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Feb 11, 2015

Double workout day!

AM Glutes/Hams

Got into the office gym in the AM to wreck my bum.

Glute Bridges (barbell, crosswise against bench, 30-60 sec rest)

155 x 10
155 x 10
155 x 10
155 x 10
155 x 10

notes: Still getting comfortable with the MMC on these. For now, I keep focusing on trying to impregnate the ceiling.

Stepback Lunge (60 sec rest)

15 per leg

notes: no weight, just wanted to pump blood in there

Prone Leg Curls (60 sec rest)

120 x 10
120 x 10
120 x 10
120 x 10
120 x 10

notes: Haven’t done these in a while, felt good, felt challenging.

Prone Leg Raises (30 sec rest)

16, 20, 12

notes: my hams and bum felt wrecked, so these were harder than usual.

post-workout cardio 1 mile LISS on the elliptical

then back to work. Not sure if I felt a ham pump… but it was hard walking up the stairs, lol! So maybe it was a pump or maybe I just smashed my bum to pieces.

PM Back

After work, I headed to another gym for more work.

Assisted Chinups (assist for 1/3 BW, rest varied between 30-90 sec)

10 hammergrip
2 widegrip… 3 hammergrip
9 hammer
7 hammer
8 hammer
8 hammer
6 hammer

notes: I had to share the machine with another dude, so the rest varied. I tried to do widegrip again… NOPE. My shoulder wasn’t having it, if I drop down past a certain point, it is no bueno. Rehabbin it slowly but surely.

1 Arm DB Row (60 sec rest)

100 x 6/6
100 x 8/8
100 x 8/8
100 x 2/2
100 x 5/5
100 x 8/8

notes: busy gym, had to move spots a few times. I started out with the weak side, and just matched the reps on my strong side. on set 4, I folded over a callus and crushed it, so that hurt like a bitch and I stopped.

Pulldowns (grip varied, 60 sec rest)

120 x 10 widegrip
120 x 10 closegrip
120 x 10 wide
120 x 10 close
120 x 10 wide
120 x 10 close

notes: felt some pump going on in my back! woohoo!

hyperextensions (30 sec rest)

15, 15, 15

notes: my low back was done for the day, so these hurt like a bitch.

After that, I took 10 min to stretch and release my low back: waterfall, spinal twists, “square” seated pose (yoga terms, don’t know how else to describe them)

post-workout: 1 mile LISS

I missed the Thursday workout and needed to catch up, so I did my compound work at Noon, and then some shoulder health work at 4:30 PM.

To accommodate the fact I was working out twice, I dropped the volume to a minimum on the Noon workout, just one top set and one backoff set.

Noon Powerlifting

warm-up: nada

High Bar Squats (Romaleos, SBDs)

80 x 5 (narrow stance, ATG, 3 minimal rest)
130 x 5
180 x 3
205 x 2 (switch to medium stance and parallel)
235 x 1 (belt on, increase rest to 3 min)

259 x 6 @RPE9

245 x 6 @RPE8

Bench Press

bar x 5 (minimal rest, change weight and go again, Spoto)
55 x 5
90 x 5
125 x 3
145 x 2
160 x 1

180 x 6 @RPE<8 (sleeves on, change to paused reps, increased rest to 3 min)

165 x 6 @RPE<8

Deadlift (barefoot)

100 x 5 (minimal rest, conventional grip)
165 x 5
225 x 3
260 x 2 (change to crossgrip)
295 x 1 (belt on, rest went up to 3 min)

325 x 6 @RPE8

315 x 6 @RPE8

It was a good thing I minimized the volume – I was pretty short on time and had to take off. There was no work today but I had to run errands before the late afternoon workout.

As well, one side effect of having such irregular sleep over the holidays meant that my low back had not fully recharged – it got pretty sore during the workout. What I really need are really long marathon sleeps in my bed, not catnaps throughout the day.

Also, squats kinda hurt because I had cut up my heel a bit – I build up excess dead skin and scrub it off and went too deep so my heel was bleeding. Putting pressure on it while I walked was no fun, and it was also distracting during the squats.

PM Shoulder Health Workout

Same workout as last week, just a little more compressed for time.

Superset Scapula Stretch Pulldowns and Rotator Cuff Warmup (no real rest b/w sets, back and forth)

12 plates x 8 / 15 lb DB taken through ROM 15 times per arm
13 plates x 8 / ROTO
14 plates x 8 / ROTO

Stretched Rows (30 sec rest)

12 plates x 8
14 plates x 8
16 plates x 8

Superset Minor Chest Dips and DB Rear Delt Flyes (60s rest)

10 dips / 10s x 20
10 dips / 10s x 20
10 dips / 10s x 20
10 dips / 10s x 20

Superset DB Hex Press and Band Pullaparts (60s rest; flex each pullapart at peak contraction for 1 second)

45s x 10 / 15 pullaparts
45s x 10 / 15 pullaparts
45s x 10 / 15 pullaparts

notes: Used a heavier resistance band than last time.

Superset DB 6-Way and Band Over&Backs (60 s rest)

10s x 10 / 20 O&Bs
10s x 10 / 20 O&Bs
10s x 10 / 20 O&Bs

Prone Leg Raises (straight legs, 30s rest)

25, 25, 25, 25

Planks (30s rest)

30 sec
30 sec
30 sec
30 sec

Ugh, my throat is sore and I feel shaky. Hope I am not fighting off a bug. 2 workouts in one day might have been ill-advised.


Decided I really wanted to get in some deadlifting today, so I split my workout into 2 parts:  dedicated deadlift session first thing in the morning, and Back Assistance at lunch.

AM Deadlifts – 6:30 yeahhhh boyyyyyy, grip it and rip it

(60 – 120s rest, double overhand until I broke 300, then mix grip)

155 x 5

190 x 5

230 x 5

270 x 3

310 x 3

345 x 6

365 x 1

385 x 1

notes:  Back was feeling great!  Swole, strong, wide, fired up.  After my AMRAP set, did a few more heavy singles.  Stopped after Set 8 because I didn’t feel like lockout was tight enough.  Plus you know… I had to go do my actual job.  For pay.  haha


Lunchtime Back Assistance


Landmine Rows (30s rest, coworker stood on the bar tip)

60 x 8/8

60 x 8/8

60 x 8/8

60 x 8/8

notes:  This is the only barbell, and my coworker needed it to do bench press.  So I made him keep it steady and busted out my sets fast.


Incline DB Pullovers  (45s rest, constant tension reps)

70 x 12

70 x 12

70 x 12

notes:  ROM is really short if you want constant tension, but it’s the best for me to really feel the spring getting coiled up in my lats.


Lat Stretchers  (30s rest, explosive reps)

37.5 x 8

77.5 x 8

97.5 x 8

97.5 x 8

97.5 x 8

97.5 x 8

notes:  First time doing these, I should explain.  Put a bench up against the cables, or pulldown station.  Put a foot against the bench to brace yourself, but stay standing, don’t sit down.  Use a closegrip handle and row the cable to your chest, then on the negative, let your head drop between your arms and STRETCH your lats out!  Feels great!  This cable station doesn’t go very high, so I made the reps explosive.


Seated good Mornings (30s rest)

bar x 12

115 x 15

then I helped my coworker get through the rest of his workout (which I wrote), then tada!  Done deal!  Back officially worked.

Felt beat up as hell this morning, and it didn’t make sense to put anything other than back and biceps in there, so I did cardio at the office in the morning.

AM Cardio 30-35 min stationary bike, ramping up resistance every 5 min

Banged out work, stupid meeting here, annoying thing there. At one point I threw a fit at the stupidity of it all and it worked – ppl gave me what I wanted, haha! Primadonna.

After work I felt stressed, and didn’t deeply feel like working out in a crowded gym. My stomach was upset, I prob needed a dump, was going to miss my bus, forgot my stuff in the office gym locker.

And then it hit me, just use the office gym again!! Sure they didn’t have a lot, but after office hours, it is empty and QUIET. I was immediately filled with joy. Let’s do it!

PM Back, Biceps, Core

warmup 15 min elliptical-type thing, kinda just simulated walking? thefuk. oh well. give my pre time to kick in.

Bent Over Smith Machine Rows (wide grip, explosive reps, 45 sec rest)

bar x 15
50 in plates x 15
70 in plates x 15
90 in plates x 15
140 in plates x 10
140 in plates x 10
140 in plates x 10

notes: I had never done these before and wanted to try them out. Felt ok, just hard to bring the bar higher than my abdomen, I want it below my abdomen at the bottom, which due to the track means it ends up there on the way up. If that makes sense.

Freehandle Widegrip Cable Pulldowns (45 sec rests)

95 x 15
115 x 10
135 x 10
155 x 8
155 x 8
155 x 8

notes: Every cable machine is different, and this one felt smooth but heavy. So 155 was all I could handle on this one.

Superset DB Pullovers and Closegrip Cable Row (explosive rows, hard squeeze, 60 sec rest)

60 x 12 / 97.5 x 15
60 x 12 / 97.5 x 15
60 x 12 / 97.5 x 15
60 x 12 / 97.5 x 15

notes: I kept the pullovers at 60 so I could work more on the MMC. 97.5 is as high as the cables go on each side, and I couldn’t find a wide bar to connect the two sides, so F it. I tried to explode hard on the rows with a held squeeze at the top.

EZ Bar Curls (30 sec rest)

75 x 12
75 x 12
75 x 12
75 x 12

notes: Instead of going heavier, I reduced the rest time and chased DAT PUMP. Ran right to the DB rack after to keep the pump party going.

DB Hammer Curls (30 sec rests)

30s x 12
30s x 12
30s x 12
30s x 12

notes: Argh, pump!! Dem forearm veins.

Superset Decline Crunches and Hanging Knee Raises(no rest, back and forth)

15 & 12
12 & 10
12 & 10

notes: hung from a bar suspended from the ceiling, and my grip and calluses were acting up hard, so it finished my arms off.

Then headed home! Don’t stop the party!! Feelin good.

Carb Load Day!  Roll out!

I felt like 2 workouts today. Got in to the office gym nice and early before anyone else was there and did some hams and calves. Easter came early because I had Ham for breakfast! Improvised to use what the gym had, such as it was.

Stability Ball DB Squats (stability ball in small of back against wall, down to parallel, 45 sec rests)

45s x 12
45s x 12
45s x 12
45s x 12

notes: This was just a warm-up, and a token morsel for my quads.

Standing DB Calf Raise (30 sec rests)

70s x 20
70s x 20
70s x 20
70s x 20
70s x 20
70s x 20

notes: Baby cows can take a lot of punishment, this warmed them up.

Smith Machine Seated Calf Raise (45 sec rest)

140 in plates x 20
210 in plates x 20
280 in plates x 20
280 in plates x 20
370 in plates x 20
370 in plates x 20

notes: Gym didn’t have a seated calf press, so I thought this was a good way to load weight with minimal breaks. Around Set 3 I realized how bad I needed a pad, digging into my thighs like hell! I threw a floormat in between there on Set 4 to save my legs. The settings on the smith machine also made it hard to wiggle my legs into and out of starting position.

DB SLDL (45 sec rest)

70s x 15
70s x 15
70s x 15

notes: Get a good stretch in there.

prone leg curl (45 sec rests)

45 x 30
45 x 25
60 x 20
60 x 15
75 x 15
90 x 10
105 x 10

notes: just pyramid my way up, going into a deep static squat in between rounds to stretch the hams out.

And then I had to rush to work so no one would miss me!

Carbs all day long, feeling good, was definitely ready for a second workout after work! Headed to a downtown chain gym on the commute back. Crowded as hell! Had to share stations rather often. Back and Bi’s. 3rd back session in 6 days! I decided to go relatively light and just keep it pumped and fresh, good contractions.

Bent Over BB Row (45 sec rest)

135 x 15
135 x 12
135 x 10
135 x 10
135 x 10

notes: bend over deep and squeeze hard. sounds like the Friday night of your dreams, right??

Widegrip Pulldowns (45 sec rest)

110 x 10
132 x 10
154 x 10
176 x 10
198 x 8

notes: A lot of the stations in this part of the gym were set up in kilos. I also noticed that this pulldown was dual-anchored! This is a good thing, much more stable and smooth, also doesn’t swing around after your set and smack tall people in the head, haha!

Superset DB Pullovers and Cable Rows

60 x 12 / 110 x 15
60 x 12 / 132 x 20
60 x 12 / 154 x 15
60 x 12 / 154 x 15

notes: more kilo plates on the rows, more dual-anchor action. I kept the pullovers light and really tried to focus on the feel of the connection between my serratus and my lats. Not a super strong MMC, but I will get there.

Assisted Chinups (30 sec rest)

20%BW assist x 6
20% assist x 6
14% assist x 4
14% assist x 5

notes: still too fat for a chinup. maybe one day!!!

Closegrip Cable Curls (45 sec rest)

110 x 12
110 x 10
116 x 11
116 x 12

notes: silly kilos. This bar attachment was also squeaky as hell and I felt self conscious using it.

Standing DB Hammer Curls

30s x 12
30s x 12
30s x 12
30s x 12

notes: nice and slow and enjoy the visible pump

Preacher Curl Machine (30 sec rest)

60 x 20
70 x 20
80 x 18

notes: this machine was much better than the other one, so it felt much more natural.

post-workout cardio

25 min trackmaster type elliptical, kept heart rate approx. 85% for 20 min, dropped to 70% last 5 min while I visually creeped all the PYTs in the gym dirty old man that I am.

Oof! I am worn out as hell. Kind of a pull day – hams, back, biceps

Beat up and tired

Worn out!  Bombed out and depleted.  Sore low back, sore shoulder, massive leg soreness developing, energy stores were ok though.  I decided I needed to get the blood moving and stay active.  And so that means… double workout day!  Who doesn’t love going to the gym twice?

First thing in the morning I headed down to the gym to blast the triceps

Monday AM triceps and calves (60 sec rest)

V-Bar Pushdown:  90 x 10 warmup

180 x 15 DROP 140 x 15 DROP 110 x 15 DROP 90 x 15

180 x 15 DROP 140 x 15 DROP 110 x 15 DROP 90 x 15

180 x 15 DROP 140 x 15 DROP 110 x 15 DROP 90 x 15

As you can see, still doing the triple drop sets.  V-Bar pushdowns are fun because you can usually go a bit heavier, so I put it in first to wake the arms up.  Heavy weight early off gets the hormones flowing.  Unlike a regular pushdown where the elbows stay pinned to my sides, with the v-bar I hover over it and push it straight down, hence the higher weight.

Closegrip Bench Press:  45 x 10; 65 x 10 warmup

115 x 12 DROP 95 x 12 DROP 65 x 12 DROP 45 x 12

115 x 12 DROP 95 x 12 DROP 65 x 12 DROP 45 x 12

115 x 12 DROP 95 x 12 DROP 65 x 12 DROP 45 x 12

I wanted to use the Smith Machine, but it was taken, so regular barbell for me.  Drop sets with plates can be a pain in the butt when you’re by yourself, it ends up being a rest for 10 seconds while you shuffle the plates around.  So I tried to pick weights that were easy to trade around, nothing too crazy.  Both of these felt light bench and v-bar, but that’s probably because I normally do it after chest when my triceps are tired.  Today they were fresh, and the weights felt light (well, heavy, but lots of gas in the tank so no big deal)

Overhead Rope Extension:  40 x 10; 60 x 10 warmup

90 x 12 DROP 70 x 12 DROP 50 x 12 DROP 40 x 12

90 x 12 DROP 70 x 9 DROP 50 x 9 DROP 40 x 12

90 x 12 DROP 70 x 8 DROP 50 x 12 DROP 40 x 12

By now the triceps were getting fatigued, but I like the overhead extension, it really hits the long head of the tricep nicely, so I don’t mind this as a finisher.  Just stand up straight, keep your upper arms still, and drop the rope behind your head and squeeze it back up.


I decided to do some calves.

Standing Calf Raise (30 second rest)

295 x 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 15

This was FST-7 inspired (its a training system), so I kept the rest low and repped it out.  The standing machine is nice because you can drop your heels below parallel and really stretch the muscle out before you contract it and push the weight up; keeping the reps slow and goin down low!.  By set 7 my calves were smoking tired and I couldn’t get all 20 done.  My calves can take a beating, but this one got the best of them!

I ran out of time for any cardio, I had to head to work.  This would set the focus for workout 2


After work I headed to the studip to train with Les.  Empty studio!  After a quick conference, Les decided we would do some shoulders and biceps then just work on abs forever and ever and ever.  More core in store!

Monday PM Core (45 sec rest b/w sets)

Elliptical 20 min warmup

Standing Military Press:  75 x 8; 85 x 8, 12; 95 x 8


Believe it or not, this also warms up the core a bit.  You need it to keep the bar steady over your head and to keep your body straight.

Cable Curls:  110 x 8, 8, 8; 130 x 8


I have a bit of tendinitis in my right forearm, so cable curls are always easier on my joint pain for some reason.

Superset:  Scissor Kicks x 20 and Reaching Crunches x 25 and Bent Knee Hip Raises x 10 – 3 sets

don't I look happy? nice legs though

don’t I look happy? nice legs though


ya, using the hands a bit

ya, using the hands a bit


Half-Kneeling Canoe Twists (using rope):  40 x 12/12; 70 x 12/12, 12/12


don’t use your arm strength, keep the raised knee steady, try to twist with the abs! Its like paddling a canoe, sort of.


Superset:  Kettlebell Side Raises 50 x 15/15 and Elevated Side Plank Pulses x 12/12  3 sets of that





I put on a brave face but I really was tired!



And that was my day!  How about you?  Any good workouts?

Until You Drop

I had a rest day Wednesday, so Thursday I decided to have… double workout day!  Chest and Shoulders were up for grabs, so I decided the chest workout would remain isolation-heavy so as to spare the shoulders.  And oh yes… there will be drops.

early AM Shoulders:  (60 sec rest)

20 min on the lateral elliptical (to warm the shoulders up holding the moving levers)

rotator cuff warmup:  15 lbs x 15 for 5 sets each arm

side raise machine supersetted with partial DB side raises (straight set of the machine, then 4 or 5 inch ROM with the DBs)

warmup; 80 x 12 then 60 x 10 partials; 90 x 11 then 60 x 10 partials; 100 x 7 then 60 x 10 partials

seated dumbbell overhead press:  warmup;

80 x 12 DROP 60 x 12 DROP 50 x 12;

90 x 11 DROP 70 x 8 DROP 50 x 8;

100 x 8 DROP 80 x 4 DROP 60 x 4

rear delt cable fly (straight set followed by heavy partials):  77 x 12 then 99 x 20 partials

cooldown:  twist x 150


notes:  this was intense!  My shoulders haven’t taken this level of abuse in a while, so I gave them lots of warmup.  I wanted to do more after the rear delt flys, but I realized I barely made it out of the overhead presses and I looked in the mirror and my eyes were bloodshot, so I called it a day and went to work.


After work, I went to do chest.

PM chest:  (60 sec rest)

pec deck:   warmup;

120 x 12 DROP 90 x 12 DROP 75 x 12 DROP 60 x 12

135 x 12 DROP 105 x 9 DROP 75 x 12 DROP 60 x 12

150 x 10 DROP 120 x 10 DROP 90 x 10 DROP 60 x 12

machine bench press:  warmup;

210 x 12 DROP 165 x 10 DROP 120 x 10 DROP 90 x 14

210 x 10 DROP 165 x 6 DROP 120 x 10 DROP 90 x 15

210 x 7 DROP 165 x 5 DROP 120 x 12 DROP 90 x 15

incline DB fly:

120 x 4 FAIL drop weight

100 x 12 DROP 80 x 8 DROP 60 x 12 DROP 45 x 12

100 x 4 DROP 80 x 4 DROP 60 x 8 DROP 45 x 8

100 x 5 DROP 40 x 4 DROP 60 x 10 DROP 45 x 10

cooldown:  20 min elliptical, twist x 150


notes:  I hit it hard, but this workout wrecked me!  Drop sets until you drop.  I crashed and burned pretty bad on the DB flys.  I think there are a few things at work.  For one thing, I am back on the diet again, and I don’t think I had enough fuel in me for an endurance workout.  I also had not done endurance chest in probably over a month, and it just was a shock.  Also the second workout of the day.  So for whatever reason I can conjure up, I definitely drained my tank, and limped across the finish line.  So the flys defeated me.

Another interesting event… so after I try the 60s for flys and just flat out fail and go grab some lighter DBs, I am sitting there trying to psyche myself up, regather my intensity, as well as scope out where my drop set weights are (drop DB sets in a crowded gym is a logistical nightmare), and this dude walks over looks at me and says, “Can I have the bench?”

Note he didn’t ask if I would be done soon, or if he could share, he just flat out asked to HAVE the bench.  I looked at him and said (as friendly as I could), “no, I am just starting, but you can take turns with me if you want”.  I saw a look in his eye like “WTF?” as if he was expecting me to let him take my bench?!?!  Do I look like a bitch to you, sir?  I let his crooked look slide and just repeated my offer.  He said “sure, I’m going to go warmup.”  Thanks for the tip bro, you go warmup.

So of course I’m doing triple drop sets with dumbbells, so there is a FOREST of dumbbells scattered around my bench now.  I’m done, he comes back, looks at the dumbbells, asks me “can you move all of these out of the way?”  So fuck whatever, sure I move 8 dumbbells 5 feet away, guy does his incline presses.  I gather my shit BACK UP again to the bench, do my set, all the while the guy is hovering over my shoulder, then I finish a set, drag my shit away, repeat.

I will admit, coupling the fatigue with this annoying dude (did I mention 2 min into this silly dance 2 other adjustable benches open up and dude doesn’t have the brains to go take one of those?)… it added to me failing with the weights.  I couldn’t focus, I was distracted on top of tired.  I can’t help but feel I would have gotten more reps if I didn’t have this troll on my shoulder.

It was my last movement of the workout, and I walked away PISSED, like this dude had just robbed me of my gains, wrecked my workout.  Honestly, I wanted to go hit something.  instead I stared in the mirror for a few minutes, took some deep breaths, and went to do my cardio and twists with the music cranked up.


Anyways, its all over now, that was my day at the gym!  how about you?  Any good workouts?