worked best was when I brought it up, I kept my shoulders forward for 2 seconds, then rolled them back (“packed them”) for 2 seconds, then lowered them for 2 seconds.  The shrugs were light, but doing them slow and right after the upright rows made them burn pretty good 🙂  I will go heavier next time and test the sets harder.

Had just enough time after the workout to grab a bite, then headed out to the movies to catch an early afternoon flick with my friend (Looper).

Then I had just enough time to head home and grab my yoga stuff so I could head out to Yin!  Ran to the bus stop, the bus was 5 min late.  This was going to cut it close, I got very worried.  I hadn’t presigned up either, there had just been no time today.  When I got to the studio, my worst nightmare:  the class was full.  5 min before class, they start to give away spots to the wait list, so I asked, but the wait list was already 8 people long!  Crazy!

I guess I deserved that for my trolling of the spin class yesterday 😛  I had been cutting it close and just winging it with the fitness classes for a while.  When November hits, fitness classes get packed to capacity, people want to slim down before xmas.  November is busy, December it gets sort of empty, then January it gets super busy all over again!  It tends to fade Feb and March timeframe, but January is bananas in every gym all over town.  So a word to the wise, always sign up in advance and reserve a spot.  and don’t be late or they will give it away.

So no yoga class for me 😦  Karma bit me!  But I didn’t want to lose the 30 day challenge, so I headed home and loaded up a yoga app on my iPhone, haha.  It offered me a 40 min “Shakti” stretching sequence.  I didn’t like it!  The thing about fitness routines is I like just shutting my brain off and doing what the teacher tells me, all the blood flows to my muscles, not to my brain.  Doing it in my home, and waiting for the robot voice to tell me what to do next is just too distracting, I couldn’t really get into it.  But in theory there was nothing wrong with the yoga app, I just prefer the human touch in a devoted setting 🙂

But oh well!  Day 21 down!  This was a crazy weekend 🙂  I loved it, but I hated it… but I LOVED it.  It was a real test.  I think Monday I will do the bare minimum and try to recover a bit 🙂  Normally Sunday is recovery day, but this Sunday… recovery?  What recovery??!?  Monday better be a sweet recovery day 😉

Start of New Things

shoulders, core, spin, yin.  that was the plan for today.

then I slept in.  then I realized I gained an hour from the clock changes!  then I slept in more.

by the time I made it to the gym, I only had 30 min before spin class started.  So I started in with the shoulders, do what I could, do the rest after spin.

Today was a day for new things.  First up, new shoulder workout!  Quick and nasty.


superset DB shoulder press and slow cadence alternating front raise (2-2-2):  45 x8/20 x6, 45×8/15×12, 45×8/15×12, 45×8/15×12

drop sets of lat raises:  20×12, 15×10, 10×8, 5×10

drop sets of reverse flys:  25×12, 20×10, 17.5×10, 10×10

notes:  if you don’t know what I mean by cadence, I mean you raise the weight over 2 seconds, hold it at the top for 2 seconds, and lower it for 2 seconds, 2-2-2.  If you have never tried that with front raises before, it is rough, lol.  I started off with 20s for the front raises, but could only pump out 6.  So I went down to 15s, and it started our easy, but got tough near the end, especially tough not letting my shoulders creep up and bringing more muscles into play.

The drop sets of lat raises burned like heck!  When it came time for the reverse flys, I went with the dumbbells that were available.  The problem with drop sets with the lighter weights is that the lighter weights tend to be more popular.  So it’s time to drop down to the 15s?  Oh sorry, some girl is doing bench press with them, haha.  These are light weights, but if you do the light weight exercises, and up the time under tension like I did, you can get a good workout, especially for a guy with gimp shoulders like me 🙂

After the flys, I realized it was 7 min left until class, so I had all this cool stuff for my traps, and core work, but stuck a pin in it.

Spin!  Turns out we got new bikes!  Second new thing of the day!  Hooray!  Spin was good, I went easy at the start, but there were some good tracks in there, track 2 was hard, and the final working track was hard, lots of long standing climbs without drops in tension.

check out the bikes!

As you can see, they are fairly light, lighter than the old ones.  This has good and bad points.  Easier to move them around physically, that’s good.  On the other hand, I suspect the flywheels on these are physical pressure, and not magnets like the ones at the Queens St club (spin bike flywheels, HOW DO THEY WORK?!?).  So you put a heavy guy on a lightframe bike, when you go into a standing climb and there isn’t enough pressure on a physical flywheel, the bike lurches at the bottom of the pedal stroke.  The bike jerks a bit when you switch from push to pull.  If you turn up the tension enough, that jerkiness goes away, but then that means you have to make it hard as heck just to make the standing climb not awkward.  Magnets are just more smooth, physical flywheels sometimes make the bike react in different ways.  Ie. the wheel might squeak if the tension is too high and it needs to be cleaned.

The knob is also smaller, which I don’t like.  “Chunky” is easier to grab when you are doing quick transitions.

The handles are great though.  Lots of handle choices, thicker handles for dudes with big hands like me.  The middle half circle there makes arrow grip MUCH easier.  2 spots for water bottles is nice I suppose, not a big deal.  Maybe 1 water bottle and a cellphone, haha.

So I was going to do traps and abs, but my neighbour invited me to a movie.  I decided yes to the movie.  I watched Man with the Iron Fists.  Rather ridiculous.

After the movie I only had time for a quick bite, then headed off to hot yoga!  Hot yoga isn’t new, but it has been about a month and a half since I went, so that is sorta new.  But beyond that, I have signed up for another 30 day challenge!  30 days of hot yoga, scary!

For me, it is not only the start of a new challenge, but I am hoping for revenge.  My last 30 day hot yoga challenge was September, and well… my shoulder gave out.  So it is November now, time to climb back up on that horse!  Wish me luck!

The 30 day challenge starts tomorrow, so I went today as a warmup.  I signed up for a 90 min yin class at the end of the day, led by one awesome teacher, Ghislaine (Gigi)!

Gigi and I before class

Gigi suggested I might use this photo to enhance my stud status.  So consider it official, a picture of my new girlfriend!!  Haha, kidding.  Hmmm… I should go through my blog and gather all the pictures of ladies, and send Mom an email letting her know yoga has turned me into Hugh Hefner…

Yin was 90 min, and it was awesome.  Mostly spine, and some hips.  Decompression, hips, compression.  I love doing spine work in yoga in general, it’s all good.  We did seated butterfly (I often call it cobblers), then half butterflies with some seated twists.  Then caterpillar/snail, then cat/cow.  Then hips:  dragon and then pigeon and then “cat pulling its tail”.  Then compression, seal/sphinx.  Then we did some lying on our back spinal twists.  Then savasana, then it’s over already!

Doesn’t sound like a lot of moves, but when you hold each side for like 4 or 5 min, it adds up, lol.

Overall, really good.  I was so rusty, I could really feel it in my legs.  But still got my head to my feet on butterfly, the half butterflies felt pretty good.  Got back into snail, I didn’t feel shaky or offbalance.  Snail is also hard because it locks my throat up (this is normal), but I kept calm, tilted my chin a few different ways, and breathed past the lock.  Not panicking is a big part of it, feeling your throat get squeezed.

Seal was good, felt really nice to compress after all the decompression.  Hips surprisingly didn’t stress me out.  Dragon tends to drive a lot of people crazy, and while it was hard, I felt calm and felt focused.

I could not have asked for a better first class back!  Hope this bodes well for my challenge.

See you next time!

Getting Cut Down

You know that Johnny Cash song?  I had that in mind today.  It’s a good song you play in your mind when you feel like you deserve to be punished.

On a side note, I hear them playing that tune during commercials for trucks now.  Thankfully, they take the words out – I don’t think it’s conducive to shopping for a truck.

Last week I went to the doctor ready for whatever was to happen with the infection in my shoulder.  It had gotten big, so I was honestly expecting it to get cut out.  Cut the infection out, pack gauze into the hole, antibiotics, ta da.  Instead the doctor just wrote a prescription for a cream (antuibiotics) and sent me on my way.  I don’t know whether to be relieved (who enjoys getting cut up?) or be angry at my doctor for his laziness?  Using a topical a/b means this infection was going to take a long time to work out.  Oh well, I’m not the doctor.  And yet, I walked away unsatisfied, knowing I deserved to get cut down.

Thursday I showed up for my workout, and Leslie treated me to an upper body workout.  She must have sensed my pleasure, I was jumping up from the ground to get to the next exercise!

elliptical warm up for 10 min

(1 min cooldown b/w sets or b/w supersets)

supersetted DB chest press to widegrip pulldowns:   120×12/240×12, 120×12/280×12, 120×19/280×12

supersetted incline DB flyes to standing crossover reverse cable flyes:  50×12/40×12, 50×12/50×12, 50×12/50×12

supersetted seated DB shoulder press to lateral to front raises:  80×12/20×6, 80×12/16×10, 80×12/12×10

supersetted bicep curls to skullcrushers:  45×12/45×12, 55×12/55×12, 55×12/55×12

mountain climbers for 30 sec, 30 sec, 30 sec

cooldown on elliptical for 30 min

notes:  I always do more weight with pulldowns with Leslie than I do by myself.  Conversely, I always curl less.  If it were just curls, I would say my form is bad when I curl on my own, but the pulldown thing has me stumped (maybe I am leaning back too much, but Leslie watches my form, so I dunno).  Oh well, I am not trying to throw the weight around, but I do take longer rests with my arms between sets, I don’t superset arms, and arms get their own day, not at the end of a fullbody workout.  Quite honestly, the value of arms in a fullbody workout is suspect.  I don’t mean to be critical, but if the purpose of a fullbody is to burn calories and keep the heart rate up, arms are such a small muscle group that you essentially cool down and lose that burn.  Arms during a fullbody are more of a fun thing.  I like doing arms so I am not complaining, but I may as well get all my thoughts out.

The flyes were basically following the compound up with an isolation, and those are a case where form is very important, so low weight like I put up there is trivial compared to properly isolating the underused muscles in question.

The shoulder work was hard!  My shoulder was tired by that point.  The lat to front raises were essentially lifting them by your sides, swinging them to the front, swinging them back to the sides, then lowering.  It was a solid endurance test for my left shoulder.  My left shoulder was sagging a lot during these, so obviously it was tired.  I had a really solid lactic acid burn by the end of those, no matter how much she lowered the weight (I got to break in the wussy dumbbells, yay!)

The mountain climbers actually started out on an flipped over Bosu ball, but my core is too weak to keep those up, so I was demoted down to an easier version…. sigh.  I still had energy, so I did 30 min of cardio after the workout.

On the weekend… my diet suffered.  I had junk food on Saturday night, then I had more junk food on Sunday night.  I felt bad about it.  Not just guilty, yes, but Monday morning I woke up feeling AWFUL, toxic.  That feeling stayed all through Monday at work.  I felt ill, so I didn’t have much food at work, very few carbs especially.

When I went to the Monday workout with Leslie (cancelling out honestly never entered my mind, but I was not looking forward to it, I thought of it more as my unavoidable punishment), everything was set up wrong in my own head and body.  My motivation wasn’t there, I felt physically awful, I was low energy from the very low carbs (I had an apple 2 hours before, but am used to some sort of bread or rice, I burn through an apple too fast).  Basically I showed up, ready to get cut down for my sins.

This does not make for a good workout.  My intensity wasn’t there.  I was phoning it in through the majority of the workout, like a prisoner on a death march.  This made the exercises even harder, so 10 min (to the weights portion), I was drenched in sweat.  It;s not like I was goofing around or distracted, but when your head isn’t there, and everything gets harder, you just start getting pulverized by the weight.  I couldn’t even catch my breath between exercises, lift my head, or smile.  Eesh, that must have been depressing to even watch, I feel sort of bad for Leslie 🙂

(1 min rest b/w supersets)

20 min of preworkout cardio on the elliptical

supersetted 1 leg box squats (strap assisted) to strap assisted pushups:  10/12, 10/12, 10/10

supersetted reverse lunges (braced) to Australian pullups:  12/10, 12/10, 12/10

supersetted Arnold presses to kettlebell swings:  40×12/30×12, 40×12/30×12, 40×12/30×12

supersetted supersetted short bridges on a Bosu ball to bicycle crunches:  12/20, 12/20, 12/20

supersetted ball slams to bicep curls:  10×12/50×12, 10×12/60×10, 10×12/60×10

supersetted rope extensions to core twists w/cable machine:  70×12/40×10(each side), 70×12/40×10, 70×12/40×10

notes:  considering how rough shape I was in, maybe pre workout cardio was a bad idea, it sucked the rest of my energy out of me, I was drippuing sweat by the end of my warmup!  1 leg squats were hard, as I already knew, we tried without a strap assist, but that wasn’t happening, so the straps made for a good brace.  Strap assisted pushups had me at a shallower angle than 45 degrees, maybe 30 degrees?  My feet were against the wall, so I was pretty deep into it.

By this point my focus was conspiciously absent, and my lunges looked like crap.  I was just going through the motions, and was pouring sweat, I felt like the way those fat people look during a workout they don’t want to be at (which is pretty much what it was) – no joy, no edge, sloppy form.  But I was full-on into the tailspin at that point, so I couldn’t get out of it, and there was still about 40 min of workout to go… the pullups I know I could have done more reps.

The short bridges we tried to do with one leg, but it was way too itense for my hamstrings, they felt like they would seize up if I tried to do it, so we stuck to both legs off the ball.

Rough!  I came home, and it gets better!  I forgot my keys at work, so the super had to let me in… for a cost of $20… This pretty much was the nail in my coffin, so after listening to some music and watching some silly videos to lighten the mood, I went to bed about 9:30, haha.

It can only get better!  See you later!

Today (Friday) was a weird convergence of events.  I had been fighting off an illness, but still wanted to workout.  I had legs left to do, I had shoulders left to do, and I really wanted to get one good session in at my hot yoga studio.  No problem, hit the gym in the morning, go to work, yoga after.  Great plan!

my coworkers approve, great plan!

Yeah, so Friday morning I slept in.

game over!

I should have changed my plans, but today I felt too stubborn to say die just yet.  I thought go to work, rush to a gym, run to yoga class, and die happy.  Too simple right?  OK.

So I went to work.  We had a goodbye party for our intern, we made him buy his own cake, ROFL.

Thanks Dosal!  Sorry, we told the cake store we wanted to be the ones to write on it.  And we wanted croutons on it.  LOL, trollin the interns!

Then because we have a long weekend coming up, my boss let us leave early!  YESSSSS Ok, off to the gym for shoulder and legs.

Shoulders & Legs

overhead dumbbell press (no rest) 40s x 25

arnold press (30 sec rest):  40s x  10, 7, 6, 5, 2

incline reverse fly (30 sec rest):  30s x 10, 9, 8, 5, 3

dumbbell shrugs (30 sec rest):  95s x 13, 12, 5

one leg bench squat:  10

one leg quad extension (no rest, leg to leg):  135 x 10, 9, 8, 7, 7

one leg curls (no rest, leg to leg):  135 x 15, 13, 10, 9/6, 3/6

standing bodyweight calf raises (1 min rest):  90, 90, 90, 90

notes:  I did 5 min of warmup cardio, but NO cooldown cardio!  I was in a rush to get to yoga.  yoga would have to be my cardio.

I was in no mood to play around, so I grunted my way hard through the overhead presses.  I mean, the weight wasn’t heavy, but those were a lot of reps to do all in one go.  Consequently, the arnold presses were tiring as heck, but I made it through another weight for another week.  My shoulders are steadily clmbing back to fighting form.

even the Three Stooges need to blast those delts from time to time!

I tried to do reverse flys on an incline bench.  Awkward!  Much as I hate doing them standing up and bent over, it feels the least awkward.  I guess the matter is settled.


After shrugs, I realized I didn’t have a lot of time for legs.  So I dropped the pistol squats down to a warmup set, then replaced leg presses with quad extension.  The extensions were hard as hell!  They felt hard on my knee too, if I had been thinking, I would have warmed up with a lighter weight first to warm my knee up.  I pushed hard through the leg curls, you can see by the numbers that my left leg lasted longer than my right leg, but they both reached 50 in the end.

I skipped leg raises since we would do abs at yoga.  So I did calf raises.  THEN… this buff and hot woman comes over to my mat area.  I mean, she had great shoulders and upper back, and had that bodybuilder swagger, but she was also pretty good looking.  So, she starts doing this triset for her chest or something.  She did some presses on the bench machine, then some pec dec, ok fine.  THENNN… she puts her feet up on an exercise ball and does pushups, BUT when she pushes back up, she uses the ball to push her hips up into the air, like an inverted V shape, this pushes her butt rightinmyface… UMMMM

Isn’t this how cats seduce each other?  They wave their butts in each other’s faces?  I won’t even look for an internet pic to illustrate what she did, it was obscene!  Let me just say… her pants were WAY too tight for what she was doing… leave it at that.

So she did that for a while.  I think I blacked out… I can’t remember if I did all my 360 calf raises (4 sets of 90).  I mean I think I kept counting, but I have no memory of the event…

So after the smoke cleared, I realized I was late for hot yoga!  OK screw it, I went home and napped for 30 minutes, then headed out to catch the late class.

I showed up, and realized it was going to be rough.  I was WAY rusty with my yoga, and had just come out of a legs and shoulders gym session, AKA what I would specifically need for yoga.  I resigned myself to getting pulverized.

This is Katie and John from the studio.  John worked the front desk, he wrote down my emergency contact, and cosigned my DNR form.  Katie would be teaching.  She would be the one kicking my butt, with a smile!

Thankfully, it was a Friday night by-donation class, which meant it attracted a more casual crowd, so the class isn’t as hardcore, more forgiving.

We did 60 minutes in the hot room, so 41 degrees, humid, etc.  It was a 60 min Moksha series, so 2/3 standing series:  crescent moon, Warriors, bent leg triangle, sun salutations, toppling tree, dancers pose, planks, side planks, etc.  Then it was 1/3 floor series:  locusts, bow poses, various hip stretches, endless leg raises and air bikes, etc.

I am a little ashamed to say I took a lot of breaks during the standing series, like 3 or 4, and my ab work wasn’t so hot either, lol!  Oh well, you can’t always be a yoga star.

dancer’s pose

bent leg triangle

Luckily, Katie is an awesome teacher, she makes getting your butt kicked fun! 🙂  After class, she indulged the blog and posed for some pixx, say thank you blog!

Notice how Katie’s feet are together for crescent moon, and she is lifting her toes?  That’s why she’s the teacher, and I am not, haha.  NO, your eyes do not deceive you, we are bending space and time, and combining our yoga powers to summon…

by our powers combined…


Yeah, we summoned Captain Planet using yoga.  No big.

I have a special treat coming!  Starting tomorrow (Sept 1), I am starting a “30 day challenge”.  What does that mean?  yoga every day, resistance training as per usual, super clean and tight diet!  What does that mean for you??  You will get my daily updates, how the challenge is going, the yoga, the all natural superclean diet, how my brain is coping without junk food, etc.

September will def be a yoga and diet heavy month for posts.  Hope you enjoy it!